ESFJ: So Supportive

ESFJs are great at connecting with others. They’re highly adept at picking up on social subtleties and instinctively notice things like body language and tone of voice.

ESFJs are very aware of social boundaries. They know exactly what behaviour is acceptable and tailor their behaviour to meet the needs and expectations of people around them. This makes them great hosts and, being highly organised, they often take the lead in organising get togethers. 

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

George Sand

ESFJs are loyal and empathetic. They absorb other people’s emotions. When their loved ones are happy, they’ll feel their happiness as if it’s their own, and when their loved ones are sad, they’ll often feel similarly. ESFJs will go above and beyond for the people they care about. 

Famous ESFJs

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Hugh Jackman
  3. Sansa Stark

Best matches


Relationships come naturally to ESFJs. They are people-orientated and take commitment seriously. ESFJs very much appreciate the feelings of security and stability that come with healthy relationships. They’re affectionate and loyal, which are qualities that are often valued by partners. But they can find it hard accepting criticism and can be needy, which sometimes causes friction in relationships. 

Ideal date

Create some magic by putting your culinary skills and tasting techniques to the test at a cookery class. 


The caring and loving nature of ESFJs means family and friends love your company.
ESFJs enjoy doing tasks for others so that they have everything they need.
ESFJs are compassionate and kind when it comes to the people they care about.
Planning comes naturally to ESFJs thanks to all of your to-do lists.


Need for validation
ESFJs’ concern with social status can prevent them being their best self.
ESFJs’ inability to adapt to situations can sometimes hold them back in life.
Too selfless
Putting other’s needs before their own can sometimes be tiring for ESFJs.
Criticism can make ESFJs defensive, even when it comes from a good place.

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