ESFP Compatibility & Relationships

ESFP compatibility, relationships and love

ESFP relationships

In relationships, ESFPs are passionate and enthusiastic. They are creative and dynamic people who are always up for a new exciting adventure.

ESFPs are incredibly generous and loving as partners. They thrive in relationships that offer them a balance of stability and excitement. ESFPs are bubbly and affectionate partners. As a curious personality type, they’re attracted to people who are a bit of a mystery.

ESFP compatibility chart

ESFP compatibility chart

Our ESFP compatibility chart lets you know which personality types are the most and least compatible matches for ESFPs. Ultimately, ESFPs are most compatible with partners who are calm and thoughtful.

As one of the most spontaneous personality types, they appreciate having that balance.

ESFPs are attracted to partners who are dependable and loyal. They are highly perceptive and exceptionally good at reading people, particularly when it comes to noticing body language.

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ESFP dating

ESFPs are bold individuals and they are usually comfortable making the first move. They are easily bored so having someone who keeps them intrigued and interested is fun for people of this personality type.

ESFPs aren’t usually in a rush to settle down as they like to keep their options open and they enjoy meeting new people. But they are highly emotional and when they do meet someone special, they’ll be dedicated to that one person and think about them a lot.

ESFP strengths in relationships

The following strengths are typical of ESFPs:

1. Warm. ESFPs are one of the warmest and most friendly personality types. They are sociable creatures who love to make others happy. They are open and kind, which is partly why they find it so easy to make friends and these traits draw people to them.

2. Sensual. ESFPs are sensual and they live in the moment. They are openly affectionate and physical touch is important to them. Sex is usually an important part of a relationship for ESFPs and they appreciate gestures like being hugged and holding hands.

3. Adaptable. ESFPs are adaptable. They are one of the most spontaneous personality types and they’ll happily change plans last minute if something new and exciting comes along. A lot of people are attracted to their easy-going nature.

4. Fun. ESFPs are fun individuals. There’s never a dull moment when there’s an ESFP around. They love to try new things and they do their best to make everyday tasks as enjoyable as possible. ESFPs are enthusiastic and they certainly live life to the full. 

ESFP weaknesses in relationships

The following strengths are typical of ESFPs:

1. Averse to criticism. ESFPs can be averse to criticism. They are sensitive individuals who can end up taking negative feedback personally. ESFPs often see criticism as an attack on their character as they are often very tied to their personal identity. They can work on this though.

2. Highly emotional. ESFPs sometimes react emotionally during arguments which can be difficult for partners to deal with. When ESFPs feel strongly about something, they can get completely caught up in their emotions and it can be hard to reason with them.

3. Flighty. ESFPs can be flighty. They can bounce from one thing to another very quickly, be it a project or someone they’re dating. ESFPs can struggle to commit because they much prefer to think about the here and now rather than planning for ten years down the line.

4. Disorganized. ESFPs tend to be disorganized. They may get the time of your date wrong or forget to do household chores. Structure and routine just don’t come naturally to ESFPs and they often forget to put things away in their right places, which can be frustrating for partners who value order.

ESFP love

ESFPs are one of the personality types that fall in love fastest. They embrace a lot of things with great enthusiasm and this includes love.

ESFPs enjoy the thrill of falling in love; the butterflies in their stomach and the anticipation of seeing that special someone. They are upbeat people who aren’t shy about showing their love in a number of different ways.

ESFP flirting style

ESFPs are one of the flirtiest personality types. They are bold, sociable, and fun, which is the ultimate recipe for being a natural-born flirt.

ESFPs are charming individuals and they’re skilled at reading people which comes in handy when flirting.

You’ll know if an ESFP likes you because they aren’t afraid to show it.

ESFP sexual energy

ESFPs have an intense and dynamic sexual energy. They are adventurous personality types who love to explore, and this applies to their sex lives too.

ESFPs are physical people and sex plays a big role in their relationships. ESFPs often have a wild side that comes out in the bedroom and they love to try out new things when it comes to sex.  

ESFP communication

ESFP compatibility, relationships and love: ESFP having fun

ESFPs have a confident and direct communication style. They like to think out loud and they’re more than happy to share their opinions.

ESFPs prefer communicating in a practical and literal way. They like to focus on the present moment and they don’t enjoy long discussions about theoretical future scenarios.

ESFP best matches

Not sure if you or your partner are an ESFP? You can take our ESFP personality test for free today. ESFPs are creative and energetic personality types who are attracted to people who have a quiet confidence. ESFPs work best with partners who offer a source of stability and balance them out.

So who is an ESFP most compatible with? ISFJs and ISTJs are the best matches for ESFPs.

1. ESFP – ISTJ relationships (soulmate compatibility): ESFPs are attracted to the loyal, determined, and hard-working nature of ISTJs. ISTJs can help ESFPs structure their lives and they are extremely encouraging partners. Plus, ISTJs are attracted to the friendly, open, and upbeat nature of ESFPs. ESFPs can help ISTJs express their feelings, which they can find challenging.

2. ESFP – ISFJ relationships (soulmate compatibility): ESFPs are attracted to the considerate, nurturing, and loyal nature of ISFJs. ISFJs can help ESFPs to take time to reflect rather than always being on the go. Plus, ISFJs are attracted to the bubbly, spontaneous, and perceptive nature of ESFPs. ESFPs encourage ISFJs to try new things and step out of their comfort zone.

ESFP compatibility with all personality types

We have comprehensive guides to the compatibility of ESFPs with each type. Click the links below to read each one:

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