The Love Language of Each Personality Type

The Love Language of Each Personality Type

Today we look at the preferred love language of each personality type. Everyone has their own unique ways of expressing and receiving love.

There are five love languages: Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. Your love language is how you receive love. It’s the point at which you feel most connected and loved by your partner. You typically give love how you most want to receive it, but not always.

It’s important to know your own love language as well as your partner’s. Knowing each other’s love languages can keep you connected and help deepen your bond. Doing things that your partner values greatly will make them feel loved and appreciated.

We all place a different level of importance on each love language, so it helps to be aware of the nuances. For example, for an INFJ, deep and meaningful connections formed through thoughtful communication when spending quality time together is more important than physical touch. However, ISTPs are practical people who typically appreciate a more physical connection with their partners, such as a kiss or a hug.

We are all different when it comes to love languages, so have a conversation with your partner and find out what works best for them. By understanding each other’s preferences, you can create the perfect balance of love and connection in your relationship.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the love languages of each personality type. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

Love language of each personality type

INFP: Quality Time

The love language for INFPs is Quality Time. INFPs don’t just want to be present with their loved ones—they want to make the most out of that time together and really connect. Whether it’s a romantic movie night or a deep conversation over coffee, INFPs thrive on moments where they can understand and appreciate the person they’re with. If you’re dating an INFP, be sure to make time for meaningful moments with them and let them know that you value their presence. It’s the little things that will mean the most.

ENFP: Words of Affirmation

ENFPs are driven by words of affirmation. This type loves to hear that they’ve done something right or that their partner is proud of them—it’s the ultimate sign of validation and appreciation. Words of affirmation include both spoken and written words, so ENFPs will appreciate handwritten notes or thoughtful compliments as much as they’ll love a heartfelt speech. To make an ENFP feel truly loved, be sure to express your feelings for them often. Showing that you appreciate their efforts and value their presence is the best way to let them know how much you care.

INFJ: Quality Time

Similar to INFPs, INFJs thrive on quality time as their love language. They want to spend quality time with their loved ones in order to build a deeper understanding and connection. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an extravagant date night—INFJs just appreciate those moments when they can truly connect with the person they’re with. Meaningful conversations and heartfelt moments will make an INFJ feel the most loved. So if you’re dating an INFJ, put your phone down and ask them some serious and thoughtful questions—they’ll appreciate it.

ENFJ: Words of Affirmation

Words of affirmation are typically the most important love language to ENFJs. They need compliments, kind words, and uplifting messages in order to feel secure and loved. ENFJs are incredibly sensitive souls, so it’s important for their partners to take the time to make them feel appreciated. A few encouraging words could be enough to make an ENFJ feel on top of the world. So if you’re dating an ENFJ, don’t forget to shower them with truthful and thoughtful compliments every now and then. They’ll appreciate it more than you know.

INTP: Quality Time

INTPs are usually driven by quality time more than anything else. They want to be able to have meaningful conversations and deeply connect with their partners. INTPs appreciate those moments when they can really understand and get to know the person they’re with, so it’s important for their loved ones to make time for those special occasions. Whether it’s a movie night or just reading the same book together, INTPs will appreciate those moments spent connecting on a more profound level. Just make sure you’re not distracted and that you’re engaging with the INTP in a meaningful way.

ENTP: Quality Time

The love language for ENTPs is usually quality time. For this personality type, it’s all about spending time together and having meaningful conversations. They want to be able to express themselves freely, without judgment from their partner. By having their partner spend time with them, ENTPs feel like they can get closer and become even more connected. Quality time is the key to unlocking a deeper understanding between an ENTP and their significant other. So make sure if you’re dating an ENTP, give them plenty of quality time. Don’t be afraid to go deeper and share your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with each other. After all, that’s what the relationship is all about.

INTJ: Acts of Service

The love language for INTJs is typically acts of service. For INTJs, it’s all about actions and practicality. They want to be able to trust that their partner will take care of the things they’ve agreed on and do what needs to be done to make the relationship successful. INTJs also appreciate when their partner makes an effort to show them that they’re valued and appreciated. So make sure if you’re dating an INTJ, you show your appreciation through acts of service. Whether it’s running errands together or helping out with a project around the house, those small moments add up and go a long way for people with this personality type.

ENTJ: Physical Touch

ENTJs are usually driven by physical touch more than anything else. It can take a while for an ENTJ to warm up to someone, but once they do, they appreciate physical affection. Whether it’s hugs, holding hands, or sex, ENTJs need those moments of physical connection in order to feel understood and loved. They can be quite intense and passionate in those moments, which can be a nice surprise for their partners. So if you’re dating an ENTJ, don’t be afraid to show your love through physical contact. It’s sure to make them feel appreciated and secure in the relationship.

ISFJ: Acts of Service

The love language for ISFJs is usually acts of service. A few small gestures, like doing the dishes or running errands together, can mean a lot to an ISFJ. They want their loved ones to show them that they are appreciated and taken care of. ISFJs are detail-oriented and practical, so they tend to appreciate small acts of kindness that help with day-to-day tasks. Even if it’s not something grand or flashy, an ISFJ will be thrilled if their partner shows that they care by taking on some of the work around the house. These small gestures will not go unnoticed by an ISFJ.

ESFJ: Receiving Gifts

ESFJs typically have receiving gifts as their love language. They appreciate when people take the time to get them something special, not just for holidays or birthdays but also for no reason at all. It’s important for ESFJs to feel like they are appreciated and remembered by their partners, and something as small as a gift can make them feel extra loved and special. It’s not about the monetary value of the gift, but rather the effort and thoughtfulness that goes into it. So if you’re dating an ESFJ, make sure to surprise them with a gift every now and then. It’ll go a long way.

ISTJ: Acts of Service

For ISTJs, acts of service is their love language. They find it incredibly meaningful when their partner takes the time to do something for them. This could be anything from doing the dishes or taking on extra household chores, to setting up a surprise date night or bringing in breakfast in bed. Just make sure you pay attention to an ISTJ’s needs and take the time to make their life a bit easier. As dutiful and reliable people, they work hard and they want to make their partner’s life easier too. So show them that you care by doing something special for them.

ESTJ: Receiving Gifts

ESTJs typically appreciate receiving gifts more than anything else. They love to show off their relationships and having a physical reminder of someone’s affection is incredibly meaningful for them. It doesn’t have to be an expensive gift—just something thoughtful that shows your partner you took the time to think about them. As hardworking and self-sufficient people, ESTJs like to know that their significant other takes the time and effort to make them feel special. So don’t forget to surprise your ESTJ with a thoughtful gift every now and then.

ISFP: Quality Time

Quality time with their partner is what ISFPs need most. If you want to show your love and appreciation for an ISFP, plan a fun activity that you can do together such as going on a picnic, playing sports, or simply spending time talking. Quality time doesn’t have to involve doing anything particularly exciting; it’s the company of your partner that matters most. Showing your ISFP that you care by focusing your attention on them for an evening or weekend will make them feel truly loved.

ESFP: Words of Affirmation

ESFPs appreciate words of affirmation. If you want to show your affection for an ESFP, be sure to tell them how much you care about them and express your love with heartfelt compliments. Tell them how much you appreciate their company and all the ways in which they bring joy to your life. ESFPs want to know that their presence is valued, so don’t forget to let them know just how much you love having them around. But also don’t forget a simple “I love you” can go a long way too.

ISTP: Physical Touch

The love language for ISTPs is typically physical touch. ISTPs are practical people who are present in the physical world, so physical touch is a great way for them to feel connected and loved. They appreciate small gestures such as hugs, hand-holding, and back rubs — simple yet intimate acts that show their partner’s sincere affection toward them. ISTPs are often reluctant to express their emotions openly, but physical touch can be the perfect way to communicate their feelings. So if you’re dating an ISTP, don’t forget to show them some physical love and affection—it will mean the world to them.

ESTP: Physical Touch

ESTPs typically appreciate physical touch more than anything else. This love language is all about expressing emotions through physical contact and closeness. ESTPs are usually very active individuals, so it may be hard for them to express their feelings in words, but they will likely feel the most loved when they get a kiss or a cuddle after a long day. Sex is also important to people who value physical touch, so it’s important for their partners to make time for physical intimacy. If you’re with an ESTP, don’t be afraid to show them your affection and love through physical contact. They’ll appreciate it more than you know.

So, there you have it – the love language of each personality type. Do you relate to the love language that is typical for your type? Just remember, this is a guide and we all vary in our needs. The best way to find out what your partner needs is to ask them and listen to what they have to say. Showing love comes in many forms, so don’t be afraid to get creative and find unique ways to show your partner you care.

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