21 Leo Nail Designs & Styles

21 Leo Nails

Are you a proud Leo looking for some inspiration for your next nail look? Look no further. Here are 21 amazing Leo-inspired nail design ideas that will make sure you show off your fierce and fiery spirit. From gold tips to hot pink, these designs have something for everyone. So if you’re ready to rock the zodiac sign of the lion, keep reading.

21 Leo Nail Designs

Leo nails

1. French manicure with gold, black and white swirl tips

Now, these nails are bold and beautiful. On a classic French tip mani, add a few gold, black and white swirls to really give the design that extra oomph. This simple yet stylish look embodies the spirit of a Leo. They are confident and unafraid, so why not let your manicure reflect that? These Leo nails will draw in admirers and make you the star of the show. Plus, it’s a great way to stand out without overdoing it. So strut your stuff with this flashy manicure.

Image source: @pressedbycharlotte_

Leo nails

2. Nude nails with sparkly pastel-colored suns

As Leo is ruled by the Sun, what better way to show it off than with a few sparkly pastel-colored suns? These cute and subtle nails are perfect for those who want to keep their look natural but still have some fun. The nude nail polish creates an elegant base, while the delicate sun designs add flair and personality. This manicure is a delicate nod to your Leo zodiac sign and will make you feel as unique as you are.

Image source: @beautyhaven_byjodie


3. Pink and black leopard print

If you want to make a statement, these pink and black leopard print nails are the way to go. With its bold color scheme and jungle-like aesthetic, it’s no wonder that this manicure is on point for those born under the Leo zodiac sign. The mixture of hot pinks and blacks brings out the confidence of a Leo while still being stylish and fun. They aren’t too long either, so they won’t get in the way while you conquer the world.

Image source: @napaznokciach


4. Gold chrome nails

The power color of the Leo zodiac sign is gold, and these gold chrome nails fit the bill perfectly. The strong, gleaming finish gives off an aura of strength and confidence, which is just what Leo needs to show off their bold personality. Leos are known for their regal nature, and these nails give you an extra hint of royalty. So don’t be afraid to try something new and show off your powerful Leo spirit with these glitzy gold chrome nails. The design is simple, but the color will draw attention wherever you go.

Image source: @glossyswan

Leo nails

5. Pastel yellow with mini lemons

These pastel yellow nails with mini lemons are a fun, fresh way to embody your Leo personality. The bright yet soothing color gives your look an uplifting vibe, while the mini lemons add a playful touch. This manicure screams summer and is perfect for those carefree days when you just want to have fun. You can go from the office to a wedding to the beach without worries – this look will fit anywhere. Plus, the round shape of the nails gives them an extra layer of sophistication.

Image source: @xenia_boutique


6. Bold red almond nails

These nails speak for themselves. They don’t need any nail art to make them stand out – the bold red color does all the talking. With their almond shape, these nails are ideal for a Leo who wants to unleash their inner diva. The bright red shade practically screams confidence and glamour, which is why they make such a great accessory for Leo’s regal attitude. So let these nails show off this Fire sign’s passionate, vibrant energy.

Image source: @nailcandybymichelle


7. Neon orange with Burberry logo nail art

I love the whole Fire sign aesthetic going on with this neon orange nail art. The bright orange color captures the boldness of Leos perfectly, and it can’t be ignored. Then you have the Burberry logo, which adds a touch of luxury and bling that will have everyone asking where you got them done. The bold colors and the length are an eye-catching combination that will draw attention and make a statement – just what Leos loves. Show off your bold and luxurious Leo side with this mani, and you’ll surely turn heads.

Image source: @joelyoceannails

Blakc and gold

8. Long black Leo nails with gold foil details

Leos are loud and proud, and this long black mani with gold foil details embodies their confident personalities. The sleek black nails give off a mysterious aura, while the gold foil detail adds the pazzazz that makes them uniquely Leo. There is nothing understated about these Leo nails – they make a statement. With the long shape, these nails will get you noticed- especially when paired with your best look. So if you want to show off your Leo vibes, this mani is the way to go.

Image source: @vsenses_vasiliki


9. French nails with red fire tips

Nothing is more iconic for Aries than fire! That’s why these French nails with red fire tips are a fabulous fit for this passionate sign. The classic French mani gets a serious upgrade with these bold and eye-catching tips. The modern twist is typical Aries, they don’t like to do things “the usual way.” The fire tips add a touch of drama and excitement, ideal for those Aries days when you want to ensure your nails match your energy.

Image source: @joelyoceannails

Leo nails

10. Colorful Leo lion nails

These cute and colorful little lions are a fabulous way to show off your Leo zodiac sign with pride. The bright colors and fun design add a funky touch that will turn heads. Plus, the lion is the ultimate symbol for this sign – so it’s like wearing your spirit animal on your nails! Whether you’re going on holiday or just want an eye-catching manicure, these Leo lion nails will surely add a touch of fun and boldness to your look. So go ahead and show off your wild side with this playful mani.

Image source: @nailsbymadisonbh

Leo nails

11. Blush and bronze stiletto nails

Stiletto nails are one of the boldest and most statement-making shapes out there, so they’re ideal for Leos, who aren’t afraid to stand out. This chic, stylish blush and bronze combination will give you an exceptionally elegant look. The soft colors will draw attention captivatingly, while the sharp tips add sparkles and an edge that Leos will love.

Image source: @minea.nails

Leo nails

12. Orange marble swirls

This fiery manicure embodies the Leo zodiac sign. The bright orange color combined with the marble swirls captures their energy flawlessly. These nails are bold and beautiful, and they will make a statement wherever you go. The orange embodies the fire and passion of a Leo, while the marble swirls add texture and depth that can’t be ignored. This is a perfect manicure for the Leos who love to stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Be sure to rock these nails when you want to make a bold statement.

Image source: @julyninetysix

Leopard tips

13. Leopard print tips

Leos are the kings and queens of the jungle, so it makes sense that they’d love a fun leopard print mani. The mix of black and brown is fierce yet glamorous – a perfect combination for this vibrant sign. Plus, these nails will look great whether you’re out clubbing or going on a date night. Either way, you’ll be sure to turn heads with this unique and stylish mani. So show off your inner Leo and rock these leopard print tips.

Image source: @pressedbycharlotte_

Coral and yellow swirls

14. Peach and yellow swirls

This peach and yellow swirl design is great for showing off your flirty and fun Leo nature. The swirls represent the energy and motion of this passionate sign, while the colors embody their confident and bubbly personality. These nails will add an unexpected pop of color to any look, sure to turn heads wherever you go. It’s perfect for Leos who want to express their creative side without being too over-the-top.

Image source: @joelyoceannails

Holiday yellow

15. Orange and yellow ombre tips with gold astrology details

These are the ultimate holiday nails for a Leo. The hot orange and yellow ombre tips are perfect for adding a pop of color to any look, while the gold details with the sun, stars, and eye are a nod to astrology and, specifically, this zodiac sign which is ruled by the Sun. These nails will definitely make a statement and show off your Leo spirit. So if you’re looking for something bold to wear on vacation or just want to add some spunk to your daily look, these are the nail art ideas for you.

Image source: @nailcandybymichelle

Leo nails

16. Nude nails with gold Leo zodiac sign art

These might be the ultimate Leo nails. The gorgeous gold and the Leo glyph are beautiful ways to show off your sign. Plus, the nude colors will go with any outfit and ensure the zodiac art stands out without being too in-your-face. These nails will keep you looking classy and stylish, no matter where you’re going. So if you want to show off you Leo zodiac sign proudly and glamorously, these are the nails for you.

Image source: @rockyournails

Leo nails

17. Pastel-colored daisies on nude nails

These gorgeous spring-inspired daisies will add a touch of fun to any look. The pastel colors embody Leos’ flirty and playful nature, while the nude base ensures they won’t be too loud or overwhelming. These nails are more low-key, but they still make a subtle statement. Any Leos that loves flowers will adore this design. Plus, the shorter length is practical and chic, perfect for any look you want to rock.

Image source: @truebeautybycarrie

Leo nails

18. Glittery gold tips

When it comes to Leos, there’s no such thing as too much gold. Gold represents luxury, confidence, and shine – all traits of the bold Leo sign. These sparkly gold tips are ideal for adding extra glam to any look, whether heading to a special occasion or just out with your friends. The long length will make sure your nails stay eye-catching and chic. So if you want to show off your wild side and have fun, these are the perfect Leo nails.

Image source: @charsgelnails_

Pink and gold

19. Half hot pink and half nude nails separated by a rough gold stripe

Colors and textures are essential for Leos. This half-hot pink and half-nude design embodies their sexy and fiery nature, while the gold stripe in the center adds some edge. This design isn’t too over the top but still adds some unexpected flair to any look. Whether you’re out for a romantic dinner or a wild night out, these nails will catch people’s eyes. So show off your bold and confident Leo spirit with these hot pink and nude tips.

Image source: @nails_by_ruby_

Leo nails

20. Sparkly almond nails with celestial Leo-themed nail art

The celestial nail art with the sun, stars, and moon is a beautiful way to represent this zodiac sign that’s ruled by the Sun. Plus, the almond shape is elegant and timeless, which will keep you looking classy while still showing off your unique style. These nails will have you feeling like the King or Queen of your own universe. So if you want to make a statement and show off your Leo spirit, these are the nails for you.

Image source: @jbepolished

Gold ombre tips

21. Gold ombre tips

And to finish off this list, these gold ombre nails are ideal for any Leo who loves to sparkle and shine. The length is beautiful and practical, while the ombre look adds luxurious color to any look. The touch of gold will have you feeling like a star and ready to conquer the world – or at least your day. So if you’re looking for something glamorous and bold, these are the perfect Leo-style nails.

Image source: @beautiquenails.slp

No matter what your style is, Leo nails can be a great way to show off your sign and express yourself. From leopard print tips to celestial nail art to literally gold anything, these are just some of the ways you can add a little bit of glamour and sparkle to any look. Whether you’re going out for dinner or hitting up a party, these stunning nail designs will make sure all eyes are on you. So if you want to show off your passionate Leo spirit in an eye-catching way, try out one of these stylish looks.

So, now you know your next manicure, check out these 33 Leo quotes that embody this zodiac sign.

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