28 Funny and Relatable Scorpio Memes

Funny and Relatable Scorpio Memes

Today we take a look at 28 funny and relatable Scorpio memes. A Scorpio is a water sign and they are known to be sensitive and emotional. They are also very intuitive and can be great at reading people.

If you’re a Scorpio, you know that you can be a little… intense. And sometimes, it’s hard to find someone who understands what it’s like to be you. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. In this blog post, we’ve collected 28 of the funniest and most relatable Scorpio memes.

Scorpios are said to be the most passionate of all the zodiac signs. They have a powerful presence that can be both intoxicating and intimidating. Scorpios also have sharp, intuitive minds, and are often natural leaders and entrepreneurs. They are also fiercely loyal and devoted partners, with a capacity for love that is both deep and enduring.

While all of these qualities can make Scorpios seem like a lot, they can also be incredibly rewarding partners, especially because they are known to be amazing in the bedroom. If you’re someone who loves adventure and enjoys a challenge, then a Scorpio is definitely worth your time, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable Scorpio memes.

Scorpios say it how it is

  1. With Mars being their leading planet, it’s no wonder Scorpios take a straightforward, direct, powerful approach to life. And the way they communicate is no exception.

2. Me, a Scorpio? Being bratty? Saying it how it is, and not beating around the bush? Winning arguments? Making people fall in love with me? Guilty.

Scorpio meme: bitchy
Source: @scorpio.creativity

3. And if you happen to get offended by a Scorpio’s passionate determination and no-bullshit attitude to life, this is probably as close to an apology as you can expect.

Scorpio meme: don't like apologising always right
Source: @scorpio.creativity

4. It’s not a Scorpio’s fault that they are just out here trying to live their lives, chase their goals, find the love of their life, and take control. All while trying to be “nice” to people who get in the way of those things. It’s a daily battle.

Scorpio meme: i don't like people
Source: @scorpio.creativity

5. Make no mistake, if you upset a Scorpio you’ll get a sharp reminder that they don’t take crap from anyone.

Scorpio meme: getting their feelings hurt but then remembering they're a bad ass
Source: @scorpio.creativity

Scorpios are tough but sensitive

6. Scorpios often get a bad rep, but once you look past that tough, intense, determined exterior, they are loving, caring, and sensitive souls.

7. This Scorpio meme goes to show there really is no in between! It’s either one or the other.

Scorpio meme: cool on the outside but sensitive on the inside
Source: @scorpio.creativity

8. Do they want you to leave them alone and give them space? Yes. Do they also need your undying love and attention? Also yes.

9. Scorpios don’t open up easily. But once they do trust you, they’ll be able to show you the ‘real’ them.

Scorpios take time to let their walls down

10. This Scorpio meme sums it up perfectly. Scorpios might put on a good tough act on the outside, but usually, that’s only because they’re scared of being hurt.

Scorpio meme: don't like people
Source: @scorpiomemood

11. You’d be forgiven for thinking that Scorpios are dark, brooding people. In reality, it’s quite the opposite, it’s just that they prefer to come across as an enigma.

Scorpio meme: don't easily open up
Source: @scorpiomemood

12. “Why open yourself up to potential hurt and pain when you can just keep your guard up and stay

safe?!” – Scorpio wisdom

Scorpio meme: protect their own feelings
Source: @scorpiomemood

13. It takes consistency and dedication to convince a Scorpio that you are worthy of their trust. Until then, they’ll remain like this…

Scorpio meme: building up walls to protect
Source: @scorpiomemood

14. Cutting people out of their life comes a little too easy for a Scorpio. If they even suspect that you aren’t 100% trustworthy, then you’re outta there. Fast.

Scorpio meme: cutting people out of their lives
Source: @scorpio.creativity

Scorpios feel their feelings intensely.

15. As a typical water sign, whether it’s feeling all the feelings, or feeling simply nothing, Scorpios give it 100%.

Scorpio meme: feeling nothing or feeling everything cycle
Source: @scorpio.creativity

16. Vulnerability takes time for a Scorpio, but don’t assume that means indifference. This water sign is extremely emotional at its core, but it’s hard to put all that intense feeling into words.

Scorpio cannot express all their feelings
Source: @scorpiomemood

Scorpios are considered the sexiest star sign

17. With their irresistible charm, their enigmatic mystery, and their straightforward confidence, it’s no wonder Scorpios are considered the sexiest star sign.

when you are an emotional softy cry baby but also a bad bitch scorpio
Source: @scorpiomemood

18. I think this Scorpio meme speaks for itself! Keep slayin’ you sexy Scorpios.

sexiest star sign scorpio
Source: @scorpio.creativity

19. Scorpios are always up for trying new things, and they’re deeply passionate people. So don’t be fooled by that cute, mysterious exterior!

Freak side Scorpio
Source: @scorpiomemood

Scorpios are perceived as introverted

20. With all that secrecy and mystery around them, they like to keep themselves to themselves and they don’t open up easily. It’s no wonder that Scorpios can struggle with everyday social interaction.

scorpio ignoring everyone until in a good mood
Source: @scorpio.creativity

21. This Scorpio meme sums it up perfectly…

dealing with people scorpio introvert
Source: @source.creativity

22. Seriously though, read the vest people.

Scorpio not friendly do not touch
Source: @scorpiomemood

23. Fed up with people in general? Check. In need of a good nap? Check. Feeling deep emotions? Check.

Tested for being a scorpio
Source: @source.creativity

24. Feelings and people can be overwhelming for Scorpios. Best way to deal with them? Nap time!

how scorpio handles stressful situations - sleeping
Source: @source.creativity

Scorpios have a lot of love to give

25. If a Scorpio finds someone who seems trustworthy, who can take their sarcasm, and who gets them – they will never let them out of their sight.

scorpio wants cute honest person with dark sense of humour
Source: @scorpiomemood

26. Get ready though, because when a Scorpio falls, they fall HARD.

Scorpio when they find the right person
Source: @source.creativity

27. You don’t need to worry about your Scorpio partner being interested in someone else. When they’re invested they’re 100% invested.

loyal scorpio star sign
Source: @source.creativity

28. At the end of the day, Scorpios, as mysterious and direct as they can be, have so much to give. Look past that (sometimes) frosty exterior and there’s someone who has all the love in the world to give the right person. That person might be on So Syncd, the personality type dating app. So download So Syncd for free today to meet your perfect match.

tough but sensitive scorpio contradiction
Source: @scorpiomemood

We hope you enjoyed these relatable Scorpio memes. We love Scorpios and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for Scorpios to find someone who gets them.

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