16 Personality Types as Movie Genres

You’ve found your perfect personality match…and now it’s time for some cozy nights in watching Netflix.

But what to watch? The possibilities are endless nowadays…but fear not. We look at which movie genres best suit each of the 16 personality types.

From a classic courtroom drama with an ISTJ to a dark comedy with an ENTP, suggest their favourite film and they might just pop the question there and then!

INFP: Fantasy

Fantasy is the best movie genre for INFPs who tend to live in their heads. they are drawn to make-believe worlds.

ENFP: Adventure

ENFPs love movies filled with excitement and exploration. They need films that hold their attention.

INFJ: Drama

Drama is the movie genre that best suits INFJs. They are drawn to complex and deep storylines in particular.

ENFJ: Romcom

ENFJs love a good romcom. They enjoy feel-good films that involving romance and happiness.

INTP: Sci-fi

INTPs love systems, novel ideas and fantasy worlds, which is why they are drawn to sci-fi movies.

ENTP: Dark Comedy

Dark comedy is the movie genre that best suits ENTPs. They have a dark sense of humor and a cynical view on life.

INTJ: Mystery

INTJs love figuring things out which is why they are draw to the complex storylines of mystery movies.

ENTJ: Thriller

ENTJs like to be kept on their toes. They like the mixture of depth and excitement that comes with thrillers.

ISFJ: Educational

Educational movies suit ISFJs. They love to learn and have amazing memories for remembering facts and details.

ESFJ: Chick Flick

ESFJs love a good chick flick. They love the light-hearted fun and relatability that comes with these types of films.

ISTJ: Courtroom

ISTJs are drawn to courtroom films. They enjoy meaningful storylines that get them thinking.

ESTJ: Historical

Historical movies suit ESTJs. They are drawn to classic films that show how past generations lived.

ISFP: Animation

ISFPs are drawn to animation movies. They completely immerse themselves in the fantasy worlds of animation.

ESFP: Musical

ESFPs love singing and dancing, so what better movie genre for them than musicals?

ISTP: Satire

Satire is the perfect movie genre for ISTPs. They are observant, sharp and appreciate satire.

ESTP: Action

ESTPs like films that keep them interested which is why action is the best movie genre for this personality type.

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