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ENTP: So Visionary

ENTP personality type in a nutshell

ENTPs are dynamic individuals who have a thirst for learning. They often have a wide range of interests and a hoard of knowledge about obscure topics. ENTPs dive into projects head-first and when they’re passionate about something, they’ll spend countless hours consuming every piece of information they can find about it.

ENTPs are quick to question existing ways of doing things, placing little value on tradition for tradition’s sake. Brainstorming and reinventing the wheel comes naturally to people of the ENTP personality type, which makes them well suited for entrepreneurship. As the type of people who thrive in debates, they thoroughly enjoy the process of picking apart arguments and understanding different perspectives.

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Alan Kay

ENTPs are dynamic individuals who have a quick wit and a high energy presence. They are direct in the way that they communicate and quickly tire of people who beat around the bush.  With busy minds that are overflowing with ideas and potential projects, they simply don’t have the patience for people who take too long to get to the point.

Famous ENTPs

  1. Captain Jack Sparrow: Captain Jack Sparrow is a typical ENTP. He is quick-witted, innovative and chaotic.
  2. Chandler Bing: Chandler Bing is an ENTP. He is continually cracking jokes and his sarcastic sense of humor is a core part of his personality.
  3. Salma Hayek: Salma Hayek is an ENTP. She is confident, when acting and in social situations, and she is adaptable but fierce.

Best matches

ENTP personality type relationships

When it comes to relationships, ENTPs like to leave their options open until they meet someone truly worth their time. When they do find that person, they’ll want to know as much as possible about them. Some take offense at the argumentative nature of ENTPs, so this type works well with people who understand that their need to challenge comes from a place of curiosity rather than bad intention.

ENTPs are most compatible with partners who challenge them and aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves. So which types are the best matches for an ENTP? INFJs and INTJs are the best personality matches for ENTPs. You can read our complete guide to ENTP compatibility to learn more.

Ideal date

Put your heads together and your wits to the test with an unpredictable date in an escape room.

ENTP strengths

ENTPs are skilled at thinking on their feet and switching between subjects.
ENTPs have a unique talent for coming up with original ideas and perspectives.
ENTPs have a broad knowledge base about all kinds of different topics.
ENTPs have a knack for making the most out of what is available to them.

ENTP weaknesses

ENTPs can take their love of debating too far which can cause tension.
ENTPs sometimes misread other people’s feelings and can be too blunt.
Easily bored
ENTPs constantly need a source of entertainment or a project to focus on.
ENTPs sometimes make rash decisions to satisfy their need for novelty.

The meaning of ENTP

So what is the meaning of ENTP? ENTP is one of the 16 personality types. ENTP stands for Extroversion, iNtuition, Thinking and Perceiving. Each letter represents certain personality characteristics:

  1. Extroversion means that ENTPs direct their energy to the outer world.
  2. iNtuition means that ENTPs focus on concepts and abstract theories.
  3. Thinking means that ENTPs primarily make decisions based on logic.
  4. Perceiving means that ENTPs prefer to keep their options open and explore different possibilities.

At So Syncd, we call ENTPs ‘So Visionary’ because they are skilled at thinking up inventive ideas. They are also known as The Debater, The Innovator and The Enterprising Explorer.

If you want to delve deeper into what it means to be an ENTP, check out our post about ENTP cognitive functions.

ENTP personality type characteristics

With boldness and a good sense of humor, ENTPs are often making jokes and they’re happy to lead the conversation. They’ll happily bend the rules and rely on their charm and quick wit to get them out of any sticky situations. Preferring to work things out as they go, ENTPs are relaxed and don’t tend to plan too far in advance.

ENTPs look to understand the world and they’re often highly intelligent. They love digging into concepts and seeking truths. One of the unique characteristics of ENTPs is that they are able to combine this intellectual rigor with creativity. They’ll come up with all sorts of innovations that will often leave people wondering how they ever thought of that idea. It’s no surprise that the archetype of a crazy scientist is based on the ENTP personality type.

ENTP values

ENTPs are seek novelty. A life without risks isn’t a life worth living for an ENTP. With a pragmatic attitude, they know that risks don’t always work out but the alternative for an ENTP is boredom and that’s something that they avoid at all costs.

ENTPs are highly independent and they value freedom. The thought of being tied down or unable to pursue what they choose is uncomfortable for people of the ENTP personality type. Despite being extroverts, they need a reasonable amount of alone time to recharge and process their thoughts.

The paradox of the ENTP

ENTPs are open-minded but stubborn. They’ll happily listen to other people’s points of view. In fact, they welcome new perspectives as this helps them be sure that their logic is sound and that they’re drawing the right conclusions.

But once they’ve decided something, it can be hard to persuade them otherwise. Once they’ve gathered enough information and perspectives to make a decision, they can then be very set in their ways. This unique combination of being relaxed yet stubborn is seen in few personality types.

Are ENTPs rare?

ENTPs are the 5th rarest personality type. ENTPs make up:
1. 3% of the general population.
2. 2% of the female population.
3. 4% of the male population.

Female ENTPs

Female ENTPs are a rare breed. They like to test the limits and have a high-risk appetite, which are less stereotypically feminine traits. Female ENTPs are full of surprises and life is never boring when they’re around. They’re happy in the spotlight, which is fortunate given they often stand out from the crowd. Female ENTPs ignore traditions if they don’t think they make sense.

Male ENTPs

With a taste for adventure and a dynamic energy, male ENTPs are one of the most intense personality types. It takes a special kind of person to be able to handle a male ENTP and to keep them interested. They are upfront and they see honesty as a sign of respect. You won’t catch an ENTP sugar coating what they say.

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