28 Funny Memes Any ISTP Will Relate To

ISTP Memes

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ISTP will relate to. When it comes to a relaxed, practical, calming attitude towards life, ISTPs are simply unmatched. Give them a problem, and they’ll fix it. Trial-and-error is their life motto.

They embody quiet confidence, which is magnetic and draws people in. ISTPs are enigmatic and intriguing whilst also being relaxed and confident; You won’t ever find an ISTP sweating the small stuff.

ISTPs are intrinsically relaxed, but they also like things done a certain way. They’re willing to be spontaneous, but they’re also occasionally stuck in their ways. When it comes to knowing what you want and getting it, ISTPs are the prime example. With resilience, resourcefulness, and practicality to spare, ISTPs make great partners in times of emergency.

What they lack in emotional intelligence, they more than make up for in their ability to make the most out of what they’ve been given. They’re problem solvers at heart, and private ones at that! Being an introvert means that ISTPs are happiest in their own company, but when they find those few select people who really get them they will cherish them forever.

These funny ISTP memes show how at So Syncd ISTPs are known as ‘So Practical’. This is because there is no one quite like an ISTP when it comes to working through life’s problems in a practical and logical manner. ISTPs are also known as

Despite the fact that they aren’t deeply in touch with their emotions, ISTPs make brilliant friends to have. They’re your problem solver and the person to lend a practical helping hand in times of need, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable ISTP memes.

ISTPs say it how it is

1. If your ISTP friend seems like they’re being harsh, they’re probably just giving you their classic ISTP brutal honesty! Try not to take offense…

ISTP Meme - rude or ISTP

2. If you’re not ready for the matter-of-fact honesty that comes from an ISTP, then you better prepare yourself because you might not get a say in it!

ISTP Meme - insensitive

3. This ISTP meme couldn’t be more accurate if it tried! Do ISTPs know that their words often come out a tad harsh? Yes. Are they prepared to ‘fluff things up’ and tiptoe around the subject? No.

ISTP Meme - giving advice being brutally honest

4. Just because my honest and direct words have resulted in disaster and emotional turmoil, doesn’t mean it’s my fault. I was only telling the truth. – every ISTP ever.

ISTP Meme - brutal and honest

5. Because if ISTPs have to apologize for those words of truth, don’t expect much in terms of a heart-felt sorry letter…

ISTP Meme - bad at apologizing
Source: @istpmemess

6. However, under that tough exterior, ISTPs don’t want to purposely upset people. It’s just how they are!

ISTP Meme - honest and brutal
Source: @healthyistp

ISTPs aren’t interested in hypothetical conversations

7. And just like all of the S types, they tend to struggle with those hypothetical conversations.

ISTP Meme - hypothetical conversations
Source: @istpmemess

ISTPs aren’t great with feelings

8. This ISTP meme speaks for itself! You won’t find many of your ISTP friends wanting to sit and open up and talk about their feelings. You’re more likely to find them running away from those types of conversations!

ISTP Meme - run away from feelings

9. This is my favorite ISTP meme! We all know how this choice would end for ISTPs…

ISTP Meme - open up feelings

10. F types, I’m looking at you! I know that you think that trying to get your ISTP friend to open up is helping them, but hopefully, this meme will help you understand what’s really going on…

ISTP Meme - don't want to talk about feelings
Source: @istpmemess

11. Me? An ISTP? Giving you hugs and words of comfort? No, thank you. Would you care for some brutally honest and logical advice instead?

ISTP Meme - practical advice over hugs and emotion

12. I know that ISTPs might come across as people who don’t care about feelings or emotions, but that’s because they genuinely don’t care about feelings or emotions.

Source: @istpmemess

13. But all of this doesn’t mean that they are heartless people without feelings. They’re humans just like you and me, and they need love too.

ISTP Meme - emotional
Source: @istpmemess

ISTPs like their alone time

14. Small talk, strangers, smiling, and pretending to be interested in people they hardly know can all take their toll on those poor old ISTPs!

introvert personality type at party
Source: @sosyncd

15. And you’ll know when your ISTP friend has had enough chit-chat for one day because they are nowhere to be seen.

ISTP Meme - social energy burnout introvert
Source: @healthyistp

16. This ISTP meme is self-explanatory. ISTPs would much rather spend their time talking to someone with a similar interest to them, than making polite small talk with strangers they have nothing in common.

ISTP Meme - common interests strangers

17. So don’t make the mistake of assuming that they don’t like to talk. It’s just that they only like to talk if it’s about something they’re interested in – duh!

introvert personality type talking about subjects they know
Source: @istpmemess

18. And when they find those people who connect with them and understand them, they come alive!

ISTP Meme - around people they are comfortable with

19. As introverts, ISTPs will find themselves drained of energy if they’re unlucky enough to be stuck with an extroverted stranger who is telling them their life story.

ISTP Meme - social energy drain strangers

20. Because a happy ISTP is the ISTP who is left to their own devices, and can have attention as and when they need it (in very small doses!)

ISTP Meme introvert minimal attention
Source: @istpmemess

21. If your ISTP friend came to your party, just don’t expect to see them again for at least another three months whilst they recover.

introverts are socializing needing recovery
Source: @istpmemess

22. Don’t mistake the infamous ‘ISTP face’ for them being unhappy… it’s just their face.

Introvert persoality type resting bitch face grumpy
Source: @istpmemess

23. If you’re an ISTP, you’ll probably relate to this meme on a deep level!

introverts trying to explain to extroverts that they like being alone
Source: @istpmemess

24. Go easy on your ISTP friends. They are gentle, really!

introvert personality type when they are forced to go outside

INTPs are practical

25. If there’s a broken object nearby, then have no fear. An ISTP will jump at any opportunity to try and fix it.

handy practical personality type fixing things
Source: @healthyistp

26. This ISTP meme doesn’t need any explanation!

ISTP Meme - practical and handy

27. But their practicality doesn’t stop at just fixing things. ISTPs are also practically minded, so don’t think you’ll get away with saying anything illogical or impractical around them!

personality type when someone is impractical
Source: @healthyistp

28. They won’t just accept something for the sake of it. They’ll happily challenge anything which is impractical or which doesn’t make sense.

personality type logical and practical
Source: @healthyistp

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ISTP memes! We love ISTPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ISTPs to find someone who gets them.

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