28 Funny Memes Any ISTJ Will Relate To

28 Funny Memes Any ISTJ Will Relate To

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ISTJ will relate to. Hard-working, loyal, practical, and dedicated, ISTJs are someone you can rely on.

With tradition and structure at the key of their life, ISTJs take their duties seriously. What they lack in spontaneity, they make up for in focus and drive. One thing is for certain: you can always count on an ISTJ. They will never let you down!

When an ISTJ has an opportunity to help their loved ones in a practical, logical way, they will take it. Emotions, feelings, and affection are not considered ISTJS strengths; if it isn’t based on logic they don’t want to know about it.

Occasionally, an ISTJs highly logical nature means that they can be considered insensitive, but rest assured, ISTJs are the most loyal and reliable personality type out there.

These funny ISTJ memes show how at So Syncd ISTJs are known as ‘So Dependable’. This is because there is no one quite like an ISTJ when it comes to stepping up to their duties and getting the job done (in the most efficient and productive manner, of course!). ISTJs are also known as The Logistician, The Investigator, and The Planner Inspector.

They might be found hiding away from the world, drinking coffee, or working late into the evening, but once your ISTJ friend loves you, they will love you for a lifetime. These funny and relatable ISTJ memes show that there is no one quite like an ISTJ!

ISTJs are perfectionists

1. There’s no point telling your ISTJ friend that “it doesn’t need to be perfect”. These are not words in their vocabulary.

ISTJ meme - aggressive perfectionist Drake
Source: @istjmemes

2. Why be excellent at one skill when you can try your hardest to be perfect at many, many skills and end up spreading yourself too thin?

being a perfectionist who wants to learn many skills and ends up. knowing nothing
Source: @istjmemes

3. This ISTJ meme speaks for itself! Don’t be surprised if you find your ISTJ friend quietly re-doing all of your work to bring it all up to their high standards.

redoing everyone elses work to make sure it's perfect
Source: @istjmemes

4. The struggle of wanting your friends to work in the best, most efficient way possible, but also wanting them to not hate you…

giving feedback to friends but not wanting to seem mean
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5. I love this ISTJ meme!

6. Nothing says ‘I’m an ISTJ’ more than developing a stress-induced eye twitch every time someone rearranges your space without you knowing.

when your family rearranges your room for you
Source: @istjmemes

7. Nothing bugs an ISTJ more than when their non-ISTJ teammates are happy with less-than-perfect work!

perfectionist personality type
Source: @istjmemes

8. Oh, wait, no maybe there is something that bugs an ISTJ more…

hate seeing things done in the wrong way
Source: @istjmemes

9. Seriously though, you ISTJs need to go easy on yourself!

ISTJ Meme - perfectionist
Source: @just_istj_things

10. “Go easy on yourself” is the same as working non-stop in a caffeine-induced strive for perfection… right?

ISTJ meme - workaholic
Source: @just_istj_things

11. This ISTJ meme speaks for itself!

ISTJ meme - hate mess
Source: @just_istj_things

ISTJs are workaholics

12. Self-care? I don’t know her.

ISTJ meme - neglecting self care
Source: @istjmemes

13. No, but seriously, guys, who would organize the cereal if I wasn’t here?

organizing cereal according to height of packaging OCD personality type
Source: @istjmemes

14. Productivity > Comfort all day.

ISTJ meme - productivity over comfort
Source: @just_istj_things

ISTJs like their alone time

15. This ISTJ meme couldn’t be any more on point!

ISTJ Meme - leave me alone bernie
Source: @istjmemes

16. The life of an ISTJ: Secretly hoping that all of their social plans will be canceled.

ISTJ meme - cancelled plans
Source: @istjmemes

17. “Showing emotions” and “ISTJ” aren’t usually used in the same sentence.

18. Feeling sad? Feeling affectionate? Feeling anything at all? No, thank you. Not me! No time for that.

don't like feelings
Source: @just_istj_things

19. Us ISTJs would much rather stay inside from the comfort of our own homes and watch everyone else out there having fun…. I think?

Introvert spongebob
Source: @istjmemes

20.  Weirdly enough ISTJs don’t particularly come across as the most approachable people. Can’t think why?

ISTJ meme - resting bitch face
Source: @istjmemes

21. Me? Grumpy? Standoffish? Never! This is me being approachable, guys!

ISTJ meme - not good at being friendly
Source: @istjmemes

ISTJs aren’t known for their…partying?

22. Hey guys, do you know what’s really fun? Sensible and reasonable long-term money-saving tactics!

ISTJ meme - sensible with money
Source: @istjpsychology

23. This ISTJ meme speaks for itself! ISTJs of the world…. You know it’s true!

ISTJ meme - what my friends think i do
Source: @istjpsychology

Memes showing ISTJs like rules

24. Because without rules and traditions, we would be NOTHING!

ISTJ meme - traditions and rules
Source: @istjmemes

25. And don’t even get me started on when unexpected changes occur. This is an ISTJs worst nightmare!

ISTJ meme - can't handle change
Source: @istjmemes

ISTJs are complex

26. It’s a constant battle for ISTJs. Are they better than everyone else? Or are they, in fact, the worst?

having low self-esteem and also thinking you are better than everyone else
Source: @istjmemes

27. Do I want to volunteer to be the leader, or do I want to wait until someone asks me?

wanting to be the team leader but too shy - personality type
Source: @istjmemes

28. Do I want to overthink every situation? Or do I want to overthink every situation?

overthinking every situation - personality type
Source: @istjpsychology

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ISTJ memes! We love ISTJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ISTJs to find someone who gets them.

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