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Some people will spend a whole evening cooking an elaborate dinner for friends, while others forget to eat all day. Today, we explore the relationship between each personality type and cooking.

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INFPs aren’t usually the biggest foodies. In fact, they can get completely caught up in what they’re doing and sometimes forget to eat. INFPs do have a nurturing side, though, and they enjoy treating their loved ones. When an INFP cooks a meal, expect a whole lot of improvisation…they might end up with something completely different from what they originally planned.


ENFPs usually enjoy cooking. They love to explore, and this applies to recipes as well. People of this personality type won’t plan too far in advance when it comes to cooking. Unless it’s a special occasion, they’ll see how they feel on the day, and they have a knack for just knowing which foods work well together.


INFJs don’t tend to cook elaborate meals every day as food isn’t a key focus for them. However, when they do cook, they do it well, as they tend to be perfectionists. It will usually involve a lot of planning, and if they are cooking for people, they will go to great lengths to ensure that the meal will be enjoyed by everyone.


ENFJs are the ultimate hosts, and they tend to be natural cooks. They are nurturing, caring, and people-oriented. As one of the most sociable personality types, they love hosting dinners for friends and making sure that everyone is well-fed. ENFJs love providing nourishing, tasty food for people they care about.


INTPs are usually not too bothered about food. The phrase ‘eat to live’ often applies to people of this personality type, and they regularly forget to eat. INTPs spend a lot of time in their heads, and eating is not high up on their list of priorities. If there are any shortcuts to end up with an incredible dish with minimal effort (think Feast Box), you can be sure that an INTP will find them.


ENTPs aren’t natural cooks, but they do love to explore different recipes, like their ENFP cousins. When they do make meals, they’ll experiment with all kinds of unique combinations of foods. They might use a recipe as a guide, but they’ll rarely stick to it. ENTPs aren’t the type to spend hours in the kitchen.


INTJs are an interesting mix when it comes to food and cooking. At certain points in their life, they’ll take comfort in planning meals in advance, but at other times, they’ll be so engrossed in a project that eating becomes their last priority. When INTJs cook, they’ll learn all kinds of hacks to make the process more efficient.


ENTJs bring their goal-oriented attitude to the kitchen. They strive to be the best at everything they do, and this applies to cooking, too. Food usually isn’t a top concern for people of this personality type, but when they cook, they’ll do it well and they’ll often be thinking about ways to make a dish even better.

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ISFJs tend to take cooking seriously as they see it as a way of providing nourishment for those close to them. They enjoy making meals that friends and family love. Traditional and nurturing, ISFJs are the kind of people who will save and treasure favorite recipes that their family has held onto for generations.


ESFJs love the fact that meals can bring people together and be a bonding experience. Sociable and warm, they are the kind of people who love hosting dinner parties, and they take great pride in their cooking skills. ESFJs often have their favorite recipes that they stick to, and improvizing isn’t their style.


ISTJs like to stick to the set recipe when they are cooking. They are the kind of people who like to do things by the book, and this is the case when it comes to making meals. ISTJs plan meals far in advance and they rarely, if ever, deviate from the exact cookbook recipe. Precise and detail-oriented, they’ll take great care in ensuring that everything is measured out correctly.


ESTJs apply their task-oriented nature to cooking. They tend to set aside a specific amount of time to spend cooking a pre-planned meal, and they will do their best to stick to the plan. ESTJs are particularly dutiful, and if they have a family, they will see providing a good meal for everyone as one of their core responsibilities. As natural perfectionists, ESTJs take pride in their cooking abilities. 

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ISFPs are creative and experimental chefs. They hugely appreciate good food and are able to detect nuanced flavors. As one of the most artistic personality types, ISFPs take pride in how their meals are presented, as well as how they taste. People of this type value homegrown food that is ideally organic and hand-picked.


ESFPs are big foodies for two key reasons. Firstly, they love rich and exciting tastes that stimulate their senses. Secondly, they are naturally sociable, and they see meals as a chance to bond. However, ESFPs are always doing something, which means they can forget to eat, especially when they are in the thick of a new and exciting project.  


ISTPs are an interesting mix of traits when it comes to eating. On one hand, they are very relaxed and are quite happy to just go with the flow. On the other hand, they are very in touch with their five senses, and they appreciate rich, full flavors. ISTPs are unlikely to stick to meal times, preferring to eat when they are hungry, and they like to try new recipes.


ESTPs tend to appreciate good food. They also enjoy having a reason to chat with people, be it at a family dinner or a big party. ESTPs are rarely concerned about eating the same food at the same time every day, given they often shy away from routine. They love to explore new tastes and are one of the most likely types to enjoy spicy food. 

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