9 Signs an INFJ is in Love With You

9 Signs an INFJ is in Love with You blog cover

As true idealists, the INFJ personality type approaches love and relationships with deep thought and intensity. They are highly sensitive individuals who value emotional connection and understanding above all else. When an INFJ falls in love, it’s a truly transformative experience for them. In this blog post, we look at the INFJ in love and nine signs you’ve won their heart.

These mysterious individuals are known for being difficult to read, so it can be difficult to decipher what is going on inside their heads. They are naturally reserved and private. While they are always there to lend a listening ear, they don’t give much away when it comes to revealing their own emotions.

It’s essential to note that each individual is unique, and not all INFJs will exhibit the same behaviors in love. But there are general signs that can help you identify when an INFJ has fallen for you. Before we dive into those signs, let’s first understand how INFJs fall in love.

How INFJs fall in love

INFJs lead with their intuition, and when it comes to love, they rely heavily on their gut feeling. They can often sense when there is the potential for a deep connection early on. It’s rare for this personality type to find someone they can truly connect with in a meaningful way, so when they do, it’s something they treasure immensely.

As naturally reserved people, INFJs take their time to get to know someone before they let them into their inner world. They want to make sure that the person they are considering for a relationship is trustworthy. They value meaningful conversations and intellectual stimulation, so they will take their time to observe and understand a potential partner’s thoughts and ideas.

INFJs aren’t the kind of people who jump into relationships headfirst. Instead, they tend to be cautious. But once they feel a strong connection with someone, they are all in. You can count on an INFJ to be fully committed and invested in a relationship when they are in love.

Feeling understood is crucial for INFJs in relationships, at least to an extent. They are deeply complex beings, so when someone can genuinely understand them, it’s an incredible feeling for them. It’s not just about being listened to – it’s about being truly heard and seen for who they are.

INFJs are talented at reading people, and this comes in handy when they are in love. They instinctively pay attention to subtle cues to understand people’s inner world in a nuanced way. It can feel like they have this innate ability to see through you, and when an INFJ is in love with you, they use this skill to understand your emotions and needs.

9 signs an INFJ is in love with you

Now that we have a better understanding of how an INFJ falls in love, let’s look at 9 signs that show they’ve fallen for you.

1. They open up to you on a deep level

INFJs are naturally guarded about their inner lives, sharing their thoughts, feelings, and dreams with only a select few. These individuals are a unique mix of warm yet aloof. If you’ve ever met an INFJ, there’s a good chance that you felt a strong connection with them. But if you take a step back and think about what they actually shared with you, it might not be much. They can be surprisingly private. However, when an INFJ is in love, it’s a different story. They will open up to their partner in ways that they haven’t with anyone else.

2. They prioritize quality time with you

INFJs value meaningful connections and quality time with those they care about. They have small social circles and prefer deep, one-on-one conversations over large group gatherings. This means that spending quality time with their partner comes naturally to them when they are in love. They don’t need to be out and about doing extravagant things—just spending time with their loved one is enough for them.

3. They are thoughtful and considerate

INFJs are known for their thoughtfulness towards others, and when they are in love, this consideration is amplified. They will go out of their way to do things for their partner that show how much they care. It could be small acts like bringing them a cup of tea in the morning or making time for activities they know their partner enjoys. As natural givers, INFJs are always thinking about their partner’s needs and they do their best to fulfill them.

4. They are deeply empathetic

One of the hallmarks of being an INFJ is their ability to tune into others’ emotions and understand them on a deep level. When they are in love, they feel an even stronger sense of empathy towards their partner. They can feel what their partner is feeling, and this helps them to be more understanding and supportive in the relationship. If their partner is going through a tough time, an INFJ will often take on the burden themselves, whether they want to or not.

INFJ woman with a loyal dog

5. They are fiercely loyal

Once an INFJ has committed to a relationship, they are in it for the long haul. They value loyalty and will go above and beyond to support their partner through thick and thin. As we have discussed, INFJs rarely meet people they truly connect with, so when they do, they make an effort to keep the relationship strong. Things like physical distance or busy schedules aren’t obstacles for an INFJ in love. They will find ways to stay connected with those they care about.

6. They include you in their solo activities

INFJs cherish their alone time—it’s their opportunity to reflect and recharge. If they invite you to join them in activities they usually do alone, like walking in nature or reading, it’s a sign that they see you as someone special. When INFJs feel truly comfortable with someone, they include them in more “sacred” parts of their life. They will still need time to themselves, but they will also want to share their interests and personal space with you to a greater extent.

7. They make plans for the future with you

INFJs are future-oriented individuals, and when they are in love, they make plans that include their partner. They will often talk about what they want to achieve in life and how they see their partner fitting into those plans. This just comes naturally to them, as they see their partner as a part of their long-term vision. It comes from a genuine desire to build a life together. Commitment doesn’t phase an INFJ when they meet the right person.

8. They offer unwavering support

There’s nothing an INFJ loves more than seeing their partner succeed. When INFJs are in love, they will be your biggest cheerleader, encouraging and supporting you every step of the way. Their belief in your potential will be unwavering. INFJs want to see their loved ones thrive and will do everything in their power to help them achieve their dreams. Whether it’s through words of encouragement or lending a listening ear, an INFJ will happily use their empathy to support their partner.

9. They remember small details

INFJs are often excellent listeners and observers. They pay attention to small details about those around them, which they use to better understand and connect with people. When an INFJ is in love, their attentiveness to detail is heightened. They will remember the small things that you’ve mentioned in passing, like your favorite flower or a special memory from your childhood. These little gestures show how much an INFJ values their partner. They often use these details to surprise and delight their loved one, showing just how much they care.

Final thoughts on the INFJ in love

Ever the complex and enigmatic type, the INFJ in love can be quite a mystery. However, their love is deep and meaningful, and when they find the right person, they show it in profound ways. It isn’t always easy to tell when an INFJ is in love with you because they aren’t the most open and expressive individuals. But these signs can give you some pointers on how an INFJ might behave when they are in love.

If you’re in a relationship with an INFJ, consider yourself lucky to have captured the heart of such a unique and loving individual. And if you are an INFJ yourself, embrace your emotions and allow yourself to fully experience the process of falling in love.

Last but not least, remember that every INFJ’s way of expressing love is unique. Patience and open communication will help you uncover the depth of their feelings. So enjoy the journey and revere the beauty of love.

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