28 Funny Memes Any ISFP Will Relate To

ISFP Memes Personality Type

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ISFP will relate to. Look up ‘free-spirit’ in the dictionary, and there you’ll find ISFP. Usually found creating, exploring, and off on adventures, life is never dull with an ISFP!

ISFPs are happiest when they are running through life surrounded by art, nature, and their loved ones. Never confirming and never letting anyone guess their next move, ISFPs are the true meaning of “living in the moment”. And one thing is for certain – every moment will be aesthetically perfect if it’s up to an ISFP! They are visual and creative people through and through.

Although an introvert in their heart, ISFPs love to be surrounded by people they love. They are considered one of the more extroverted of the introvert personality types. This is partly down to their easy-going nature, but also due to the fact that although they appear shy at first, they will open up to anyone and talk passionately when it comes to topics they feel strongly about.

These funny ISFP memes show how at So Syncd ISFPs are known as ‘So Artistic – this is because there is no one quite like an ISFP when it comes to approaching life as if it’s one giant beautiful painting ready to be created. ISFPs are also known as The Adventurer, The Composer and The Amiable Artisan.

Although sometimes lacking in decisiveness (“But what if I make the wrong decision?”) and commitment (“But what if I want to change my mind?”), they are often open-minded and accepting souls who want nothing more than to experience all that life has to offer with a partner-in-crime. Just be prepared to wait a little while whilst they decide what they want from the menu… Life for an ISFP is a spontaneous, adventurous, creative party-for-one, as you’ll see from these relatable ISFP memes.

ISFPs don’t like the spotlight

1. There’s nothing worse for an ISFP than hearing those dreaded words…

ISFP meme - don't like the cnenter

2. They’re much happier taking a backseat and watching everything unfold

ISFP Meme - not getting involved in drama
Source: @isfpchick

3. Because it’s just not in their nature to want to talk to a room full of strangers about themselves.

ISFP meme - shy in public
Source: @isfpchick

ISFPs are introverts

4. ISFPs can sometimes be mistaken for extroverts. This is because they value making connections and spending time with people they love – but make no mistake, they need their alone time to recharge from all that socializing!

social burnout personality type

5. Because despite all that socializing, they really are just introverts at heart.

ISFP Meme - Introvert
Source: @isfpchick

6. And you’ll usually be able to tell from their face…

ISFP Meme - resting bitch face

7. Case in point! This ISFP meme says it all…

ISFP meme - don't like strangers
Source: @isfpchick

8. I think all Sensory types can relate to this ISFP meme!

ISFP Meme - bored of conversation
Source: @isfpchick

9. You’ll know that someone is an ISFP because this is usually their role in a group dynamic…

ISFP meme - waiting for my turn to speak introverted
Source: @isfpchick

10. And their evenings usually look a lot like this…

ISFP meme - No plans introvert
Source: @isfpchick

ISFPs love nature

11. Don’t even get them started on how much they love animals!

ISFP meme - love animals
Source: @isfpchick

ISFPs don’t love being told what to do

12. ISFPs love to keep their options open and value freedom, which means that they definitely don’t appreciate being told what to do.

hate being told what to do

13. This ISFP meme speaks for itself! Freedom, individuality, and spontaneity over confirming any day of the week.

personality type doesn't want to be told

And they also aren’t that keen on planning

14. ISFPs? Planning ahead? Surely not!

ISFP meme - hate planning

15. Last-minute decisions and constantly changing your mind? That’s more like it!

spontaneity is better than planning

ISFPs are sensitive souls

16. And this means they try to avoid conflict at all costs

ISFP Meme - hate conflict
Source: @isfpchick

17. And they’d really rather not have to deal with any negative feedback either.

hate criticism

ISFPs take a while to make their mind up

18. When you’re terrified of making the wrong decision, it can take a little while to commit. Especially when it comes to something as important as choosing what to eat.

can't decide what to have from the menu personality

19. They like to take their time, consider their options, and only decide when they are really, really sure. I hope you’re not too hungry.

indecisive cannot commit personality type

20. This ISFP meme says it exactly how it is! Why be decisive and choose one way when you can change your mind multiple times and never commit?

never commit personality type

21. When it comes to this ISFP meme, I don’t believe any explanation is even needed!


ISFPs are complex

22. Be sure not to mistake their shy and private appearance for them being soft. When ISFPs care about something, they care deeply, and they won’t be afraid to tell you about it!

introvert when they're not taken seriously
Source: @isfpchick

23.  There’s a very key difference between being quiet and being timid. And don’t push your ISFP friend, or you’ll find out very quickly!

quiet but not timid personality type
Source: @isfpchick

24. Because at the end of the day, ISFPs are passionate, creative, free-spirited souls who are also sensitive, shy, and private people in need of love and connection.

shy but tough personality introvert

ISFPs are creative

25. As aesthetically driven people, it’s hard to sometimes choose which vibe an ISFP is going to go with today. A true ISFP first-world problem!

ISFP meme - aesthetics
Source: @isfpchick

26. Because life is way more fun when it’s spent daydreaming, and enjoying nature, rather than talking to actual human beings.

ISFP meme - love nature
Source: @isfpchick

27. And who wants to sleep when you can be moving on to the next creative project?!

brain thinking of art project late at night

ISFPs are often misunderstood

28. This ISFP meme speaks for itself! Creative souls? Adventurers? Or just introverts who love the company of themselves?

misunderstood personality type ISFP meme
Source: @isfpmeme

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ISFP memes! We love ISFPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ISFPs to find someone who gets them.

ISFPs are best matched with ESTJs and ESFJs. You can read our complete guide to ISFP compatibility to learn more.

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