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ISFP: So Artistic

ISFP personality type in a nutshell

ISFPs are creative and have a strong appreciation for visual aesthetics. They have a special connection with nature and often see beauty where others do not. Sitting on the beach watching the sunset while listening to the sound of the sea is the epitome of bliss for many ISFPs.

ISFPs are full of new ideas. They aren’t ones to do things by the book and although they’re often viewed as calm, they’re full of passion and can be quite unpredictable. Self-expression is important to people of the ISFP personality type, be it through painting, music or other forms. ISFPs are big believers in individuality and they place little value on tradition.

“Don’t let making a living prevent you from making a life.”

John Wooden

Happy to go with the flow, ISFPs are the type who enjoy the journey. Preferring to live in the moment, they are highly observant of their surroundings and tend not to plan too far into the future. ISFPs like to keep their options open and explore different possibilities. Being so adaptable and welcoming of change, they are one of the most spontaneous personality types.

Famous ISFPs

  1. Marilyn Monroe: Marilyn Monroe, an ISFP, was passionate and free-spirited. She is often thought to have been an extrovert but she was private and kept to herself.
  2. Jon Snow: Jon Snow is an ISFP. He is sensual and highly in tune with his feelings and the natural world. This was shown when he turned his back on the Iron Throne and went beyond the wall with the wildlings, where he felt most comfortable.
  3. Lady Gaga: Lady Gaga is extremely creative, through her fashion, music and acting, but she is also down to earth. These are all qualities of ISFPs.

Best matches

ISFP personality type relationships

When it comes to relationships, ISFPs appreciate having a partner in crime who they can explore and share new experiences with. ISFPs are laid back and accepting of others, which is often helpful in relationships. But they dislike confrontation and can sometimes brush issues under the carpet in a bid to maintain harmony.

ISFPs are most compatible with partners who are trustworthy and dedicated. So which types are the best matches for an ISFP? ESTJs and ESFJs are the best personality matches for an ISFP. You can read our complete guide to ISFP compatibility to learn more.

Ideal date

Nurture your inner artist and add some colour to your date with a creative painting class. 


ISFPs are highly in tune with their feelings and the natural world.
ISFPs are innovative and artistic with a keen eye for beauty and aesthetics.
ISFPs care deeply about humans and animals, always wanting to help those in need.
ISFPs have an easy-going attitude and are comfortable changing their course of action.


ISFPs often change plans and this can make it hard for others to keep up.
ISFPs take criticism to heart and this can lead to defensiveness.
ISFPs can struggle to stick to one path or one idea because of FOMO.
ISFPs struggle to create order and maintain a routine which can be challenging.

The meaning of ISFP

So what is the meaning of ISFP? ISFP is one of the 16 Myers & Briggs personality types. ISFP stands for Introversion, Sensing, Feeling and Perceiving. Each letter represents certain personality characteristics:

  1. Introversion means that ISFPs direct their energy to their inner world.
  2. Sensing means that ISFPs focus on tangible and concrete information.
  3. Feeling means that ISFPs primarily make decisions based on people and values.
  4. Perceiving means that ISFPs prefer to keep their options open and explore different possibilities.

At So Syncd, we call ISFPs ‘So Artistic’ because they are creative and sensual individuals. They are also known as The Adventurer, The Composer and The Amiable Artisan.

If you want to delve deeper into what it means to be an ISFP, check out our post about ISFP cognitive functions.

ISFP personality type characteristics

ISFPs are sensitive and caring creatures. People are drawn to their peaceful presence and they are deeply loyal. At first, ISFPs come across as quiet and modest, shying away from the spotlight. However, when you get to know an ISFP, they will want to talk about all kinds of topics.

ISFPs love connecting with others but they need a lot of alone time to recharge and reflect. This is often when they are at their most creative. With their quiet charm, ISFPs can be difficult to read and understand. Being rather private, they don’t give much away and they have many layers that they share with very few people.

ISFP values

Accepting and individualistic, ISFPs rarely judge others for their life choices. They are open-minded and appreciate that different ways of living work for different personalities. ISFPs are strongly tied to their values and morals, often feeling intensely passionate about certain causes close to their heart.

ISFPs believe in following their passions and this encompasses the meaning of being an ISFP. Down-to-earth and unconventional, they’re certainly not the type to chase money for the sake of it. A life spent doing boring and repetitive tasks would be a life wasted for an ISFP. People of the ISFP personality type want to feel inspired and excited on a daily basis.

The paradox of the ISFP

ISFPs are quiet yet passionate. Don’t let their placid nature fool you though, ISFPs are a volcano of emotions. They feel everything so intensely and they live a colorful life of powerful feelings. ISFPs can become easily stressed in certain situations which can be unexpected given they are usually relaxed. 

With a daredevil side to them, ISFPs aren’t afraid to take risks. Again, this surprises a lot of people because of their reserved nature. In reality, ISFPs are drawn to extreme sports and they love a good adrenaline rush. Being so in tune with their environment, they are talented at navigating physical situations.

Are ISFPs rare?

ISFPs are the 13th rarest personality type. They make up:
1. 9% of the general population.
2. 10% of the female population.
3. 8% of the male population.

Female ISFPs

Female ISFPs are caring and sensual free spirits. They value freedom and can’t stand being told what to do, whether it’s by someone in particular or society in general. If they feel strongly about something, they’ll let it be known, even if it means breaking the rules. Female ISFPs have a quietly rebellious streak that can come as a surprise to others.

Male ISFPs

Male ISFPs are compassionate and affectionate people. Every day can be an emotional rollercoaster for male ISFPs. Naturally charismatic, they have a unique charm that draws people to them. They have clear values and morals that they stick to at all costs. It’s not all serious though, male ISFPs love to explore and have fun.

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