16 Personality Types of YOU Characters

16 Personality Types of YOU Characters

Hello YOU…with Season 3 of YOU being released on Netflix, we take a look at the different personality types of the YOU characters. There is a wide range of different personalities in each season and the different characters all have a strong presence.

From Joe Goldberg, the complex villain of the hit series, to Marienne, Joe’s next victim lined up for Season 4, YOU is a unique look inside the mind of a sociopath (or two…Love Quinn!).

We love how each of Joe’s ‘victims’ throughout the Netflix series YOU are all very different characters and we are already looking forward to Season 4, which has been confirmed!

16 Personality Types of YOU Characters

Joe Goldberg (INFJ)

Joe is an unhealthy INFJ, the rarest personality type. He has an idealized perception of who he is. He kills people because he thinks he’s doing it to protect his loved ones and to make the world a better place. He has a combination of strong morals, idealisms and a focus on the future. Joe has a unique ability to come up with carefully considered plans and take steps to bring what he THINKS is a positive change to people’s lives. Joe is reflective and dedicated when it comes to stalking his new victims, and his creativity in coming up with new ideas knows no bounds…meat grinder!

Love Quinn (ENFJ)

Love Quinn is an unhealthy ENFJ, the extroverted version of Joe. Love is generous, supportive and incredibly charismatic. She is good at reading people and manages to keep up with Joe’s mind. With a strong desire for meaningful relationships and a genuine interest in people, Love is sociable, family oriented and reliable. She also uses her social skills to take advantage of people and manipulate them into getting her way.

Guinevere Beck (ESFJ)

Guinevere Beck is a difficult character to type. She is an ESFJ but, in true ESFJ fashion, she is hyper-aware of what other people think of her and craves validation. Beck has a desire to appear deeper and more troubled than she actually is, like making up that her father died when he didn’t. ESFJs are typically too selfless, and this goes for Beck too. She tried so hard to fit in with her group of friends and would continually put Peach’s needs ahead of her own.

Marienne (INFP)

Marienne is an INFP. She is creative and complex with a calming aura. Superficial and fake people are an instant turn-off for the INFP personality type, which is why Marienne wrote off Joe at the beginning because of his white privilege. Marienne fantasises about the future and what it holds for her and her child, she wants to go to Paris and draw. She appears deeply authentic and doesn’t feel any pressure to conform to social norms.

Candace (ESTP)

Candace was a typical ESTP personality type. She was charismatic (although unlikeable at the same time) and she had a strong presence. Candace was willing to take a risk to get back at Joe after what he did to her. She remained rational and observant in her mission, using Forty and his weaknesses to get her way. ESTPs are often noncommittal and this can be seen when her and Joe were together, she was out with other men, lying about what she was doing and was distant. Her and Joe are the opposite personality type and wouldn’t be a good match.

Forty Quinn (ESFP)

Forty Quinn was an unhealthy ESFP. He is impulsive, thrill-seeking and indulges in all different vices. Forty is an attention seeking which likely go back to his daddy issues where he was craving acceptance and validation. He is incredibly unpredictable, you never know which Forty you’re going to get. He needed a thrill and to be locked in a room to get his film written but because he was unfocused and easily bored, which ultimately resulted in another relapse when he escaped.

Theo Engler (ENFP)

Theo is an ENFP. He is passionate and free-spirited. People often warm to ENFPs because of their charisma and strong people skills, which would explain why Love Quinn was so drawn to him from the beginning. Theo craved a deep connection with Love, and was excited about the prospect of what they could be.

Ellie Alves (ENTJ)

Ellie is an ENTJ. Ellie is focused on the future and the big picture. She can see how someone fits into her broader plan, like how Hendy can help her in the film industry and then Forty, who she hadn’t even met. She meticulously crafted a plan to see Joe at Anavrin after reading about Forty buying the licence to Beck’s book online so she could intern for him. She is strategic, charismatic and decisive. But she can also be stubborn and impatient.

Delilah Alves

Delilah was an ISTP. She was the coolest of the cool. Easy-going and straightforward, she saw little point in overthinking or worrying about situations that couldn’t be changed, so quite simply she didn’t. Delilah was independent and practical. It was Delilah that started to piece everything about Joe together. She was resourceful, private and resilient. Give an ISTP a problem and they’ll come up with a solution. They’re masters at figuring things out, especially when it comes to practical matters. People are often attracted to the boldness and confidence of ISTPs, and this is one of the many reasons people loved Delilah.

Peach Salinger (ENTJ)

Peach was an ENTJ. She projected an air of confidence and authority that made people want to listen and follow. She was a motivated individual who would do whatever it takes to get her own way. ENTJs are determined and decisive, just like Peach was. These traits, with a healthy dose of charisma, made her a natural born leader in her friendship group. She was also overly critical and ruthless, often disregarding what Beck might want in favor of her own preferences.

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