28 Funny Memes Any ESTJ Will Relate To

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Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ESTJ will relate to. When it comes to a strong, direct approach to life, where rules and traditions are everything, there’s no one quite like an ESTJ!

They’re not here for flimsy, flakey, last-minute approaches. They’re here to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing and that a structured plan is in place. If an ESTJ has told you they’ll be there, they’ll be there. “Letting someone down” isn’t in the vocabulary of an ESTJ.

When there is an opportunity to take the lead and establish a protocol, ESTJs will step up to the mark. With focus, drive, and organizational skills like no other, you’ll never be wondering what’s next on today’s agenda with an ESTJ around!

Although this focus and straightforward approach to life can sometimes tip into the domineering arena, ESTJs make the most reliable, hard-working, and loyal friends. They might not be up for a cuddle and a tub of ice cream on the sofa, but they’ll sure as hell be ready with a strong-worded pep-talk, to get you out of the house feeling yourself again.

These funny ESTJ memes show how at So Syncd ESTJs are known as ‘So Dedicated’. This is because there is no one quite like an ESTJ when it comes to showing up in the most committed, dutiful, and methodical means possible. ESTJs are also known as The Executive, The Supervisor, and The Commandment Organizer.

What they lack in emotional softness, they make up for in their intense dedication and loyal nature. They’re in control, they’re focused, they know their goals, and they aren’t afraid to go for them.

They know their schedule inside-out-upside-down, and they would happily fit you in for a coffee in 4 months and three days’ time when they have a 2-hour window available. Get ready for a lifetime of structured calendars, organized fun, and loyal-as-hell companionship, as you’ll see from these ESTJ memes!

ESTJs work hard

1. When it comes to working relentlessly towards your meticulously planned goals, there’s no such thing as ‘taking it easy’ for an ESTJ!

personality type high expectations perfectionist

2. Take a break? From achieving my goals? But…. Why?

setting goals achieving personality type

ESTJs are natural leaders

3. And all that hard work means they thrive off of taking control of a situation.

personality type being in control leadership

4. So introverts, be warned. ESTJs take no prisoners when it comes to taking the lead!

personality type - i am the captain now introverts

5. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be introverts! Anyone out there – it’s only a matter of time until your ESTJ friend takes the lead.

leadership butterfly

6. This means that anytime someone suggests an ESTJ take a back seat, it’s only met with confusion.

personality type natural leader

7. The only way is…. ESTJ leadership.

personality type - controlling leadership

ESTJs can be pretty direct

8. You can always rely on your ESTJ friend to give you direct and honest (teetering on insensitive) feedback.

ESTJ Meme - say it how it is honesty

9. This ESTJ meme speaks for itself!

ESTJ Meme - be more sensitive

10. No one is safe from ESTJs and their direct nature! They’ll tell you how it is whether you ask for it or not…

ESTJ Meme - organisational skills

11. I love this ESTJ meme.

ESTJ Meme - tell me what you really think honesty

ESTJs are extremely organized

12. No one sticks to a scheduled diary like an ESTJ.

ESTJ Meme - organized fun

13. And there’s nothing worse for an ENTJ than realizing they’ve forgotten to add something to their diary.

ESTJ Meme - remembering things you have to do

14. Why stop at one to-do list? What about a to-do list of all of your different to-do lists?!

ESTJ Meme - writing a to do list

15. If you’re an ESTJ, you’ll probably connect with this ESTJ meme on a deeper level. Gotta smash those goals!

ESTJ Meme - chasing goals

16. ESTJs being too controlling and overbearing? Never!

ESTJ Meme - domineering controlling

17. Go… with… the… flow…?

ESTJ Meme - controlling and planning

ESTJs are incredibly reliable

18. Just like Bill, ESTJs are known for being one of the most reliable and dedicated personality types. There’s nothing they wouldn’t do for those they love!

ESTJ Meme - be like bill never late

19. It doesn’t matter if everyone else has canceled and they’re having to turn up on their own; your ESTJ friend will be there!

ESTJ Meme - reliable

ESTJs have very high standards

20. “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well” – all ESTJs everywhere.

ESTJ Meme - high standards

21. And don’t even bother trying to tell your ESTJ friend that they should lower their expectations. There’s no point.

ESTJ Meme - perfectionist

Memes showing that ESTJs can be a little inflexible

22. With high standards, organizational skills like no other, and unmatched confidence, it’s an ESTJs way or the high way.

personality type stubborn

23. And so there’s nothing sweeter to an ESTJ than when someone tells them they’re right.

ESTJ Meme - stubborn likes to be right

ESTJs embody ‘tough love’

24. ESTJs strength lies in their direct attitude, but sometimes this comes across as insensitive or harsh.

ESTJ Meme - constructive criticism

25. ESTJs are not the friends to go to for cuddles and reassurance. However, if practical, strong-worded advice is what you need – you know where to find them!

ESTJ Meme - tough love

26. This ESTJ meme sums it up pretty well!

ESTJ Meme - goal orientated controlling tough love

ESTJs respect tradition and rules

27. Rules, structure, and hierarchy are all extremely important to ESTJs.

ESTJ Meme - follow the rules

ESTJs can be competitive

28. ESTJs are all about the goals, and that doesn’t mean letting other people win.

ESTJ Meme - competitive personality

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ESTJ memes! We love ESTJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ESTJs to find someone who gets them.

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