16 Personality Types of Squid Game Characters

16 Personality Types of Squid Game Characters

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably watched (or at least heard of) the South Korean series, Squid Game, which is Netflix’s most successful production of all time. It has taken the globe by storm with its morbid, addictive take on an alternative reality.

From the creators of Squid Game, who targeted desperate people, to the individual players, there are a wide range of personalities that viewers can relate to.

The writer and director, Hwang Dong-hyuk, said in an interview with Variety, “I wanted it to use the kind of characters we’ve all met in real life”. And he absolutely achieved this.

So have a read and see which character from the series shares your personality type.

16 Personality Types of Squid Game Characters

Seong Gu-hun, Player 456 (ESFP)

Seong Gu-Hun is an ESFP. He brings positivity to the lives of others in the game with his energetic and fun-loving nature, which is typical of ESFPs. However, he is an unhealthy ESFP in that he is impulsive and often indulges in vices such as gambling and drinking. His positive nature meant he saw the best in people. He holds strong inner values and is clear about right and wrong. He struggled to double-cross the old man in the marble game but it was between life or death so he had to do what he did. Fundamentally he is a good person, he just struggles with addiction and had a hard time getting his life together.

Cho Sang-woo, Player 218 (INTJ)

Cho Sang-woo was the ultimate INTJ of Squid Game. INTJs typically view life like a chess game, and that’s exactly what Sang-woo did with Squid Game. He used people and carefully considered the risk-reward profile of each and every decision, making him a master manipulator. He had a unique ability to foresee long-term outcomes of Squid Game as a whole and on an individual game basis. Sang-woo predicts hurdles further down the line that most others players aren’t able to anticipate. Sang-woo and Gi-hun are the polar opposite personality types.

Kang Sae-byeok, Player 067 (ISTP)

Kang Sae-byeok was an ISTP. She was the coolest of cool and took each game as it came. She was straightforward and saw little point in overthinking or worrying about what might happen. Sae-byeok was resilient and resourceful. ISTPs are typically quite private individuals and this is definitely the case for Sae-byeok. She kept herself to herself and didn’t give much away. She wasn’t keen to align with any of the different cliques that formed.

Jang Deok-su, Player 101 (ESTP)

Jang Deok-su was an unhealthy ESTP. He felt alive in high-risk situations and often did things for attention. Comfortable in the spotlight, Deok-su certainly knew how to entertain. He was a cold and heartless character who lacked empathy. Deok-su was highly rational and practical. He used these personality traits, along with his aggression and physical strength, to control people and win games.

Han Mi-nyeo, Player 212 (ESFP)

Han Mi-nyeo was an unhealthy ESFP. She was erratic, impulsive and loud. These personality traits are only heightened when ESFPs feel trapped and insecure. She became a little obsessed with Deok-su (an unhealthy ESTP) because she thought he was the alpha and she wanted to align herself with him to avoid death. However he was selfish and just used her. This backfired for Deok-su as Mi-nyeo’s unpredictable ESFP nature led to his death.

Front Man (ISTJ)

Front Man is an ISTJ. He is reliable, logical and practical. These personality traits make him a core member of the Squid Games. He had a calm and collected attitude and he took the time to review and analyze the workers, the VIPs and the contestants. ISTJs take their responsibilities seriously and always play by the rules, hence why when someone takes their mask off to save their life, he shoots them anyway as he broke the fundamental rule: masks must remain on at all times.

Hwang Jun-ho (ISTP)

Hwang Jun-ho is an ISTP. He lives in the present and didn’t think about the risks or consequences of getting on the ship to find his brother, just like an ISTP would. He is resourceful and used his surroundings to infiltrate the Squid Game and then escape. He isn’t fazed by the surroundings and kept up appearances to remain cool, calm and collected to achieve his main goal of finding his brother. After he was shot in the arm by his own brother and we didn’t actually see him die, I think there is a good chance Hwang Jun-ho is still alive and ready for a comeback in Season 2.

Oh Il-nam, Player 001 (ENFJ)

Oh Il-nam was an ENFJ. Il-nam developed a concept where he cared more about spreading his message and proving his theory through such a dark and twisted metaphor, that he didn’t care about the lives of the individuals. On the surface, he had a unique combination of charisma, enthusiasm and communication skills, just like an ENFJ. It seemed Gu-hun seemed to restore his faith in humanity, which was why he let him win that round and he was generous and supportive to Gu-hun.

Ali Abdul, Player 199 (ISFP)

Ali Abdul was an ISFP. In true ISFP fashion, he cared deeply about people, even people he didn’t know, and would do what he could to help those in need. He saved Gu-hun in the first game before speaking to him and risked his own life. People are drawn to the peaceful presence of ISFPs such as Ali. He was deeply loyal and put a lot of trust in people, such as Sang-woo, who ended up double crossing Ali Abdul (twice) because of this strong level of trust and naivety.

Ji-yeong, Player 240 (ENTP)

Ji-yeong was an ENTP. She lived in her head rather than the physical world. So much so that she even forgot the game required her or Sae-byeok to die while getting lost in her dreams about leaving the game with Sae-byeok. Just like an ENTP, Ji-yeong was curious and had a thirst for knowledge. She wanted to find out more about Sae-byeok’s life before Squid Game.

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