28 Funny and Relatable Gemini Memes

Gemini Memes

Today we take a look at 28 funny and relatable Gemini memes. Gemini is an air sign that is associated with communication, intellectualism, and duality.

If you’re a Gemini, you know that people often assume you’ve got multiple personalities. And, well, sometimes you do. You can be charming and funny one minute, and then withdrawn and irritable the next.

It’s not that you’re fickle or flighty; you just have a lot of energy and emotion bottled up inside of you. And sometimes, it just needs to come out in different ways. That’s why we’ve put together this collection of hilarious Gemini memes. They’ll make you laugh, and, if you are a Gemini yourself, no doubt you will relate to these hilarious memes.

Gemini people are typically very social and enjoy being around others. They are often very curious and are always looking to learn new things. Gemini people are also typically very creative and enjoy expressing themselves through art or writing. They can be a bit indecisive at times, but this is usually just because they are weighing all of their options before making a decision. Overall, Gemini people are energetic, fun-loving, and intelligent individuals.

As well as multiple personalities, Gemini’s dual nature enables them to see both sides of every issue. This can make them seem indecisive, but it also gives them a unique perspective. Geminis are also known for their quick wit and sharp tongue. They are often able to make others laugh, even in the darkest of times. Life is never dull with a Gemini, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable Gemini memes.

Geminis can keep things bottled up

  1. Despite the fact that they are more than happy to listen to other people’s problems, Geminis are not the kind of people to reveal their problems easily.

2. Sometimes, you’ve got to feel for those Geminis.

Gemini memes: private person struggling alone
Source: @geminimemes__

3. And on the rare occasion they actually open up to someone? Immediate regret.

Gemini memes: never revealing your personal problems
Source: @geminihumour

4. “Seriously guys. Please forget that ever happened. Tell me more about yourself,” – Geminis after revealing anything personal.

Gemini memes: not comfortable opening up to people
Source: @gemini.tale

5. So don’t be surprised if your Gemini friend hits you with the “I’m fine” when they are, in fact, very much not fine.

Gemini memes: don't want people to try and be there for them
Source: @geminimemes__

Geminis can get distracted easily

6. Compassionate, loving, open-minded, but always moving on to the next thing. That’s a Gemini for you!

Gemini memes: can't commit
Source: @gemini.tale

7. Because why finish the task I’m working on when there are new exciting tasks to be started straight away?!

Gemini memes: starting multiple projects and never finishing
Source: @geminihumour

8. When it comes to getting bored and moving on quickly, there’s no one quite like a Gemini. They’re flexible and excitable so this often means it’s not long until they’re ready to move on to something new.

Gemini memes: lose interest quickly
Source: @geminihumour

Geminis make a good first impression on people

9. They want to hear all about you, they’re confident, and they’re social chameleons. What’s not to like?!

make a great first impression - Gemini
Source: @geminihumour

Geminis can have multiple sides to them

10. This Gemini meme is one of my favorites. Don’t like a Geminis personality? No worries. They’ll probably change it in a few minutes.

Gemini memes: multiple personalities
Source: @gemini.tale

11. Will your Gemini friend be happy today? Or will they be sad and angry? Or maybe just hungry? Every day is something new. They like to keep you guessing.

Gemini memes: fast brain mood swings
Source: @geminissue

12. This is partly why they are so good at connecting with people. With an amazing ability to read people, they’re true social chameleons, able to slot in in almost any social scenario.

Gemini memes: changing personalities
Source: @gemini.tale

13. It’s pretty exhausting trying to keep up with all the moods a Gemini can go through in one day. Just don’t call them out on it, okay?!

Gemini memes: multiple personalities
Source: @geminihumour

14. This Gemini meme sums up the two sides. Geminis make the greatest friends but don’t be fooled… If you cross them, you’ll see another side… and this one is scary.

Gemini memes: geminis are good friends and scary enemies
Source: @geminimemes__

15. This is why it’s so important for Geminis to find someone they can be themselves with… all the versions of themself that is.

Gemini memes: need someone who understands them
Source: @geminimemes__

Geminis can be contradictory

16. Life is hard when you’re a Gemini. One minute, you’re craving social interaction and connections. The next minute, you’re overwhelmed, needing alone time. Only to then crave people again.

Gemini memes: cycle of needing social interaction but needing alone time
Source: @geminissue

17. This Gemini meme speaks for itself!

Gemini memes: introverted extrovert
Source: @geminimemes__

18. “Hug me. Stop hugging me. Give me freedom. Give me attention. You’re being too clingy.” – every Gemini ever.

Gemini memes: need alone time but also need attention
Source: @geminimemes__

19. Yes, they may have told you to leave them alone, but that was the old them. Now they need your attention! Keep up, guys.

Gemini memes: i told him to leave me along and he left me alone
Source: @geminihumour

20. This Gemini meme sums it up perfectly. Simple, right?!

Gemini memes: need to be loves but left alone at the same time
Source: @geminimemes__

Geminis like to be right

21. Don’t bother arguing with a Gemini. Their resourcefulness (see: Googling topics to prove you are wrong) and their ability to see all sides of an argument make them excellent debaters. And they also won’t let it go if it turns out they are right.

Gemini memes: when no one believed you but you were right.
Source: @geminihumour

22. And if, for whatever reason, someone makes them try to admit they were wrong. This is usually the closest thing you’ll get to an apology from a Gemini.

Geminis aren’t good with feelings

23. I love this Gemini meme. Geminis are usually far more comfortable with facts and figures. Feelings mean love, and love means commitment… YIKES.

24. Geminis can be witty, direct, and blunt. Some people love it, and some people aren’t as keen. Either way, they usually mean the best, so don’t take offense.

25. Geminis are excellent at fitting in, charming people, putting on a good show, and showing off their wit. But all of that is exhausting. Nothing better than coming home and being your true (not so nice) self.

Geminis after a long day of being nice
Source: @geminissue

Geminis need someone who gets them

26. Sarcasm is a love language for most Geminis. If you can give it back to them, they will love you forever.

27. On the one hand, they’re usually extroverted, confident, charismatic people. On the other, they need to be alone. If you can understand this, then your Gemini friend will never leave your side. This Gemini meme shows it perfectly.

people who understand i don't always have the energy to talk gemini
Source: @geminihumour

28. And if you are lucky enough to be this person in a Geminis life, you can rest assured that they will leave your life more exciting, fun, and invigorating than they found it!

life is better with a gemini
Source: @geminitales

We hope you enjoyed these relatable Gemini memes! We love Geminis and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for Geminis to find someone who gets them.

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We have tried our hardest to ensure all sources have been cited, but if you would like credit for any content, please contact us.

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