16 Personality Types of Euphoria Characters

16 Personality Types of Euphoria Characters

Today we explore the 16 personality types of the characters from HBO’s hit show, Euphoria. We are currently watching Season 2 of the drama that follows the lives of students and their families of the fictitious East Highland High School as they navigate life through sex, drugs, sexuality, friendships, identity and relationships.

Lots of the Euphoria characters are unhealthy versions of their personality type, with their weaknesses and negative personality traits emphasised for the purposes of the show.

Take a look below to see which character from Euphoria shares your personality type. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

16 Personality Types of Euphoria Characters

Rue Bennett (ISTP)

Rue Bennett is an unhealthy ISTP. She is a private person who shuts most people out, mostly her mom, and she struggles to deal with her emotions. So much so that when she has had a bad day, like falling out with Jules, she turns straight to drugs and relapses.
ISTP females are rare, and Rue is no exception. She often feels like she doesn’t fit in and she isn’t interested in stereotypically female things such as fashion and make-up. Rue has a rebellious streak and she isn’t afraid to break the rules, often acting on impulse.

Jules Vaughn (ENFP)

Jules Vaughn is a typical ENFP. She is a warm, welcoming and a passionate free spirit. Jules has a glass-half-full approach to life and she discusses her dreams with vivacity.

She craves a variety of excitement, experiences and emotional intensity. This leads Jules on a series of adventures, including falling for Tyler, who was not who she thought he was. But, in true ENFP spirit, she picked herself back up and continued to be enthusiastic about life.

Nate Jacobs (ENTJ)

Nate Jacobs is a typical unhealthy ENTJ. He is an aggressive narcissist and has a way of controlling people, including Maddy and Cassie, to do what he wants them to do, which is typical of an unhealthy ENTJ.

Nate has a lot of insecurities from his upbringing and doesn’t like feeling vulnerable. Therefore, when he feels he is showing weakness, he rips other people down to make himself feel better, like he did with Jules at the party.

Maddy Perez (ESFP)

Maddy Perez is an unhealthy ESFP. She is selfish, manipulative and often makes people do things that only benefit her. Maddy craves constant drama and excitement.

She lacks awareness of her actions. For example, she cheated on Nate and lied her way out of the situation which ended up with an innocent man going to jail. Maddy and Nate are in a toxic relationship where they both manipulate each other for different reasons.

Cassie Howard (ESFJ)

Cassie Howard is an ESFJ. She is caring, kind and loyal (unless she is being taken advantage of). Cassie craves a relationship more than anything as she doesn’t like to be alone, which is why she falls so hard for Nate in Season 2.

Cassie wants to make everyone around her happy, putting their needs above her own. This is why she completely transforms into Maddie. The unhealthy side of an ESFJ means they can care far too much about what everyone else thinks of them, which is definitely a personality trait of Cassie’s.

Lexi Howard (INFJ)

Lexi Howard is an INFJ. She is observant and perceptive of the people around her, watching and analyzing their behavior and emotions to try to understand the deeper meaning behind things, which is typical of an INFJ.

Lexi is the most thoughtful character in Euphoria and, even though her and Rue aren’t close anymore, she still spends a lot of time and energy looking out for her. Lexi’s play also shows how she saw everything that was going on around her and absorbed how everyone felt.

Fezco (ISTP)

Fezco is an ISTP. He is straightforward, easy-going and takes life as it comes, spending little time worrying or overthinking about things that can’t be changed.

As an ISTP, he is practical and resourceful, which he needed to be when his grandma got ill. Fezco gives nothing away, he is the most private of the Euphoria characters. He is a relaxed person, despite the situations he finds himself in, and he doesn’t care at all about what others think of him, which is typical of ISTPs.

Cal Jacobs (ESTJ)

Cal Jacobs is an unhealthy ESTJ. He is a ruthless father who is so focused on Nate being the best at football that he disregards any emotions. Cal Jacobs is overcritical and holds unrealistically high standards for himself and those around him.

He is intolerant of Nate as he believes Nate should work harder and be more like him. Cal’s double life has had major consequences for Nate and his mental health. Since he revealed his true self to his family, Cal Jacobs turned to drinking and drugs.

Elliot (ENTP)

Elliot is an ENTP. He is open-minded and quick-witted. He even said to Jules that he is sarcastic all of the time. When Jules and Elliot are smoking weed together, their intuition bounces of each other and they have some deep conversations.

A typical ENTP personality trait is playing devil’s advocate and debating. Elliot does this when asking Jules if she thought Rue was a sexual person.

Kat Hernandez (ISFP)

Kat Hernandez is an ISFP. She is creative and sensual, particularly when it comes to writing fan fiction. She values her freedom, like a true ISFP, and she doesn’t like being told what to do.

Kat has a quietly rebellious streak and her ‘camgirl’ career would come as a surprise to most people. She expresses her individuality and creativity through her fashion and her writing. Kat is easily bored and this is starting to show in her relationship with Ethan.

Ashtray (ESTP)

Ashtray is an ESTP. ESTPs keenly observe what’s going on around them and react accordingly, which is exactly what Ash does in all situations.

Whether it’s with Cal Jacobs or Mouse, Ashtray is logical and observant. With his action-oriented nature, Ashtray is a master at making things happen. ‘Rules are meant to be broken’ is a moto ESTPs live by, and Ashtray has definitely broken plenty of rules.

Ali (INFJ)

Ali is a typical INFJ. INFJs are complex individuals who have a strong desire to help others and make the world a better place, and this is Ali in a nutshell.

Ali is exceptionally talented at reading people and he can see right through Rue and her attitude to drugs at Narcotics Anonymous. He is determined to help Rue and spends a lot of time and energy trying to care for her, even though she keeps pushing him away.

Christopher McKay (ESTJ)

Christopher McKay is an ESTJ. He is a focused individual who directs his time to achieving his goals of becoming a professional football player in the NFL.

As an ESTJ, McKay struggles with change and likes his routine, often finding it hard to relax. McKay is insensitive and uncomfortable with his own emotions. When he was angry with Cassie he walked into the bathroom to calm himself down instead of discussing his problems.

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