ISFP: So Artistic

ISFPs are creative and have a strong appreciation for visual aesthetics. Being present comes naturally to them.

ISFPs have a special connection with nature and they often see beauty where others do not. Sitting on the beach watching the sunset while listening to the sound of the sea is the epitome of bliss for many of them. 

“Don’t let making a living prevent you from making a life.”

John Wooden

ISFPs are full of new ideas. They’re not ones to do things by the book and although they’re often viewed as calm, they’re full of passion and can be quite unpredictable. Self-expression is important to this type, be it through painting, music or other platforms. ISFPs are big believers in individuality and everyone being able to openly be their authentic selves. 

Famous ISFPs

  1. Jon Snow
  2. Lady Gaga
  3. Marilyn Monroe

Best matches


When it comes to relationships, ISFPs appreciate having a partner in crime who they can explore and share new experiences with. ISFPs are laid back and accepting of others, which is often helpful in relationships. But they dislike confrontation and can sometimes brush issues under the carpet in a bid to maintain harmony. 

Ideal date

Nurture your inner artist and add some colour to your date with a creative painting class. 


ISFPs are highly in tune with their feelings and the natural world.
ISFPs are innovative and artistic with a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics.
ISFPs have a heightened sense of others’ situations and always want to help.
ISFPs have a flexible attitude and are prepared to change course if needs be.


ISFPs often change plans and this makes it hard for others to keep up.
ISFPs take criticism to heart and this can lead to defensiveness.
ISFPs struggle to stick to one course of action or one idea because of FOMO.
ISFPs struggle to create order which can make life overcomplicated.

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