16 Personality Types of Outer Banks Characters

16 Personality Types of Outer Banks Characters

Today we explore the 16 personality types of the characters from Netflix’s hit show, Outer Banks (OBX).

Netflix just announced that OBX has been renewed for Season 3. But because we’re impatient and we can’t wait that long for our next Outer Banks hit, we thought we’d look at the personality types of the different characters.

Are you a natural born leader, like John B., an ENFJ, who is a driving force within The Pogues? Or are you more of a Kook, like Topper, an ENTJ?

Take a look below to see which character from Outer Banks shares your personality type. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

John B. Routledge (ENFJ)

John B. Routledge is an ENFJ. John B. is the leader of The Pogues, which is unsurprising as ENFJs have a unique combination of charisma, enthusiasm and communication skills that make them natural leaders. John B. is a deep individual chasing his dad’s dream of finding the gold. With his typical ENFJ personality traits of confidence and passion, he inspires the rest of the group to chase the gold with him and leads them on their treasure hunt.

Sarah Cameron (ESFP)

Sarah Cameron is an ESFP. She is spontaneous and always up for an adventure with John B., no matter the risk involved. Like a true ESFP, Sarah has excellent people skills and brought a fun-loving and positive vibe to The Pogues when she joined the group. People naturally warm to Sarah and, due to her desire to avoid-conflict, she tries to please everyone. So, when Sarah was torn between John B. and her Dad, Ward Cameron, she really didn’t know what to do.

JJ Maybank (ESTP)

JJ Maybank is a typical ESTP. ESTPs are charismatic, have a strong presence and are always willing to take a risk, which is just like JJ. He doesn’t like to live life by the rules. To JJ, rules are meant to be broken, and he always oversteps the boundaries. JJ can also be impulsive, another typical ESTP trait. For example, when he stole the drug money and bought a hot tub for him and his friends…Sorry, his FAMILY!

Kiara Carrera (ISFP)

Kiara Carrera is most definitely an ISFP. Kiara is full of passion and can be unpredictable at times, just like an ISFP. She is driven by her emotions and often acts without thinking, such as when she shouted ‘Murderer!’ at Ward Cameron and put The Pogues in danger. Kiara has a strong sense of individuality and, even though she is from a rich family, she doesn’t feel like she fits in with them and prefers to hang out with the boys as they ‘get’ her.

Pope Heyward (ISTJ)

Pope Heyward is an ISTJ. He is dutiful, logical and practical. Pope is the most grounded and most intelligent of The Pogues. His strong sense of duty meant that he was hellbent on getting the gold cross to clear his ancestors’ names. Like a true ISTJ, Pope is cautious and the voice of reason in the group. He’s always up for an adventure but his risk-aversion means he’s aware of the consequences and isn’t afraid to warn the group.

Cleo (ESTP)

Cleo is a typical healthy ESTP. She is a bold and energetic character who brings an exciting and positive vibe wherever she goes. There’s never a dull moment when a female ESTP is around and they seek adventure wherever they go, which accurately describes Cleo! She is confident, charming and observant. She has a fearless nature, always getting stuck in; originally she tried to steal the gold from The Pogues but then afterwards she helped them get the cross back.

Rafe Cameron (ESTP)

Rafe Cameron is an unhealthy ESTP. His typical ESTP weaknesses are shown through his impulsive and insensitive behavior. Rafe shot a sheriff, bought a motorbike instead of paying his drug dealer and tried to strangle his sister, all unhealthy examples of his toxic personality. Rafe has a strong desire to carry on the family name when his father dies and wants to step up. However, his cocaine addiction holds him back and further fuels his unhealthy personality traits.

Topper Thornton (ENTJ)

Topper Thornton is a healthy ENTJ. He comes into his own in Season 2 and his healthier personality traits shine through. He is future oriented and focused on one thing, ending up with Sarah Cameron. He is playing the long game with Sarah and focusing on the bigger picture of how to win her back over time, like an ENTJ would. When it comes to relationships, ENTJs don’t shy away from a challenge and will be prepared to put in the effort to work things out for the right person, which is exactly what Topper is trying to do with Sarah.

Ward Cameron (ENTJ)

Ward Cameron is another typical ENTJ. He projects an air of confidence and authority that makes people want to listen and follow him, just like an ENTJ. Ward Cameron can be so focused that he disregards the people aspect of situations. When searching for the gold, he was ruthless and murdered anyone that got in his way.

Big John Routledge (INTP)

Big John is a difficult character to type as we haven’t seen much of him…YET! We believe Big John to be an INTP. INTPs are complex intellectuals who love nothing more than digging into concepts and seeking truths. This feels like Big John trying to find the treasure and the truth behind what happened to it. We’re looking forward to seeing how this character develops in Season 3 of OBX.

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