28 Funny Memes Any ESFP Will Relate To

ESFP Memes

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ESFP will relate to. If fun, energetic, adventurous people are your kind of people, then look no further. ESFPs are here for a good time, not a long time, so be prepared to have some exciting, spontaneous energy injected into your life!

ESFPs are happiest when they are surrounded by friends, partying, enjoying themselves, and sampling all that life has to offer. Who wants set plans, and meticulous instructions when you can just make it up as you go along and see where you end up?! They’re the social butterflies, making people laugh with their great stories, and suggesting last-minute trips and adventures to their friends. Life is never dull with an ESFP.

Planning and organization aren’t their strong points, but what they lack in structure they make up for in fun and a true zest for life! But don’t mistake their light-hearted and relaxed nature for them not caring. ESFPs are deeply value-driven people who can be sensitive, and very in-tune with others around them. They’re led by their hearts and have a deep desire for meaningful connections that are in line with their values.

These funny ESFP memes show how at So Syncd ISFPs are known as ‘So Fun. This is because there is no one quite like an ESFP when it comes to finding joy and fun in all areas of life. ESFPs are also known as The Entertainer, The Performer, and The Motivator Presenter.

Despite the fact that they aren’t known for their organizational skills, their joy is infectious, their relaxed vibe is a breath of fresh air, and their spontaneous drive for adventure is enticing. ESFPs, without a doubt, make even the dullest of tasks fun, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable ESFP memes.

ESFPs are comfortable in the spotlight

  1. It really is as simple as that! Show your ESFP friend some attention and they’ll love you forever

2. It won’t take long for an ESFP to find their way into the middle of the room… when you’ve got charisma and charm to spare, it would be a shame to waste it!

centre of attention personality type

3. And being so in tune with others around them means they’ll pick up on the slightest change in someone’s mood. And they’ll be damned if they aren’t going to try and improve it!

Personality type - entertainer

4. There really is nothing greater than being told they bring the good vibes to any social scenario, for an ESFP.

personality type - life and soul of the party

5. Me? An ESFP? Stop making everyone laugh? No thanks.

you don't have to be the life and soul of the party

6. And heaven help those poor introverts who get stuck with the life-and-soul-of-the-party-ESFP…

ESFP Meme - loud person confident

ESFPs aren’t great at concentrating

7. This ESFP meme speaks for itself. ESFPs are highly aware of their surroundings, take in new information quickly, and are quick to react. This means that concentrating on one thing at a time doesn’t come naturally!

ESFP Meme - can't focus

8. And this means that quite often their ESFP brains are excitedly thinking about the next task to start, right when they’re supposed to be finishing the last task…

ESFP Meme - get bored easily

9. Inability to concentrate for long periods of time, overstimulation, and excitedly starting new tasks because you’re distracted can all be common with ESFPs, and this can often be confused for symptoms associated with ADHD!

ESFP Meme - ADHD ESFP personality

10. Don’t be offended if your ESFP friend forgot to finish off that task you asked for. It’s not them, it’s just that they thought of something better and more fun to do instead.

ESFP Meme - never finish one task distracted

11. Read the instructions page-by-page and follow the instructions meticulously? No thank you!

ESFP Meme - make it up as you go along spontaneous

12. “Hey I just had an idea, what if we just packed our bags and drove to Mexico tonight?!” – said every ESFP ever.

come on last minute adventure with me spontaneous personality type

13. There’s nothing worse for an ESFP than feeling bored. The solution? Start something new.

you can't be bored if you keep starting new projects

ESFPs are hands-on people

14. ESFPs are practical people who prefer to live through practical applications. They aren’t dreamers and they prefer to live in the here and now.

ESFP Meme - not good with hypothetical

15. I love this ESFP meme! As someone whose partner is an ESFP, I can seriously relate to the pain they feel when I ask these types of questions.

ESFP Meme - hypothetical conversation

16. Because your ESFP friend would always appreciate it if you just said it how it is.

ESFP Meme - don't beat around the bush
Source: @esfppsychology

17. ESFP people don’t like to dwell on the ‘What ifs’ of life. They much prefer dealing with the problems then and there and moving on. Thank you, next!

personality type - don't focus on the future

ESFPs aren’t planners

18. ESFPs are the epitome of spontaneity. Sorry J types, there will be no sticking to the schedule with an ESFP around.

spontaneous personality type

19. Living life to the full, constantly seeking fun, and making every day into a mini adventure? Hells yes!

spontaneous adventures fun personality type

20. When a Judger personality type is friends with an ESFP, it can be a daily battle of trying to get them to schedule some quality time.

mixing up plans last minute personality type

21. This ESFP meme speaks for itself! Honestly, you’re better off just turning up at your ESFP friends’ house instead of planning to see them in a month.

last minute plans don't like to make plans

22. ESFPs of the world…. Take note!

you should stick to one plan commit personality type

ESFPs are fun!

23. Shoutout to ESFPs! Never change.

ESFP Meme - warm lovely people got your back

24. Does everyone want to chill out and keep it low-key tonight? Invite your ESFP friend over and watch that change immediately.

ESFP Meme - high energy social

25. This ESFP meme is classic – I’m sure all ESFPs have had this realization before!

ESFP Meme - being a jokester
Source: @esfppsychology

26. With fun, charisma, and energy to spare – ESFPs naturally have that Prom King/Queen

ESFP Meme - prom queen popular social butterfly

ESFPs are lead by their heart

27. ESFPs are some of the most feeler-y feelers out there.

ESFP Meme - heart over head emotional

28. An ESFP rushing into feelings quickly without really thinking about it? Never…

head over heels lead by heart personality type

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ESFP memes! We love ESFPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ESFPs to find someone who gets them.

ESFPs are best matched with ISTJs and ISFJs. You can read our complete guide to ESFP compatibility to learn more.

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