31 Things to Know When Dating an ISTP

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ISTPs are logical and independent. We are analytical thinkers who love to solve problems, and you can count on us to be honest and straightforward with you.

We can be amazing partners who are exceptionally resourceful, but we’re not the most affectionate or expressive people. However, we show that we care in other ways that are more subtle.

In this post, we run through 31 things you need to know when dating an ISTP. So, if you’re dating an ISTP or are curious about what makes them tick, read on.

1. We are very easy-going.

We like to go with the flow and take things as they come. We’re not the type of people to get stressed out or worked up. This easy-going attitude can sometimes be misinterpreted as laziness, but we just prefer not to overthink things. Nothing much phases us.

2. We like our freedom.

We like our space and freedom and don’t like feeling trapped or smothered. This can sometimes come across as aloofness or disinterest, but it’s just how we operate best.  We aren’t usually bothered about doing things with other people, and we tend to work best alone.

3. We are spontaneous and thrive on adventure.

ISTPs are known for their spontaneity and love of adventure. We’re always up for trying new things, whether it’s bungee jumping off a bridge or going on a road trip with no destination in mind. If you’re dating an ISTP, be prepared for some spontaneity and impromptu plans.


4. We are great at problem-solving.

Our logical minds are always working, and we’re constantly trying to find ways to improve or fix things. It’s just how our brains are wired. If you have a problem, the chances are we can think of some effective solutions.

5. We are extremely loyal.

ISTPs might not be the most emotional people, but we’re fiercely loyal to the people we care about. We’ll always be there for you when you need us, whether you need a shoulder to cry on or someone to help you move house. You can count on us to be there for you in times of need.

6. We don’t like to rush things.

We’re happy to take our time and wait for things to happen without rushing. In general, we’re not the type of people to force things or try to hurry things along. If you’re dating an ISTP, be prepared for them to want to take things slow.

7. We are great listeners.

One of our strengths is our ability to listen. We are patient and non-judgemental people who will give you our full attention. In fact, we generally prefer listening to talking. We’ll offer practical, rational advice if you ask for it, but we’ll never push our opinions on you.

8. We are private people.

ISTPs are typically private people. We don’t like to share too much about ourselves with others, and we prefer to keep our thoughts and feelings to ourselves. This can sometimes make us seem mysterious or uninterested, but it’s just that sharing how we feel doesn’t come naturally to us.

9. We are observant of our surroundings.

ISTPs are very observant individuals. We take note of our surroundings and pay attention to the details. This helps us to see things that others might miss. We pick up on things like subtle changes in body language, and we can often tell when someone is lying.

10. We are logical thinkers.

Our thinking is driven by logic and reason rather than emotion. We are able to take a step back and see both sides of an argument. This means that we are able to rationally weigh up all the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion.

11. We need a lot of alone time.

As introverts, we need a lot of alone time to recharge our batteries. We’re happy spending time by ourselves, and we don’t like feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated. If you’re dating an ISTP, be prepared for them to need some time alone every now and then.

12. We are adaptable to change.

ISTPs are known for their flexibility and adaptability. We’re happy to go with the flow and roll with the punches. This means that we’re often able to deal with change better than other people, which is one of the reasons why we are so laid back.

13. We are extremely practical.

We’re very down-to-earth and practical people. Plus, we like to deal with things in a logical and efficient way. This practicality extends to our relationships, where we like to avoid drama at all costs. If your life is full of drama, you might not work well with an ISTP because they tend to get bored of it pretty quickly.

14. We don’t care what others think about us.

ISTPs are independent thinkers who don’t care much for what other people think. We march to the beat of our own drum and do things our own way. This can sometimes make us seem rebellious or non-conformist, but it’s just that we tend to focus on our own logic rather than societal norms.

15. We sometimes miss the big picture.

Because we focus on details and love to solve problems, we can sometimes miss the forest for the trees. This means that we might get bogged down in the details and lose sight of the bigger picture. If you’re dating an ISTP, remind them to see the big picture from time.


16. We are known for our honesty.

ISTPs are some of the most honest people you’ll ever meet. We believe in being truthful and open with people, even if it means telling them something they might not want to hear. As a result, we can sometimes come across as blunt or direct.

17. We aren’t big on emotions.

As thinkers, we prefer to focus on logic and reason over emotion. This doesn’t mean that we don’t feel emotions, but they might not be as readily apparent to others. If you’re dating an ISTP, don’t take our lack of emotional expression as a sign that we don’t care.

18. We live in the moment.

ISTPs tend to be focused on the present, at least more than a lot of other personality types. We believe in living in the moment and enjoying life as it happens. Usually, we don’t overthink things because we simply don’t see the point.

19. We aren’t always the best at communicating.

While we’re great listeners, we’re not always the best communicators. This is because we tend to process things internally, and we don’t always feel the need to share our thoughts and feelings with others. We can sometimes come across as distant or uninterested when, in reality, we are struggling to find the right words.

20. We like to have a good time.

ISTPs love to have fun and enjoy life. We’re the kind of people who tend to find a good work-life balance, and we usually manage to find time to pursue our interests. It’s rare that ISTPs are workaholics, but of course, it can happen.

21. We aren’t afraid to take risks.

We aren’t afraid to push boundaries in life, and we tend to enjoy new experiences because they keep us interested. We’re also willing to take risks, particularly physical risks. So if you’re dating an ISTP, you’re in for a wild ride.

22. We live and let live.

We believe that everyone should be free to live their life the way they want to. In addition, we don’t like to judge people, and we generally believe that people should be allowed to do whatever makes them happy as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. If you’re dating an ISTP, they will likely support all kinds of paths you want to take.


23. We are easily distracted.

We live in our heads and can easily find ourselves drifting off. In fact, we often struggle to focus on any one task for an extended period of time and admire people who have the ability to do that. If you’re dating an ISTP, don’t take it personally if they zone out from time to time.

24. We are in touch with our senses.

ISTPs are very in touch with their senses, and we enjoy pleasurable experiences. We love to taste, touch, smell, and see new things. In addition, we are very sexual people, and physical intimacy often plays a significant role in our relationships.

25. We don’t always follow the rules.

Because we live in the moment and value our independence, we don’t always feel the need to follow rules. In fact, we might even break the rules on purpose if we feel like it. This can sometimes get us into trouble, but we usually don’t mind because we believe that rules are made to be broken.

26. We can be mysterious.

Seeing as we process things internally, we can sometimes come across as mysterious or difficult to understand. We aren’t particularly expressive or communicative, so we can be hard to read, which can make us seem like a bit of an enigma.

27. We can struggle to understand other people’s emotions.

We might not always pick up on social cues or understand how other people are feeling. This is because we tend to focus on facts and logic rather than emotions. If you’re dating an ISTP, you might need to explain to us how you’re feeling because we often don’t notice subtle signs.

28. We show our love in non-traditional ways.

While we do enjoy physical intimacy, we might not always express our emotions in a traditional, romantic way. We might not be the type to write love poems or buy flowers, but we express our love in other ways. Our actions often speak louder than our words when it comes to relationships.

29. We like to keep our options open.

ISTPs are known for their “go with the flow” attitude. We like to keep our options open, and we can sometimes avoid committing to things. As a result, we can sometimes seem flighty or indecisive, but it’s just that we don’t feel a need to plan that far into the future. If you’re dating an ISTP, there’s a good chance that they will be relaxed about planning dates.

30. We hate to be controlled.

We value our freedom and autonomy and need to feel like we’re in charge of our own lives. In fact, having a sense of freedom is key to our happiness. If you’re dating an ISTP, it’s important to give them space and try not to insist on knowing their every move.

31. We have a quiet confidence.

We know our own strengths and weaknesses and are comfortable in our own skin. This inner confidence is often expressed in a quiet, understated way. We don’t need to boast or brag about our accomplishments because we know that we’re capable people.

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We hope this provides insight into what makes ISTPs tick and helps make your relationship a little smoother. Remember, we’re all unique individuals, so not everything on this list will apply to every ISTP – but it should give you a good starting point.

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our other post on ISTP compatibility. Or perhaps you’re an ISTP, and you’d like your partner to understand you on a deeper level? Share this post with them and see what they think.

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