7 Tips for Introverts Dating Extroverts

7 tips for introverts dating extroverts

Extroverts and introverts can balance each other out perfectly when dating. Introverts encourage extroverts to take time to reflect while extroverts push them out of their comfort zone.

But introvert-extrovert relationships can be challenging if both sides don’t take time to understand each other’s differences. Mutual understanding is fundamental to any healthy, happy relationship so even though it takes a bit of work, it’s worth taking the time to understand your other half. 

Last week we looked at seven tips for extroverts dating introverts. Today we share seven tips for introverts dating extroverts.

1. Communicate your thoughts

Introverts sometimes keep their thoughts to themselves a little too much. Introverts are private by nature and can sometimes under-communicate. If you need time to yourself, make sure to fully explain to your other half why you won’t be joining them for another party so they realize that it’s nothing personal. 

2. Appreciate that extroverts like to resolve things in the moment

Extroverts prefer to think out loud while introverts tend to mull over their thoughts and process them internally. This means that your extrovert might want to talk things through there and then. In the midst of an argument, your extrovert will get clarity from verbalizing their thoughts. As an introvert, you don’t have to respond immediately but just listening can be helpful for them.

3. Accept that you’ll have completely different social lives

Your extrovert will lead a different kind of social life to you and will likely to have a number of friendship groups. Giving your extrovert space to see these different friends without getting jealous is key for a healthy introvert-extrovert relationship. Plus, while they are going out and socializing, you can have some alone time. This can be a win-win situation for introverts and extroverts dating.

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4. Let your extrovert talk

Extroverts talk more than introverts. While you might feel exhausted after a day of work and want to hide away in a quiet room, your extrovert might want to chat. Extroverts get energy from external stimuli, including interacting with people. This can be challenging if you’re tired but it can have major benefits. They’ll happily be the one doing the talking at a party when you’re not feeling it. 

5. Invest in ear plugs

Extroverts are less sensitive to noise than introverts. Noise that you find distracting can actually be energizing for extrovert. This can be explained by the fact that extroverts have a more active dopamine reward network compared to introverts. Invest in some ear plugs to avoid arguments (no, we’re not joking).

6. Have a game plan

If you know you won’t last a whole event, work out a game plan together. It’s totally ok to to be the first person to leave a party rather than staying until the early hours of the morning. Talk about it before with your extrovert and work out a plan. For example, if they know they’ll want to stay longer, you can get a cab home and leave them to it.

7. Accept your extrovert as they are

Your extrovert is different to you. Very different in some cases. Their need to get out there and do things isn’t innately right or wrong. Extroverts will sometimes struggle to spend a lot of time alone or will need more attention than you. Accepting your extrovert as they are is key for a happy introvert-extrovert relationship. 

Introverts dating extroverts

These tips will help pave the way for smooth dating phase for introverts dating extroverts. We are sure that your efforts in understanding and accepting your extrovert will be appreciated. 

And, of course, let’s not forget that you have needs too that your extrovert should recognize. Just be sure to communicate those needs and be clear about them. Your extrovert can’t read your mind. 


Like all aspects of a relationship, it should be a two-way street. Sometimes mutual understanding will be enough and other times you’ll need to compromise. For example, you might want to spend a few hours alone after a social event while your extrovert wants to chat about the events of the night. There will be a way of finding a compromise.

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