ISTP: So Pratical

ISTPs are the coolest of the cool. They’re highly adaptable and take life as it comes.

ISTPs see little point in overthinking things or worrying about situations that can’t be changed, so quite simply they don’t. They have a calm demeanour, but they also have a spontaneous side that can surprise people. 

“If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

Katharine Hepburn

Give an ISTP a problem and they’ll come up with a solution. They’re masters at figuring things out, especially practical things. ISTPs learn best by trial-and-error and enjoy pulling things apart to see how they work. Using tools and machines comes naturally to this type. 

Famous ISTPs

  1. James Bond
  2. Scarlet Johansson
  3. Snoop Dogg

Best matches


ISTPs apply the same logic they use in other areas of their lives to relationships. If someone doesn’t like them back, they’ll accept it and move on rather than spend countless hours dwelling on it. They value their freedom and can find the irrational nature emotions overwhelming, whether it’s their own or other people’s, which can sometimes cause challenges in relationships. 

Ideal date

Test your teamwork skills and your balancing act on a bicycle made for two. 


ISTPs aren’t phased by practical problems and can work through them logically.
ISTPs’ ability to change direction when needed makes them easy to be around.
ISTPs manage to breeze through life without overly worrying or stressing.
ISTPs are able to work with what they’ve got to solve most problems in life.


ISTPs take things as they come and shy away from long-term commitments.
ISTPs sometimes lack empathy and awareness of other people’s feelings.
Very private
ISTPs can be secretive about their feelings until someone knows them well.
Easily bored
ISTPs have a low boredom threshold and have a need to be entertained.

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