28 Funny Memes Any ESTP Will Relate To

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Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ESTP will relate to. Thrill-seeker. Risk-taker. Decision-maker. ESTPs are the kind of people to grab life by the you-know-whats and give it everything they’ve got. They’re here for a good time, not a long time, and they move through life at such a quick pace that if you blink, you’ll miss them. Usually found chasing adventures and making spontaneous plans, life is never dull with an ESTP.

ESTPs ooze confidence, charm, and charisma. They’re usually the ones jumping off the boat into the sea, skinny dipping at midnight, tearing up the dance floor, and making their dreams a reality. Structure, routine, and rules are all words that you won’t find in an ESTP’s dictionary. They don’t do well being told what to do and having to stick to one way of working. ESTPs are all about dynamic and exciting ways of leading the way, and they sure as hell know how to have fun along the way!

What they lack in patience, sensitivity, and consideration, they make up for in a real zest for life, and an insatiable thirst for fun. They’re the life and soul of the party, always coming up with solutions quickly, and never beating around the bush. ESTPs will tell you how it is, and they won’t fluff it up! They simply haven’t got time to wait around and spend too long considering your feelings. There are too many adventures to be had.

These funny ESTP memes show how at So Syncd ESTPs are known as ‘So Adventurous’. This is because there is no one quite like an ESTP when it comes to embracing every adventure (no matter how big or small) that life has to throw at them. ESTPs are also known as The Entrepreneur, The Promoter, and The Ultimate Realist.

Despite the fact that they aren’t great at handling emotions or showing commitment, ESTPs make incredible friends to have. Life becomes one big adventure with an ESTP by your side, and they’ll provide never-ending fun, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable ESTP memes.

ESTPs aren’t good at sitting still

1. ESTPs are quick to make decisions and definitely get bored easily. They would rather do literally anything else than sit around and wait.

ESTP Meme - sit still
Source: @mbtiology_

2. This ESTP meme speaks for itself! Their energetic and dynamic brains don’t do well when they have to focus on one thing at a time.

ESTP Meme - trouble focusing
Source: @mbtiology_

3. They’re much happier when their excitable brains are bouncing from one hobby to the next. Tennis anyone? Rollerblading?!

ESTPs have confidence

4. Anything that comes with a risk warning will immediately appeal to adrenaline-junkie ESTPs! “Don’t attempt this” will only speak to their inner ego.

ESTP Meme - challenging risk-taker
Source: @estp_personality

5. But it’s not just self-confidence they excel in. ESTPs will sing their loved ones’ praises until the cows come home.

ESTP Meme - supporting friend
Source: @estp_personality

6. This ESTP meme speaks for itself! It doesn’t get much rarer than that…

ESTP Meme - big-headed
Source: @estp_official69420

7. Sometimes, an ESTP’s ego might get the better of them. There’s no denying that they are usually surrounded by friends with all that charm and confidence!

ESTP Meme - confident
Source: @estp_personality

8. And every now and again, that confidence and ego might make them seem just a tad intimidating…

ESTP Meme - intimidating
Source: @estp_personality

ESTPs are innovative

9. Repetitive mundane tasks? No, thank you! I’m far too busy preparing for the next exciting challenge coming my way.

ESTP Meme - hate mundane tasks
Source: @estp_personality

10. ESTPs would always rather take a risk doing something new, even if it means potential failure.

ESTP Meme - new ways of doing things
Source: @estp_personality

11. This ESTP meme is spot on! Who cares about spending countless hours considering the outcome of one decision when you can just say ‘f*&k it!’ and jump in the deep end!

ESTP Meme - yolo
Source: @estp_personality

ESTPs aren’t known for their sensitive nature

12. Approaching an upset friend with sensitive words of kindness? Nah. Let’s make an inappropriate joke to lighten the mood instead!

ESTP Meme - inappropriate humour
Source: @estp_personality

13. Empathy and sympathy aren’t on the top of an ESTP’s priority list…

ESTP Meme - unsympathetic
Source: @estp_personality

14. Higher up on their list will be “tell an upset friend with blunt honesty that they were stupid.”

ESTP Meme - brutal advice
Source: @estp_personality

15. “Roasting” is a love language, right guys?!

ESTP Meme - roasting people you like
Source: @estp_personality

16. This ESTP meme says it all! Emotions? No, thank you.

ESTP Meme - emotionally unavailable
Source: @estp_personality

17. Who has time for feelings when life is all about logic and facts and chasing fun?

ESTP Meme - hate feelings

ESTPs are spontaneous

18. “Guys, is anyone else thinking that we should just book a flight right here right now?!” – every ESTP ever.

personality type spontaneous adventure
Source: @estp_personality

19. ESTPs don’t want a to-do list. They don’t want a set itinerary. And they don’t want to be told what to do. They’re here to make it up as they go along, and enjoy the ride!

personality type hate to do list
Source: @estp_personality

20. ESTPs are always happy to take risks – that’s part of the fun of life!

personality type extrovert love taking risks
Source: @estp_offocial69420

ESTPs value their freedom and independence

21. ESTPs like to decide how to live their lives. They don’t want to be tied down, and they don’t want anyone else butting in and trying to tell them what they should be doing. That’s for them to decide, themselves (at the very last minute!)

stubborn personality type extrovert confident
Source: @estp_personality

22. ESTPs don’t like to be told how to live their life. They are confident in their ability and back their own decisions. Occasionally, this might mean that their ego sometimes gets in the way of admitting they were wrong, as you’ll see in this ESTP meme.

don't want to admit i'm wrong personality type

23. They also won’t sacrifice their independence. They’re not afraid to speak up and tell people what they think, even if it means losing some friends along the way.

going along with something you disagree with to avoid drama personality type
Source: @estp_personality

24. ESTPs are willing to change and adapt their plans when presented with new useful information… but if they didn’t ask for your help, you better not step on their toes!

unsolicited advice
Source: @estp_personality

25.  This also means that they aren’t afraid to cut you out of their life if you betray them. Snip, snip, people.

cutting people out of your life personality type brutal
Source: @estp_personality

ESTPs are complex

26. Yes, ESTPs are, without a doubt, charming and popular. Yet they also have a dark side to them, especially their sense of humor.

ESTP Meme - dark sense of humour

27. It’s a constant weigh-up between ESTPs wanting to appear like nice people but also wanting to appear tough.

ESTP Meme - intimidating but friendly
Source: @estp_personality

28. A perfect ESTP meme to finish with! Don’t assume the stereotype – there’s more to ESTPs than you think.

ESTP Meme - chad stereotype
Source: @estp_personality

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ESTP memes! We love ESTPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ESTPs to find someone who gets them.

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