The Funniest Personality Types Ranked

The Funniest Personality Types Ranked

Today we rank the 16 personality types from least to most funny. We also take a look at what makes each type funny. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but some of us are just more likely to be funny than others.

There are many characteristics that can make someone funny. There’s the ability to be self-deprecating, to have a great deadpan delivery, to be able to pull off physical comedy, or to simply have a knack for telling jokes. There are dry and sarcastic senses of humor or the more goofy and lighthearted type. Some people are even funny without meaning to be. What makes it great, is that our sense of humor varies from person to person and there’s always someone out there who will find us hilarious, even if nobody else does.

We all have our own unique qualities that make us funny and we should embrace them. It’s what makes us special and it’s one of the things that can make life more enjoyable. So, if you’re feeling a bit down about yourself, just remember that there’s someone out there who thinks you’re the funniest person in the world. Embrace your inner comedian and let your funny side shine through.

So, without further ado, here are the 16 personality types ranked from least to most funny. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

Least to most funny personality types

16. ISTJ

ISTJs are the least funny personality type. They are known for being quite serious and reserved. ISTJs are not typically the life of the party and prefer to stick to more low-key activities. They work hard and take their responsibilities seriously. However, they can definitely be funny. ISTJs prefer more dry and sarcastic humor. And they are also good at deadpan delivery, which can make even the driest comment hilarious. It just takes the right person to bring it out of them. If you can get an ISTJ to let their guard down, you’re in for some good laughs.

15. ISFJ

ISFJs are another personality type that isn’t typically funny. They are more serious and introspective than most. However, they can still be funny. ISFJs are highly adept at reading people. This means that can make a few lighthearted jokes to get people smiling. ISFJs can also be very sweet and innocent, which can make their humor even more endearing. ISFJs just need to be careful not to take themselves too seriously. If they can learn to laugh at themselves, you will be able to share some laughs with them.

14. INFJ

INFJs are not the funniest personality type, but they can still be funny. INFJs are thoughtful, introspective, and often quite serious. They are also private and reserved individuals. However, when they are with people they trust, they can be quite funny. INFJs are clever, and they use their wit to make observations about the world around them. They can also be quite sarcastic, which can add a bit of humor to their comments. Given their high EQ and IQ, INFJs alter their humor to fit their audience, which means they can be quite funny in a variety of situations.

13. INFP

INFPs are the thirteenth funniest personality type. They are unique individuals who have a quirky sense of humor. As highly imaginative and creative people, they often come up with hilarious ideas and perspectives that others find amusing. They are often deprecating and comfortable making fun of themselves. People appreciate this about them. INFPs are typically good-natured and have a strong sense of empathy. This combination of factors means they usually don’t use their humor to hurt others. In fact, their childlike innocence and wonder at the world mean that they can come across as endearing to others.

12. ESTJ

ESTJs are another personality type that isn’t typically funny. They are known for being hardworking, practical, and straightforward. ESTJs often prefer to stick to more serious topics of conversation. However, they can still be funny. ESTJs have a sharp wit and they’re not afraid to use it. They’re also known for their dry sense of humor. ESTJs are the type of people who are always ready with a clever comeback. Even though they might not be the most extravagant jokers, they can still make people laugh.

11. ISFP

ISFPs are the eleventh funniest personality type. They are not necessarily known for their wit. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be funny. ISFPs are creative people who are often able to see humor in everyday situations. They are also highly observant, which means they often have a keen understanding of other people’s foibles. This combination of factors means ISFPs can make surprisingly funny remarks. ISFPs are also typically good-natured people who don’t take themselves too seriously, so they are often able to laugh at themselves. This self-deprecating sense of humor can be quite appealing to others.

10. ESFJ

ESFJs are the tenth funniest personality type. They are known for their bubbly personalities and kind personalities. ESFJs are always up for a good time and their positive outlook on life is contagious. They use their people skills to make everyone around them laugh and feel comfortable. ESFJs are highly aware of social cues and know how to work a room. You won’t find an ESFJ crossing the line or being offensive with their joke often. And if they do, they will be sure to worry about offending anyone for weeks after. ESFJs want everyone to have a good time and their humor is usually lighthearted and inoffensive.


ENFJs can be funny if they want to be, but they often don’t see the need. Their natural charisma and ability to make people feel good about themselves are usually enough to get people on their side. However, ENFJs are also very good at reading other people, which means they can often come up with jokes that are specifically tailored to make someone laugh. They know who can take something a little bit edgier, and who needs a more gentle approach. They can be goofy and silly when they want to be, but their humor is usually more subtle.


INTJs are the eighth funniest personality type. Their humor is often dark and sarcastic, but it is also intelligent and thought-provoking. INTJs tend to be very quick thinkers, and their sharp minds often come up with clever retorts on the spot. They are also unafraid of using their wit to point out the flaws in other people’s thinking. This can sometimes make them seem arrogant, but it can also be very funny. Provided you aren’t overly sensitive, an INTJ can be a great source of entertainment.


The seventh funniest personality type is ENTJs. ENTJs are quite serious individuals who are often mistaken for being unamused. However, ENTJs have a great sense of humor, they just don’t always show it. Because they are highly intelligent and quick-witted, their sense of humor is often very dry and sharp. ENTJs are the type of people who often make jokes that big themselves up and put others down, but usually in a harmless way. Harvey Specter is a great example of a witty ENTJ who makes jokes at Mike’s expense but nobody is ever offended.


ISTPs are the sixth funniest personality type. What makes ISTPs’ humor so great is that they’re not afraid to be a little naughty. Their jokes are often risque, and they’re not afraid to push boundaries. ISTPs can also be charming and flirty when they want to be. So they will have you giggling away. They can sometimes use their words sparingly, which is why their words hit even hard when they do crack a joke. James Bond is an ISTP who loves a flirty and charming one-liner.


There’s no denying ENFPs are one of the funniest personality types. ENFPs are charming and gregarious, two qualities that make them naturally funny. They are known for their bubbly, enthusiastic personalities. And their lively personality means they’re always up for a good time. ENFPs spontaneous and enthusiastic, and they have a very playful side. This, alongside their natural curiosity for the world, means they’re always coming up with new and funny jokes. So it’s no surprise that their humor is just as original and inventive.


The fourth funniest personality type is ESTPs. ESTPs are the life of the party, always ready with a witty comment or a funny story. They’re natural entertainers who love to make people laugh. ESTPs are also quick thinkers, able to come up with comebacks and retorts on the spot. Plus, their improvisational skills are on point. An ESTP’s sense of humor is blunt, sarcastic, and sometimes even a little naughty. But that’s all part of their charm.


INTPs are the third funniest personality type. They’re intelligent and quick-witted. But what sets INTPs’ humor apart is their love of puns and wordplay. They’re often the ones making jokes that go over people’s heads. But that’s part of their charm. INTPs are also very sarcastic and dry, which adds to the humor of their jokes. And because they’re not afraid to speak their mind, they’re also not afraid to make fun of people. So their humor can sometimes be cutting. But if you can take it, an INTP’s humor is definitely worth enjoying.


As the natural entertainers of the personality types, ESFPs are the second funniest type. Their love of being in the spotlight and their outgoing personality make them great at making people laugh. ESFPs are fun-loving and spontaneous, always up for a good time. They’re also very good at reading people and knowing what will make them laugh. Their observant nature means that they often have funny stories to share, and they won’t shy from acting out a scene to really get their point across.


It won’t be a surprise that ENTPs win the title for the funniest personality type. ENTPs are constantly looking for new ways to have fun and enjoy life. ENTPs are intelligent and quick-witted, people who know lots of things about many different topics. They’re also natural-born pranksters who love to make people laugh. So when it comes to humor, this is their greatest strength. Their jokes are clever and original. And because of their natural charm and confidence, their delivery is also on point.

So, which personality types are the funniest? ENTPs and ESFPs are the funniest. ENTPs are quick-witted and original. Whereas, ESFPs are all about performance and delivery. When it comes to humor, they are both very different but both of these personality types know how to put on a show.

But, as we’ve seen, even the less traditionally funny types can have their moments. It just depends on what you find amusing. So, don’t worry if you’re not a natural comedian. With a little effort, anyone can learn to be funny. Just remember to be yourself and have fun with it!

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