ESTJ: So Dedicated

ESTJ personality type in a nutshell

So what’s the meaning of ESTJ personality type? ESTJs are dedicated individuals who take great pleasure in bringing order and structure to their surroundings. Approaching life methodically, they feel most comfortable when there are established procedures in place. If there aren’t existing protocols, ESTJs will quite happily take the initiative to implement them.

ESTJs are traditional and they take the role within society, always delivering what they promised. They respect hierarchies as they see this a necessary for everything running smoothly. As family-oriented people, they take pride in their ability to create a safe environment for their loved ones.

“Good order is the foundation of all things.”

Edmund Burke

ESTJs have an unmatched work ethic. Structured and committed, they are strong believers in following the rules as they’re very aware that they exist for the broader benefit of society. ESTJs are well suited to leadership roles in community groups as positions like this combined their organisational skills and their love for bringing people together.

Famous ESTJs

  1. Michelle Obama
  2. Frank Sinatra
  3. Alec Baldwin

Best matches

ESTJ personality type relationships

When it comes to relationships, ESTJs appreciate security and stability. They are family-orientated individuals who strongly value tradition, particularly when it comes to their home lives. ESTJs usually apply their planned nature to their relationships which can come across as controlling. Dealing with emotions can be challenging for people of the ESTJ personality type and they are sometimes seen as insensitive.

ESTJs are most compatible with partners who are trustworthy and dedicated. So who is the best match for an ESTJ? At So Syncd, we consider ISFPs and ISTPs to be the best matches for an ESTJ.  

Ideal date

Show off your knowledge of useless but entertaining information at a trivia night. 


ESTJs direct their time and attention to achieving their goals in life.
People can count on ESTJs to be straightforward and give an honest opinion.
ESTJs follow through on promises with actions and people can trust them.
ESTJs enjoy order and take responsibility for putting dates in the diary.


ESTJs sometimes try to take over situations and control the outcomes.
ESTJs can be unadaptable in certain situations and this can hold them back in life.
ESTJs can be quick to criticize and jump to conclusions without knowing all of the facts.
ESTJs can be overly direct, which sometimes hurts people’s feelings.

The meaning of ESTJ

So what is the meaning of ESTJ? ESTJ is one of the 16 Myers & Briggs personality types. ESTJ stands for Extroversion, Sensing, Thinking and Judging. Each letter represents certain personality characteristics:

  1. Extroversion means that ESTJs direct their energy to the outer world.
  2. Sensing means that ESTJs focus on tangible and concrete information.
  3. Thinking means that ESTJs primarily make decisions based on logic.
  4. Judging means that ESTJs prefer to live their lives in a structured and organized way.

At So Syncd, we call ESTJs ‘So Dedicated’ because they are one of the most committed personality types. They are also known as The Executive, The Supervisor and The Commandment Organizer.

ESTJ personality type characteristics

ESTJs are logical and they focus on efficiency. They love ticking tasks off their checklists and enjoy planning. With their love of structure and procedures, ESTJs approach tasks methodically and solve problems by step-by-step reasoning. Not afraid of a challenge, people of the ESTJ personality type will persevere until they find a solution.

ESTJs are direct and decisive. When it comes to making decisions, they look at the cold hard facts and decide quickly which route to take. The faster they make a decision, the sooner they can move onto the next task of course. When it comes to work, ESTJs are often found in leadership positions and they believe in setting a good example.

ESTJ values

ESTJs strongly believe that rules and order underpin all functional societies. A world of chaos is an ESTJ’s worst nightmare. In all areas of their lives, ESTJs like to feel in control and they feel most comfortable when everybody is doing exactly what they’re meant to be doing. If there is no clear authority figure, ESTJs will happily take the reins.

Dependability encompasses the meaning of being an ESTJ. They pride themselves on being reliable and sticking to their word. It makes logical sense to them to follow through on promises and to stick to the plan and their need for order can mean that ESTJs can be inflexible.

The paradox of the ESTJ

ESTJs are tough but caring. They are extremely dedicated personality types who care deeply for their friends and family but they’re not overly affectionate. Showing their love in different ways, ESTJs will make sure that their loved ones have everything they need. The phrase ‘tough love’ would sum up an ESTJ perfectly.

Enforcing rules comes naturally to ESTJs but they do it for everyone’s benefit, not just for the sake of it. With their direct way of communicating, ESTJs aren’t afraid to provide constructive feedback and tell someone if they aren’t doing a good job. This can be taken the wrong way by more sensitive personality types.

Are ESTJs rare?

ESTJs are the 12th rarest personality type. ESTJs make up:
1. 9% of the general population.
2. 6% of the female population.
3. 11% of the male population.

Female ESTJs

Female ESTJs are assertive and honest. Not ones to give up, they pursue their goals with laser focus and they’ll persevere until the very end. Female ESTJs are highly independent in all areas of their lives but they value relationships and care deeply for those close to them. They don’t tend to fit the stereotypically feminine traits of today’s society which can be challenging.

Male ESTJs

Male ESTJs are intense and dominating energy. With their strong-willed nature, they’re not afraid to take the lead in a variety of situations. They are always on the go and can find it hard to relax. Male ESTJs can command a room and rally the troops to create a team that works efficiently towards a common goal.

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