The Most Impulsive Personality Types Ranked

The Most Impulsive Personality Types Ranked

Today we rank the 16 personality types from least to most impulsive. Impulsive behavior is defined as any action taken without deliberation, planning, or reflection.

Impulses can be hard to control, and they can lead people to make rash decisions and take risks without weighing the consequences. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, it can lead to outcomes that may not have been possible without taking the risk. On the other hand, it can lead to disastrous results and people can get themselves into trouble or even danger.

Impulsive people are usually spontaneous and adventurous, which can make life interesting but it can be a bit of a rollercoaster. Whereas cautious, deliberate personalities are often seen as more reliable and dependable, but can also be too careful at times.

Naturally, perceiver personality types are more impulsive than judgers. Perceivers see structure as more limiting and prefer to keep their options open. They’re adaptable and are more likely to delay making a decision in favor of seeking out more information. Judgers prefer to stick to a plan. They approach life in a structured way and are faster to seek closer when it comes to making decisions.

This is why, at So Syncd, we match judgers with perceivers to help balance out each other’s personalities and create the best possible team. So without further ado, here are the 16 personality types ranked from least to most impulsive.

Least to most impulsive personality types

16. ISTJ

ISTJs are the least impulsive personality type. Logical, practical, and methodical, ISTJs prefer to take their time when making decisions. They don’t like taking risks or acting without understanding all of the potential consequences of their actions. ISTJs are often very careful and calculated when it comes to making decisions. They understand that impulsive decisions can lead to more harm than good, so they usually try their best to resist this urge. ISTJs use logic and facts to make decisions and try their best to avoid emotional bias. For this reason, ISTJs are the least impulsive personality type. They take their time and think things through before coming to a conclusion.

15. ISFJ

ISFJs are the second least impulsive personality type. They prefer to think things through before making a decision, and they don’t like taking risks. ISFJs are very sensitive to their environment and the people around them, so they prefer situations that feel safe and secure. For this reason, they usually avoid impulsive decisions as they understand that it can disrupt the peace and cause unnecessary conflict. In general, ISFJs are practical and level-headed, preferring to take their time when making decisions. They just miss out on being the least impulsive because ISFJs are more emotionally driven than ISTJs. If ISFJs feel backed into a corner or if their values are being threatened, they might be tempted to act impulsively.

14. INTJ

The third least impulsive personality type is INTJs. Calculated, strategic, and analytical, INTJs prefer to take their time and think things through when making decisions. They don’t like to rush into things without understanding all of the potential consequences. Although they may be tempted to act impulsively in some situations, they usually resist this urge as they understand that it is not always the wisest course of action. INTJs are often 10 steps ahead of the rest of us, so they are usually able to see the long-term implications of their actions. Because of this, INTJs are not impulsive people and prefer to think things through before making a decision. However, they aren’t afraid to take well-calculated risks.

13. ESFJ

ESFJs are the fourth least impulsive personality type. ESFJs are usually quite careful when it comes to making decisions, preferring to think things through before acting. They don’t take risks unless they can calculate the potential reward and understand the consequences. As a type that prefers harmony and balance, ESFJs prefer a predictable outcome. Therefore, they tend to avoid acting impulsively in most situations. However, they can occasionally get overcome by their emotions and act without thinking. In these cases, it’s best for them to take a step back and cool off before acting. All in all, ESFJs are not very impulsive, but they can become so in certain situations.

12. INFJ

INFJs are another personality type that is not impulsive. Thoughtful, introspective, and analytical, INFJs tend to take their time when making determining the best course of action. They usually need lots of information before they can make an informed decision. Although INFJs are not known for being impulsive in general decisions, they do have moments where emotion takes over and they act on impulse. In these moments, the impulsiveness is driven by their strong sense of morality, and their desire to protect those they care about. However, in general, INFJs are not the type to jump into things without carefully assessing the situation first.

11. ESTJ

ESTJs are the eleventh most impulsive type. They are usually quite calculating and analytical when it comes to making decisions, but they can also be very spontaneous in certain situations. They tend to act on impulse when a decision needs to be made quickly and there is little time to plan things out. ESTJs are also not averse to taking risks if they believe it will benefit them in the long run. They don’t mind seeing what happens, so long as they can trust their judgment and understand the consequences of their decisions. While ESTJs may not be the most impulsive type, they can act on impulse when the situation demands it.

10. ENTJ

The tenth on our list of the most impulsive personality types is ENTJ. ENTJs are known to be decisive and analytical thinkers who tend to think things through before they act. They don’t usually go out looking for risk or adventure. Although, ENTJs are not averse to taking well-thought-out and calculated risks if the potential reward is worth it. They are usually quite confident and assertive when they do take action, but not in a reckless way. When ENTJs do need to act impulsively, they tend to be able to quickly assess the situation and make a well-informed decision. These personalities are also highly independent, so their impulsive decisions may be more about asserting their autonomy than anything else. To sum it up, ENTJs like to think before they act – but when they do go with their gut instinct, it’s usually a well-thought-out one.


ENFJs are ninth on the list and the most impulsive out of the Judger personality types. ENFJs are not overly impulsive. However, they are known to be people-pleasers and they often act on impulse when it comes to making decisions that involve others. They can be quite spontaneous and impulsive in social situations, usually choosing to go with their intuition instead of overanalyzing the situation first. This trait is beneficial in some ways as it allows them to quickly connect and engage with others. Although, it can also backfire if their decisions don’t turn out as expected. Overall though, ENFJs do think things through before acting.


INFPs are eighth on the list and the least impulsive of all the perceiver personality types. Whilst they may not be the most impulsive type, they can still make quick decisions when faced with tough choices. INFPs tend to act on principles and values that are important to them, and as such will sometimes take risks if it means defending those values. They are also highly creative and imaginative, which means that they can often think up a quick solution when presented with an opportunity or idea. INFPs are not usually ones to jump into things without putting some thought into them. But if the situation calls for it and their values are at stake, they won’t hesitate to act impulsively. They still have moments where emotion overrules them leading them into risky scenarios with little thought given beforehand.


ISFPs are seventh on our list of the most impulsive types. ISFPs are driven by their personal values and ideals, which can lead them to make some sudden decisions. They’re willing to take risks if they believe in something strongly enough and they won’t hesitate when it comes to standing up for what they believe in. This is especially true when it comes to protecting those close to them. ISFPs are also known for their spontaneous nature and willingness to try new things which can lead them to some pretty impulsive decisions. On the plus side, this trait often leads them down paths filled with adventure and excitement! They’re not afraid of taking risks and don’t mind if things don’t turn out as expected. In the end, they know that a life lived on the edge is the best kind of life for them.


Whilst definitely less impulsive than their extroverted counterpart, INTPs are still known to be impulsive at times. This really comes out when they are passionate about something and their enthusiasm leads them to explore new ideas. INTPs often get caught up in abstract ideas and theories, so when they spot an interesting concept or opportunity, they usually act on it without hesitation. INTPs are excellent problem-solvers. They can think critically and quickly, often coming up with multiple solutions in a matter of moments. What sets them apart from other types is their ability to focus on the big picture and see how all the individual pieces fit together. INTPs do take longer than other more impulsive types to make decisions due to their need for analyzing possible options carefully. So when they do act impulsively, it doesn’t always end badly.


ISTPs are another type that can be impulsive at times. They’re known to be independent and analytical thinkers who enjoy problem-solving and exploring new possibilities. However, they can also get carried away in the moment and make snap decisions. ISTPs trust their gut and dive right in without always thinking of the potential consequences. They may not seem overly impulsive due to their practical approach to problems. But don’t let appearances fool you. While ISTPs are known for being cool-headed and logical thinkers who take great care in making well-thought-out decisions, when push comes to shove, they will not hesitate to act first and ask questions later if necessary. This trait combined with their natural problem-solving skills can lead them into some risky situations but also allows them to come out unscathed more often than not.


Fourth on our list of most impulsive personality types is ENFPs. While they may not be quite as reckless as the others, they still have a tendency to act without thinking first. ENFPs are usually so excited about life that it’s difficult for them to focus on one thing at a time. They often jump from idea to idea, which can lead them to make decisions without considering all of the consequences. ENFPs are also prone to procrastination, as they tend to be easily distracted by things that spark their interest. This means that they often rush into decisions in order to meet deadlines or avoid conflict. While their impulsivity can sometimes get them into trouble, it also makes them incredibly exciting, fun, and spontaneous people.


ENTPs are the third most impulsive personality type. They are known for being intelligent, creative thinkers who love to challenge the status quo. ENTPs are also incredibly curious and spontaneous, which often leads them to act impulsively. When they spot an opportunity, they’re usually quick to jump on it before anyone else can. They don’t like to be bogged down by too much planning, so making decisions on the fly appeals to their preference for spontaneity. ENTPs are innovative and their mind is constantly buzzing with ideas. This can be both a blessing and a curse, as their impulsivity can sometimes lead them astray if they don’t take the time to think things through. They often have trouble finishing tasks, as they move on quickly to their next big idea. Fortunately for ENTPs though, their ability to quickly analyze and problem-solve means that they are usually able to get out of any tricky situations caused by their impulsivity fairly unscathed.


ESFP is another type that ranks highly on the impulse scale. They are another personality type that loves to take risks, which can often lead them to make impulsive choices. ESFPs are usually so caught up in the moment that they don’t stop to think about potential consequences. They thrive off of spontaneous activities and live for the excitement that comes with making quick decisions. ESFPs just love to have fun. They’re usually the life of the party, and they can often be found leading their friends on wild adventures. While ESFPs’ impulsivity is often exhilarating, it can also lead them to make snap judgments without considering all of the facts. They can land themselves in hot water if they haven’t thought things through properly.


ESTPs have to be the most impulsive of all the personality types. ESTPs are known as “So Adventurous”, and they just live for experiences. They also love to take risks, which often means making decisions without thinking them through. When ESTPs see something that catches their eye, they often act on it without hesitation. Their willingness to jump into action at a moment’s notice can be both a strength and a weakness. On one hand, it allows them to tackle tasks efficiently and get results quickly. On the other, it can lead them to make decisions without carefully considering all of their options. ESTPs’ impulsivity can sometimes get them in trouble, but they always make life exciting.

So, which personality types are the most impulsive? ESTPs and ESFPs are the most impulsive personality types. They both live in the moment and don’t often think things through before making a decision. Considering the potential consequences is not a priority for them, so they often act on impulse.

Impulsivity can be a great asset, as it allows these personality types to make quick decisions and take advantage of opportunities that arise. But it can also lead to reckless behavior and mistakes if not controlled. Some people prefer to plan before taking action, while others like to act first and think later. Whatever your preference may be, it’s important to know how impulsive you are so that you can manage it in the best way possible.

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