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ENFJ: So Giving

ENFJ personality type in a nutshell

ENFJs are generous individuals who can always be relied on for advice and support. They are exceptionally talented at reading people and instinctively understand social dynamics. ENFJs pick up on subtleties in social situations that most people would be hard-pressed to notice.

ENFJs have a unique combination of charisma, enthusiasm, and communication skills that make them natural leaders. Plus, they truly care about the development of the people around them and are generous in giving up their time to help those in need. ENFJs have a talent for seeing people’s potential and helping them reach it.

“Work hard, be kind, and amazing things will happen.”

Conan O’Brien

With a strong desire for meaningful relationships and a genuine interest in people, ENFJs are known for being social butterflies. That’s not to say they don’t need a bit of alone time now and again, but they’re in their element when surrounded by friends and family. As a result, ENFJs have hectic social calendars and they sometimes overcommit. ENFJs are always looking at the meaning behind what people do and say.

Famous ENFJs

  1. Oprah Winfrey: Oprah Winfrey is the ultimate ENFJ. She is a keen mentor and an inspirational leader. Plus, she is very good at reading people.
  2. Barack Obama: Barack Obama is an ENFJ. He is a natural leader and people-oriented. Plus, he was a charismatic and popular president.
  3. Meghan Markle: Meghan Markle is an ENFJ. Whether you love her or hate her, there’s nobody who knows how to work a room quite like Meghan Markle.

Best matches

ENFJ personality type relationships

ENFJs take relationships seriously and are not the type to date around. Their sociability and supportive nature mean that they feel most comfortable when they’re in a committed relationship. However, ENFJs need to be careful to maintain their sense of self. Sacrificing their own needs for a partner might enable them to avoid conflict in the short term, but it’s rarely an effective long-term strategy.

ENFJs are most compatible with partners who are creative and adaptable to balance out their more structured nature. So, which types are the best matches for an ENFJ? INFPs and INTPs are the best personality matches for an ENFJ. You can read our complete guide to ENFJ compatibility to learn more.

Ideal date

Laugh your way through learning to sip and savour wines at a local vineyard.


ENFJs strive to help others and to make the world a better place.
ENFJs can’t stand letting people down and they follow through with their plans.
ENFJs have a magnetic charm and they certainly know how to work a room.
ENFJs have a positive outlook on life which helps them achieve their goals.


ENFJs sometimes use their exceptional people skills to influence others.
An ENFJ’s willingness to help means that they sometimes overcommit.
Too selfless
ENFJs can end up adversely putting everyone else’s needs before their own.
ENFJs have an innate desire for harmony and can avoid conflict even when it’s necessary.

The meaning of ENFJ

ENFJ is one of the 16 personality types. ENFJ stands for Extroversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Judging. Each letter represents certain personality characteristics:

  1. Extroversion means that ENFJs direct their energy to the outer world.
  2. iNtuition means that ENFJs focus on concepts and abstract theories.
  3. Feeling means that ENFJs primarily make decisions based on people and values.
  4. Judging means that ENFJs prefer to live their life in a structured and organized way.

At So Syncd, we call ENFJs ‘So Giving’ because they always make time for others, and they’re one of the most generous personality types. They are also known as The Protagonist, The Mentor, and The Empathetic Educator.

If you want to delve deeper into what it means to be an ENFJ, check out our post about ENFJ cognitive functions.

ENFJ personality characteristics

ENFJs are deep individuals who have a unique ability to inspire those around them. With an aura of confidence and passion, people are often drawn to ENFJs and feel comfortable following their lead. ENFJs are comfortable in the spotlight, and they often have a talent for giving authentic, influential speeches.

ENFJs are sensitive people who crave meaningful connections. They are highly capable of all different kinds of conversations, but they are most engaged when talking about big-picture topics relating to people, such as long-term plans and career aspirations. ENFJs are extremely supportive and will go above and beyond to support their loved ones to help them reach their goals.

ENFJ values

ENFJs have a strong desire to help others that is engrained deep within them. They are highly empathetic to the extent that they absorb the emotions of others. ENFJs deeply care about living creatures, both humans and animals, and they’re capable of sympathizing with people they’ve never met.

Harmony is another key value of ENFJs. External emotions impact ENFJs so much that environments filled with conflict can cause them great discomfort. This can be overwhelming for ENFJs as it’s not a trait that they can switch on and off. For this reason, ENFJs are most content when the people around them are happy.

The paradox of the ENFJ

ENFJs are creative but grounded. They are original thinkers who love to express their creativity in various forms, such as playing an instrument or painting. ENFJs particularly love coming up with ideas that benefit others.

At the same time, ENFJs are realistic. They are proactive doers rather than idle dreamers, and they will take the necessary steps to achieve their goals. This mixture of idealism and drive is rare, only being seen in very few personality types.

Female ENFJs

Female ENFJs are warm and nurturing. They are often the leaders of their friendship group, or at the very least, they tend to take control of organizing social events. ENFJs have a lot of stereotypically feminine characteristics, particularly their caring and sensitive qualities. These characteristics, combined with their leadership skills, enable them to inspire others in a meaningful way.

Male ENFJs

Male ENFJs are charismatic and complex. They are sensitive yet bold, and they aren’t afraid to take the lead. Male ENFJs are hopeless romantics who are drawn to beauty. But beauty alone won’t cut it. They are perfectionists, and they won’t settle for anything less than the whole package, which includes an emotional and mental connection as well as a physical connection.   

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