16 Personality Types at Christmas

16 Personality Types at Christmas

Today we explore the 16 personality types at Christmas. Christmas is a unique experience for all of us. We each prefer different parts of Christmas and we all like to focus on different things during this holiday season.

You can find ESFJs cooking Christmas dinner like a pro and INFJs will have bought the most thoughtful gift for each of their loved ones. Then you have INTPs, who may have forgotten it was Christmas altogether!

Knowing how each of the 16 personality types behaves at Christmas can help you make the most of this holiday season. You can delegate the tasks accordingly and there won’t be any surprises when your INTP sibling doesn’t turn up.

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So read on to find out how each personality type acts at Christmas! If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

INFP: Sipping hot drinks & avoiding family feuds

INFPs enjoy spending time alone or with a few close friends during the holidays. They’re introspective and enjoy sipping hot drinks while contemplating the meaning of life. The INFP may also use this time to catch up on their reading. Arguing with family members is not their idea of a good time, so they’ll likely avoid any potential conflict.

ENFP: Opening their advent calendar early

ENFPs are enthusiastic and enjoy trying new things. So it’s no surprise that they’d be the type to open their advent calendar early – they just can’t wait to see what surprises each day brings! ENFPs also love a good joke, so they’re likely to be the ones at breakfast each morning giving away the answer to the advent calendar jokes for the next few days.

INFJ: Finding the perfect gift for everyone

INFJs are thoughtful and compassionate, so they take great care in picking out presents for their loved ones. They want to make sure each gift is meaningful and reflects the person’s interests and personality. They may start their holiday shopping months in advance in order to find the perfect present for each person on their list.

ENFJ: Volunteering at their local soup kitchen

There’s a reason why we call ENFJs “So Giving” at So Syncd. This type loves giving back to their community, and they’re likely to volunteer at a local soup kitchen or other charity events during the holiday season. ENFJs are compassionate and care about making a difference in the world, so this is their way of giving back and helping those in need. They are people-oriented and enjoy chatting with others, so this is the perfect activity for them during the holidays.

INTP: Forgetting it’s Christmas until the day before

INTPs are deep thinkers who enjoy spending time alone in their own thoughts. This can sometimes make them seem detached from the world around them, and they may forget important dates or events. So it’s not surprising that the INTP would forget it’s Christmas until the day before! But once they remember, they’re likely to enjoy the day and hopefully get a new book to add to their never-ending reading list.

ENTP: Wearing crazy Christmas jumpers

ENTPs are known for their sense of humor and love of puns, so it’s no surprise that they’d enjoy wearing a crazy Christmas jumper. They’re also likely to be the ones cracking jokes all day long and making everyone laugh. ENTPs enjoy being the center of attention and are often the life of the party. They will be the ones making sure everyone is having a great time at the office Christmas jumper party and there is little chance of their style being upstaged.

INTJ: Winning the board games on Christmas Day

INTJs are competitive and love to win, so they’re likely to be the ones winning all the board games on Christmas Day! INTJs are always a few steps ahead of their opponents and they love to use their quick minds to outsmart others. Even on Christmas Day, they will be a few moves ahead of you on the game and they’ll be planning for all eventualities. They also love to play by the rules, so don’t be surprised if they get into a few arguments with family members over the rules of the game too.

ENTJ: Delegating the cooking responsibilities

This personality type is famous for their leadership skills, so it’s no surprise that an ENTJ would be the one to delegate the cooking responsibilities on Christmas Day. They are also notorious for liking things done their own way and can be quite bossy. So if you’re assigned to cook the turkey this year, make sure you follow the ENTJ’s instructions to the letter! They also have high standards, so don’t be offended if they offer a few constructive criticisms along the way.

ISFJ: Wrapping gifts with matching bows & tags

ISFJs are detail-oriented and they take pride in their appearance, so it’s no surprise that they would wrap gifts with matching bows and tags. This type likes things to look perfect and they will make sure each present is wrapped beautifully. ISFJs also have a great memory, so they’re likely to remember who gave them what present last year and they will make sure to reciprocate with a thoughtful gift this year.

ESFJ: Cooking Christmas dinner like a pro

ESFJs are natural-born caregivers and they take pride in their cooking abilities. They’re likely to be the ones cooking Christmas dinner like a pro and making sure everyone is well-fed. They will also enjoy hosting Christmas dinner and making sure their guests are comfortable. ESFJs are people-oriented and they thrive in social situations, so this is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase their skills.

ISTJ: Buying gifts 3 months in advance

ISTJs are known for their planning and organization skills. They like to be prepared for everything and they’re likely to buy gifts 3 months in advance. This way, they can make sure they get the perfect gift for each person on their list. ISTJs are also practical and frugal, so they’re likely to find the best deals on gifts too.

ESTJ: Watching traditional holiday movies

ESTJs are traditionalists and they like to stick to the tried and true. So it’s no surprise that they would watch traditional holiday movies. They’re likely to have a few favorites that they watch every year and they might even get a little upset if someone tries to change the lineup. ESTJs are also highly organized so don’t be surprised if they schedule this into the day’s festivities.

ISFP: Making handmade wreaths

Creativity is something that comes naturally to ISFPs. They have a knack for art and they’re likely to make very beautiful handmade wreaths. These wreaths will be incredibly special and they will be made with a lot of love. ISFPs aren’t the most traditional of personality types, so don’t be surprised if their wreaths are a little bit different from the norm.

ESFP: Insisting on excessive decorations

ESFPs are ones for subtlety and they like things to be over-the-top. So it’s no surprise that they would insist on excessive decorations. They’re likely to go all out with the Christmas lights and they will make sure every inch of their home is covered in holiday cheer. ESFPs are also known for being very social and they will enjoy having people over to admire their handiwork.

ISTP: Chopping down wood for the fire

Practical and nature-loving, ISTPs are likely to chop down wood for the fire. They’re likely to be the ones who are always prepared for the warm fire and they will make sure there’s plenty of wood to last the night. ISTPs will also take pride in knowing that they’re helping to keep the tradition alive.

ESTP: Kissing people under the mistletoe

Well, this is an ESTP Christmas tradition if there ever was one! ESTPs are known for being flirtatious and they love nothing more than a good game of cat and mouse. So it’s no surprise that they would take advantage of the mistletoe. They’re likely to kiss as many people as possible and they will enjoy all the attention.

So there you have it, the 16 personality types at Christmas. Do you relate to the behavior of your personality type? Have you noticed your family and friends fit their stereotypes too?

Once Christmas is over, it’s time to start thinking about the year ahead. It’s a good opportunity to think about how the year went and start setting some goals for the next. So get inspired with our suggested New Year’s resolutions for each personality type.

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