The Most Introverted Personality Types Ranked

The Most Introverted Personality Types Ranked

Today we rank the 16 personality types from least to most introverted. Introversion and extroversion are on a scale and there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ way to be. It all depends on who you are as an individual.

Introverts get their energy from being alone, while extroverts get their energy from being around people. That doesn’t mean that introverts don’t enjoy time spent with others, it just means they need more time to recharge after socializing.

Introverts are often misunderstood. People think being introverted means lacking confidence or being shy. However, introverts tend to be confident in their own skin and have strong opinions about the things that matter to them. They simply approach socializing differently than extroverts and they need alone time to refuel and recharge.

There are advantages to both introversion and extroversion. Introverts are great listeners, they reflect on things deeply and like to think through decisions before making them. Extroverts are outgoing, often getting other people excited about their ideas and helping the group to stay energized.

Both types of personalities are valuable in any team or social setting, so it’s important for us to learn how to appreciate each other’s differences. Introverts can learn to be more open and extroverts can develop their listening skills.

Now, let’s rank the 16 personality types from least to most introverted. If you don’t know whether you are an introvert or extrovert, take our free 5-minute personality test and find out.

Least to most introverted personality types

16. ESTP

The least introverted personality type has to be ESTPs. ESTPs are the quintessential extroverts – outgoing, social, and always up for an adventure. They live in the present and embrace the unknown, never shying away from a challenge or an opportunity to have fun. ESTPs are great at networking and making connections with people, but it’s important to remember that they still need their own space sometimes. It’s important for them to get away from it all can help them recharge and come back with even more enthusiasm for socializing. Two charming and outgoing ESTPs include Dwayne Johnson and Madonna. Both of them know how to turn up the energy in any room.

15. ESFP

Now there is not much that’s introverted about this personality type. ESFPs are outgoing, adventurous, and spontaneous. They love to have fun with the people around them and enjoy being the life of the party. ESFPs thrive on human interaction and being the center of attention. They are often seen as the life of the party, engaging and entertaining everyone they come into contact with. However, allowing them some space can help them stay energized and make sure that they don’t overexert themselves. Cardi B and Elvis Presley are two famous ESFPs.

14. ESFJ

The fourteenth most introverted personality type is the ESFJ. They are outgoing and energetic people who enjoy socializing. ESFJs are people focused, warm, and nurturing. They are always ready to lend an ear or offer a helping hand to their friends, family, and coworkers. ESFJs enjoy being around others and like having conversations that explore relationships and feelings. While they’re generally very sociable people, they also need time alone to reflect on the things they’ve encountered and discussed. ESFJs strive to make life easier for those around them but also need to take care of their own emotional needs in order to stay healthy and balanced. Hugh Jackman and Margot Robbie are great examples of charming ESFJs that also like to keep some of their life private.

13. ENFJ

The thirteenth most introverted personality type is ENFJ – the quintessential people-person. ENFJs are warm and empathetic, always striving to create harmony in their environment. They’re excellent listeners who can help others in difficult situations by offering advice and support. Charismatic and charming, they often have something insightful to contribute. Despite their extroverted nature, they need alone time to recharge and reflect on their experiences with others. ENFJs appreciate having meaningful conversations with those close to them, but also enjoy being able to just relax without feeling obligated to entertain anyone else. All in all, ENFJs are a great mix of extroversion and introversion. ENFJs celebrities include Drake and Zendaya.

12. ENTJ

ENTJs are the twelfth most introverted personality type. ENTJs are known for their strong analytical and problem-solving skills, making them a powerhouse in any situation. They’re also very organized and like to stay on top of all the details, which can make them seem quite extroverted at times. However, ENTJs are not the most people-oriented of the personality types and need their own space to think things through. Even in social situations, they can come off as detached but still remain engaged. Famous ENTJs include Steve Jobs and Chelsea Handler.

11. ESTJ

ESTJs are the eleventh most introverted personality type. They are highly organized and independent individuals who enjoy being in charge of their environment. ESTJs like to keep order, structure, and predictability in the workplace, making them great leaders. They can be quite pushy but also know how to delegate tasks so that each team member plays a role. Although they may come off as extroverted types, ESTJs still need their own time to get their tasks done and to think things through. ESTJs are great problem-solvers and know how to put their ideas into action quickly. 

10. ENFP

The second most introverted of the extroverted personality types is ENFP. ENFPs have both a rich inner and outer world. Whilst they thrive on connecting with people and exploring new ideas, they’re also content to spend time alone and process their thoughts internally. ENFPs are often passionate, enthusiastic individuals who live life to the fullest. They have an infectious energy that draws others in. People with this personality type are also curious and enjoy spending time exploring their thoughts and seeking out new opportunities whether it be by themselves or with others. Famous ENFPs include Grimes and Pete Davidson.


So, out of the 16 personality types, the most introverted extrovert is typically ENTPs. ENTPs like to pick and choose where they put their energy; they often have an air of detachment but are still very curious people who love to explore and experiment. ENTPs are also incredibly perceptive – able to think quickly, form connections, and come up with creative solutions. They still need their alone time and a lot of freedom, but they can also turn on their natural charm when the situation calls for it. Cole Sprouse and Ryan Reynolds are famous ENTPs.


Now we move on to the introverted personality types. ISFJs are the most people-oriented introverts. They are very caring and loyal individuals who strive to create a pleasant environment for everyone around them. ISFJs have strong social skills and can usually read other people’s feelings and offer support in difficult situations. They are patient and accommodating, often going out of their way to help others. ISFJs are also happy to engage in small talk and they are naturals when it comes to social scenarios. It’s these skills that can make people confuse ISFJs for extroverts. Notable ISFJs include Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran.


INFJs are seventh on the list and the second least introverted introvert. These types are highly intuitive and introspective – able to read between the lines in any situation. They are often creative, imaginative people who have an innate sense of what’s right or wrong. INFJs strive for harmony and understanding in their environment, making them natural peacemakers. They also have a knack for seeing potential in others and helping them reach their goals. They take a people-focused approach to life and are excellent communicators. Nelson Mandela and Nicole Kidman are perfect examples of people-oriented introverts.


ISTPs are one of the more extroverted introverts. They aren’t necessarily people-focused, but they love to explore the environment around them and take a hands-on approach to problem-solving. ISTPs enjoy tinkering with objects and machines, making them great fixers and troubleshooters. They thrive on discovering new ways of doing things and pushing their own boundaries. ISTPs are extremely independent and enjoy having the freedom to pursue their own interests without too much interference. It’s their carefree and sometimes rebellious nature that makes them more extroverted than other introverts. Famous ISTPs include Kobe Bryant and Kourtney Kardashian.


Number five on the list is ISTJ. These individuals are very analytical and methodical in their approach to problem-solving, preferring to work with concrete facts rather than abstract ideas. ISTJs are very happy working by themselves and often prefer to stay out of the spotlight. They take their duties seriously and strive to be reliable, responsible, and consistent with their work. ISTJs are naturally organized and like structure in their lives, which allows them to be effective time managers. Even though they may not be the most outgoing people, ISTJs are very loyal and caring individuals who will go out of their way to help others. Famous and successful ISTJs include Jeff Bezos and Queen Elizabeth II.


In fourth place is the ISFP personality type. These sensitive souls are often introspective and creative when it comes to expressing themselves. ISFPs like to live in the moment and enjoy taking things as they come without putting too much pressure on themselves. They have a strong appreciation for nature, animals, and art that allows them to be incredibly in tune with their emotions. ISFPs deeply value their freedom and independence, so it can be difficult for them to commit to long-term plans or projects. Even though they may seem shy at first glance, ISFPs have a unique charm that allows them to make genuine connections with others. Notable ISFPs include Britney Spears and Prince.


INFPs are introspective and creative individuals who enjoy exploring different ideas and values. These sensitive types often feel misunderstood due to their quieter, more introverted nature. INFPs often get lost in their head daydreaming, creating whole new worlds in their minds. This can be a great source of inspiration for them. INFPs usually have no trouble conveying their thoughts through creative pursuits such as writing or art. They are usually very caring people with a strong sense of morality that guides their decisions and actions. INFPs can be excellent problem-solvers and inspiring visionaries who can make a positive difference in their communities. Notable INFPs include Princess Diana and Keanu Reeves.


INTJs are the second most introverted personality type. These thinkers are often very driven and goal-oriented, with a deep passion for learning new things. INTJs have an unrivaled ability to analyze complex concepts and develop long-term plans based on their research. While they may not be the most outwardly personable individuals, INTJs can make significant contributions to any organization due to their problem-solving skills and strong work ethic. INTJs are sharp, independent, and strategic thinkers who can come up with innovative solutions that others may not have thought of. Notable INTJs include Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking.


The winner of the most introverted personality type goes to INTPs. These analytical thinkers are often deep in thought and prefer to explore complex problems independently. INTPs have a unique perspective on the world and can provide valuable insights into situations that others have completely missed. When INTPs communicate, it can be with a very dry sense of humor that can go completely unnoticed by others. INTPs often love technology and science, so getting lost in a new concept or project is pretty much second nature. It’s no wonder that many of the world’s most innovative and creative minds are INTPs. Marie Curie and Bill Gates are incredibly successful INTPs.

So, which personality types are most introverted? INTPs and INTJs are typically seen as the most introverted types. They both enjoy reflecting on their own thoughts and ideas. It’s important for them to have time and space away from others in order to truly engage with their inner world.

That said, levels of extroversion and introversion are on a scale and we are all unique in how we express our personalities. Each of the 16 personality types has something to offer and can bring a unique perspective to any situation. It’s just a matter of finding which type best describes you.

Whatever your personality is, remember that it’s okay to be introverted or extroverted – there is value in each. 

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