16 Personality Types of Sex Education Characters

16 Personality Types of Sex Education Characters

Today we explore the 16 personality types of the characters from Netflix’s hit show, Sex Education. There have been three series of the comedy-drama that follows the lives of students, parents and teachers of the fictitious Moordale Secondary School as they navigate life, sex and relationships.

Take a look below to see which character from Sex Education shares your personality type. If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

16 Personality Types of Sex Education Characters

Otis Milburn (ISFJ)

Otis Milburn is an ISFJ. ISFJs typically have a talent for making everyone feel comfortable, and Otis achieves this through talking to people in a comforting manner at his sex clinic. He is a unique mixture of being introverted yet people-oriented. He is drawn to helping and educating people and uses his mum’s knowledge and experience to help people in Moordale Secondary School with sex questions.

Maeve Wiley (ISTP)

Maeve Wiley is an ISTP. ISTPs are the coolest of the cool and they take life as it comes, which is Maeve to a tee. In true ISTP fashion, she’s private and doesn’t give much away, making her tricky to read and figure out. It was Maeve’s idea to start the sex clinic with Otis because she wanted to make some money and knew Otis was keen to educate and help people. Amy and Otis are attracted to her quiet confidence and understated boldness.

Jean Milburn (ENFJ)

Jean Milburn is an ENFJ. ENFJs love to provide advice and support people, whether it’s family or a stranger, which is fitting for her job as an sex and relationship therapist. She strives to help others and make the world a better place. Jean has a unique combination of charisma, enthusiasm and communication skills that make her a natural leader.

Eric Effiong (ESFP)

Eric Effiong is an true ESFP. ESFPs bring positivity to the lives of others with their energetic and fun-loving nature, which is exactly what Eric does in all situations. As a natural performer, Eric enjoys being in the spotlight and having the attention on him. Eric expresses his creativity and identity through bold fashion and make-up.

Adam Groff (ISFP)

Adam Groff is an ISFP. His character develops throughout the series. In early episodes, he is an unhealthy ISFP who disregards the rules of society and the school. He is self-centred and doesn’t care about the consequences of his actions. In the most recent episodes, he is a healthy, very introverted ISFP who is compassionate and affectionate. Every day can be an emotional rollercoaster for male ISFPs and this feels a lot like Adam’s life.

Aimee Gibbs (ESFJ)

Aimee Gibbs is a stereotypical healthy ESFJ. She is the ultimate people-pleaser and tells people what they want to here because she doesn’t want to let them down. These conflict-averse and overly selfless personality traits are typical of an ESFJ. Aimee is sensitive and warm. Her argument with Maeve upset her deeply and she wanted to make things better. Her and Maeve would be a perfect personality match on So Syncd!

Lily Iglehart (INTP)

Lily Iglehart is an INTP. She lives in her fantasy world and enjoys digging into the concept of aliens to seek the truth behind their existence, like a typical INTP. She is creative yet analytical. Lily doesn’t really care about what other people think of her and she doesn’t follow traditions for the sake of it. She prefers to do things her own way and is incredibly individualistic.

Jackson Marchetti (ENFJ)

Jackson Marchetti is an ENFJ. ENFJs have a unique combination of charisma, enthusiasm and communication skills that make them natural leaders, hence why Jackson is head boy of Moordale High School. With a strong desire for meaningful relationships and a genuine interest in people, in Season 3, Jackson stands up to Hope Haddon about equality on behalf of Cal (an ISTP) and the school.

Ola Nyman (ESFP)

Ola Nyman is an ESFP. She is energetic and fun-loving. She prefers to live in the moment and focuses on the physical world. In Season 3, Ola asked Lily if they could stop having sex in a fantasy world and be together in the real world together, without all the costumes and aliens. As an ESFP, Ola has strong inner morals and values which is why she is so clear about what she thinks is right and wrong.

Ruby Matthews (ESTJ)

Ruby Matthews is a typical ESTJ Queen B, just like Regina George from Mean Girls. Shes loves nothing more than being in control of situations, like her relationship with Otis, and leading her tribe, like an ESTJ. She is a naturally dominating character who has an ability to stay focused. Ruby communicates in a direct and straightforward manner, and you can always rely on her to say it how it is.

Isaac Goodwin (ENTP)

Isaac Goodwin is an ENTP. He is quick to question existing ways of doing things, placing little value on tradition for tradition’s sake. As an ENTP, Isaac is a dynamic individual who has a quick wit and a high energy presence.

Hope Haddon (ENTJ)

Hope Haddon is an unhealthy ENTJ. She is controlling and bossy, using students as pawns with no regard for them as humans or their emotions. Hope is manipulative and forces people to listen to her opinions. She manipulated Viv and used her as an ‘in’ to the students. As an unhealthy ENTJ, Hope lacks self-awareness.

Jakob Nyman (ISFP)

Jakob Nyman is an ISFP. He is not one to do things by the book and although he is often quite calm, he is full of passion and can be quite unpredictable. Jakob places little value on tradition and is a big believer in individuality. He very much lives in the present moment and is happy to go with the flow.

Cal Bowman (ISTP)

Cal Bowman is an ISTP. He is easy-going and straightforward. He sees little point in overthinking or worrying about situations that can’t be changed, so quite simply they don’t. When Hope was so incapable of understanding that Cal did not identify with a gender, they remained cool and calm when communicating with Hope. Cal valued their freedom and wasn’t an emotional character, just like an ISTP.

Michael Groff (ISTJ)

Michael Groff is a classic ISTJ. He understands hard work and he takes his role within society, and his headmaster duties, seriously. With his logical way of approaching life, he can find it hard to process and talk about his feelings, which is typical of an ISTJ. He is reserved, private and enjoys routine. This was shaken up in Season 3 after his family life came crashing down on him.

Viv Odusanya (ESTJ)

Viv Odusanya is an ESTJ. She likes to be in control of situations and enjoys the feeling of power, like an ESTJ. She jumped at the chance to be Head Girl, even though it meant screwing Jackson over. She is direct and straightforward, favoring facts over theories.

Colin Hendricks (ENFP)

Colin Hendricks is an ENFP. He is a free spirit who loves jumping head-first into projects and thrives in the world of ideas and possibilities, just like ENFPs. He is warm, expressive and creative, particularly with his music and interesting song choices. Colin remains enthusiastic despite Hope putting a dampner on the school spirit.

Rahim (ISFP)

Rahim is an ISFP. As an accepting and individualistic character, Rahim rarely judge others for their life choices, like an ISFP. He is open-minded and appreciates that different ways of living work for different people. Rahim is down-to-earth, passionate and unconventional, which are all personality traits on an ISFP.

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