28 Funny Memes Any ESFJ Will Relate To

ESFJ Funny Relatable Memes

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ESFJ will relate to. Look up ‘hostess with the mostest’ in the dictionary, and that’s where you’ll find ESFJ. With social skills unlike no other, always surrounded by friends, and with a busy social calendar, it’s easy to spot an ESFJ.

As true extroverts through and through, ESFJs are social butterflies. Always keen to support and help those around them, ESFJs make excellent friends. Organization comes naturally to them, and they’re usually the person in the group making the plans for the next holiday or event!

When an ESFJ has an opportunity to help their loved ones and feel appreciated, they will take it. They thrive when their friends thrive and adore feeling appreciated.

ESFJs are happiest when they are in loyal and deep relationships. The life of an ESFJ is one of friendship, fun, structure, organization, and warmth.

These funny ESFJ memes show how at So Syncd ISFJs are known as ‘So Supportive’. This is because there is no one quite like an ESFJ when it comes to caring for, and supporting their loved ones. ESFJs are also known as The Consul, The Caregiver, and The Guardian Provider.

Warm, friendly, sociable, and fun – you’re bound to have fun with an ESFJ. You’ll see from these funny and relatable ESFJ memes that there is no one quite like an ESFJ!

ESFJs love hosting

1. Because caring for others and tending to their needs, comes so naturally to an ESFJ, you’ll often find them happily hosting any kind of social event.

what gives ESFJ feelings of power personality type meme

2. This means there is no greater feeling for an ESFJ than when someone shows you how much they appreciate you and your WORLD-CLASS hosting skills. Who me? Oh, stop it!

ESFJ funny meme - ESFJs love hosting

3. Is it easier to sit back and relax and let someone else take charge? Yes. Yes, it is. Will ESFJs still put themselves forward to organize the next group holiday? Yes. Yes, they will.

ESFJ taking charge leader funny meme

4. This ESFJ meme speaks for itself. ESFJs of the world, relax! Let someone else pour the drinks for once!

ESFJ Funny - leader, hosting

5. Bless them. They just can’t help themselves! When your instinct is to care for and support people, it only comes naturally to be the host in most social situations!

So tired of always hosting

ESFJs are natural organizers

6. Thought you were just going to have a quiet weekend in with your ESFJ friend and see what you might fancy doing later on? Think again!

organized fun personality type

7. This means that when someone doesn’t want to plan too much (looking at you ‘Perceiver’ types!), and just wants to *sharp inhale* ‘go with the flow’, it can be hard for ESFJs to come to grips with!

ESFJ meme - when someone says they aren't a planner

8. Seriously though. If this ESFJ meme doesn’t spell it out, I don’t know what does!

ESFJ loving organized fun

ESFJs are aware of others’ opinions

9. Due to their conscious nature, caring about others’ opinions of them comes naturally to an ESFJ.

stop caring about others opinions ESFJ meme
Source: Unkown

10. These social skills don’t come without a price. It takes a lot of practice to be this good at adjusting yourself to fit the needs of everyone else!

stop caring about what people think of you esfj

11. And don’t even joke to an ESFJ about saying or doing the wrong thing… NOTHING could be scarier.

Social status ESFJ funny meme

12. And there’s nothing that keeps an ESFJ up at night, like thinking that someone they love was upset with them.

brain awake sleep worried

13. This ESFJ me is self-explanatory… need we say any more?

need validation personality type meme

14. Behind that charming, confident exterior, lies someone who just wants to make sure their friends are having fun and aren’t annoyed at them. This ESFJ meme shows the two sides of every ESFJ.

charming but sensitive

ESFJs love helping others

15. There’s a reason they’re called ‘So Supportive’ here at So Syncd, ESFJs thrive when someone they love reaches out to them for help.

ESFJ meme - heart beating quicker
Source: unknown

16. It’s basically the auto-response for most ESFJs!

ESFJ Funny Meme - helping people

17. And, of course, this means that the needs of others usually come before your own needs. Duh!

putting everyone else's needs above your own personality type meme

18. However, it can be hard for those caring ESFJs to come to terms with the fact that not everyone wants to be as helpful and supportive as they are. You gotta put yourself first, bestie!

ESFJ Funny Meme - selfless

19. But when an ESFJ gets that warm fuzzy feeling of appreciation, there’s NOTHING like it.

ESFJs when they hear someone saying how good a friend they are

ESFJs feel what others feel

20. Due to their empathetic nature, ESFJs feel deeply what those around them feel. When their friends are happy, they’re happy. When they’re sad…. You guessed it!

ESFJ meme can't help friends

21. This means that all it takes is one person having a bad time for an ESFJ to have their mood ruined.

me, and esfj, vibing off everyone else's good energy

22. If you’re an ESFJ, you’ll relate to this meme on a personal level!

ESFJ meme - taking on other peoples feelings funny personality type

ESFJs can be sensitive

23. Try as they might, ESFJs aren’t known for their ability to take criticism well.

ESFJs when taking criticism

24. This ESFJ meme will be seriously relatable for lots of you!

lie on your cv personality type funny criticism

25. This ESFJ meme is my favorite! ESFJs will pick up on even the slightest change in your mood, and they’ll probably find a way to blame themselves for it.

esfjs resisting the urge to ask if someone is mad at them

26. When giving any form of criticism to an ESFJ, just be sure to start with the positives.

Bad at taking criticism

27. Because at any moment, that self-doubt and sensitivity could kick in, just in time to ruin their day!

impending doom anxiety personality type meme

28. Cool and calm on the surface, and a crumbling emotional mess on the inside, that’s a vibe… right?!

Constructive criticism

ESFJ memes: Who are ESFJs most compatible with?

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ESFJ memes! We love ESFJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ESFJs to find someone who gets them.

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