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Which Euphoria Character Shares Your Zodiac Sign?

Today we explore the zodiac signs of Euphoria characters. Euphoria follows a group of high school students through their experiences of sex, drugs, friendships, love, identity, and trauma. It’s a representation of teenage life but on steroids.

Which Euphoria Character Shares Your Zodiac Sign?

Today we explore the zodiac signs of Euphoria characters. Euphoria follows a group of high school students through their experiences of sex, drugs, friendships, love, identity, and trauma. It’s a representation of teenage life but on steroids.

Rue Bennett narrates the series, which begins with her being discharged from a thirty-day stay in rehab after overdosing on heroin.

When it comes to the Euphoria characters, they are all complex, multi-dimensional people with different zodiac signs that contribute to their individual personalities. The characters exhibit some good qualities and A LOT of the toxic personality traits associated with their zodiac sign.

Are you a compassionate and creative Pisces like Jules Vaughn? Or are you an intense and jealous Scorpio like Nate Jacobs?

Read on to find out the zodiac signs of the main characters in Euphoria and what they reveal about their personalities.

Zodiac signs of Euphoria characters

Jules Vaughn: Pisces (Most likely)

Jules Vaughn is a Pisces. Pisces are known for being compassionate, artistic, and creative. They are also extremely intuitive and can be very empathetic. These are all qualities that we see in Jules Vaughn. She is a very compassionate person, as she is always there for Rue when she needs her. Jules is also very creative, as we see with her art and her sense of style. Pisces are also known for their intuition. Jules definitely has this quality, as she is able to see Rue’s true colors even when nobody else can. She also has a very strong connection with Rue and can empathize with her in a way that nobody else can. All in all, Jules Vaughn is a beautiful Pisces who embodies the best parts of this zodiac sign.

Rue Bennett: Virgo (September 14, 2001)

We find out Rue Bennett was born three days after 9/11, on September 14. This makes Rue a Virgo. We wouldn’t say Rue is a typical Virgo, as she is quite messy and disorganized. Virgos are known for being detail-oriented, hardworking, and practical. However, they can also be very critical of themselves and others. Rue definitely has this quality. She is also very private and doesn’t have many close friends, only choosing to share things with Lexi and Jules. It can be hard to tell what Rue Bennett is thinking or feeling, as she is very good at hiding her emotions. However, underneath all of that, Rue is a kind and caring person who just wants to be loved and accepted. All in all, Rue Bennett is a complex Virgo who doesn’t quite fit into the typical Virgo mold.

Nate Jacobs: Scorpio (Most likely)

Nate Jacobs is a toxic Scorpio through and through. Scorpios are known for being passionate, intense, and sexual. However, they can also be jealous, possessive, and secretive. These are all qualities that we see in Nate Jacobs. He is an incredibly jealous person, which we see in Nate’s relationship with Maddy. Nate is also very secretive, as we see when he hides his affair with Cassie from Maddy. He also keeps his Dad’s secret from a young age. Scorpios are also known for being great liars. This is something that Nate Jacobs definitely excels at. He lies to both Cassie and Maddy about his feelings for them. All in all, Nate Jacobs is a very toxic Scorpio.

Lexi Howard: Cancer (Most likely)

Lexi Howard is a Cancer zodiac sign. She is a kind, caring, and nurturing person. She is also loyal, emotional, and sensitive, which are all classic Cancer personality traits. Lexi stays loyal to Rue even when she is off the rails and being rude as she ultimately wants the best for her. She unconditionally takes care of Rue. Cancers are highly intuitive and in tune with people’s emotions. Lexi observed everyone in her life and captured their personalities and their issues perfectly in a humorous way in her play. Cancers are also known for their emotional intelligence and this is something that Lexi Howard definitely has. She also has a unique ability to empathize with everyone. Overall, Lexi Howard is a kind and caring Cancer who just wants the best for the people in her life.

Maddy Perez: Capricorn (Most likely)

Maddy Perez is a toxic Capricorn. We know she was born in January and Capricorn is more fitting than Aquarius! Maddy is selfish and manipulative and will do anything to get what she wants. She is also intelligent, ambitious, and determined. These are all unhealthy personality traits of the Capricorn zodiac sign. They are also notoriously unforgiving and we really can’t see Maddy forgiving Cassie for getting with Nate any time soon. Maddy is the kind of person who will hold a grudge forever. She’s also the type to take matters into her own hands and get revenge, even if it means hurting someone else in the process. Capricorns make great leaders and are always striving for more. Maddy Perez is the perfect example of this. Her goal in life is to be rich without actually having to work for it. She’s always looking for ways to get ahead. Maddy is a Capricorn that you definitely don’t want to cross.

Cassie Howard: Libra (Most likely)

Cassie Howard is a Libra. She’s charming, idealistic, and optimistic. She’s also indecisive, conflict-averse, and very easily influenced. These are all qualities of the Libra zodiac sign. Cassie lets Maddy walk all over her in Season One. But come Season Two, Cassie’s Libra idealism and romanticizing tendencies got the better of her and she went after Nate, her best friend’s (ex?) boyfriend but kept it a secret for so long. Libras are also people-pleasers and Cassie goes from trying to please Maddy all the time and then she changes herself to get Nate to notice her more by essentially morphing into Maddy. Cassie is a Libra that just wants to be loved by everyone and avoid conflict.

Fezco: Aquarius (Most likely)

Fezco is most likely an Aquarius. Aquarians are known for being independent, humanitarian, and eccentric. These are all qualities that we see in Fezco. He is a very independent person and can come across as slightly aloof. Fez and Ash have been running their drug dealing business from a young age since their Grandma was ill. He is also very eccentric, as we see with his unique sense of style. Aquarius people are also known to be kind. This is something that we see in Fezco when he takes care of Rue after she overdoses. Even though he is a drug dealer, he still has a good heart. All in all, Fezco is a complex Aquarius who embodies both the light and dark sides of this zodiac sign.

Kat Hernandez: Taurus (Most likely)

Kat Hernandez is a Taurus. She is a loyal, reliable, and practical person. She is also very down-to-earth compared to a lot of characters in Euphoria, which is typical of this zodiac sign. She is also a very practical person, as we see with the way she runs her cam girl business. Like a Taurus, Kat is also very reliable. She is always there for Maddy when she needs her and she always has her back. However, Taureans can also be quite stubborn and set in their ways. This is something that we see with Kat, as she is unwilling to change her ways even when it would be beneficial for her. All in all, Kat Hernandez is a loyal and practical Taurus who always has her friend’s best interests at heart.

Cal Jacobs: Capricorn (Most likely)

Cal Jacobs is a Capricorn that exhibits many of the unhealthy personality traits associated with this zodiac sign. Capricorns are known for being ambitious, hardworking, and practical. However, they can also be very pessimist and have a negative outlook on life. This is something that we see with Cal, as he is always looking for the worst in people. Like a Capricorn, he is also a very ambitious person but he can take this to the extreme. He pushes his son, Nate, to be better on the football field. All in all, Cal Jacobs is a typical Capricorn who is always striving for success but often neglects the people around him.

Ashtray: Aries (Most likely)

Ashtray is the Aries in Euphoria. Fiery, hot-headed, and impulsive, Aries people are known for being leaders. They are also very independent and can be quite headstrong. Ashtray definitely embodies these characteristics. He is very impulsive, as we see when he makes decisions without thinking them through. This often gets him into trouble. Ash killed the other drug dealer in their house, which led to him and Fezco getting raided by the FBI. Ashtray is also very independent, as he doesn’t really have anyone in his life except for Fezco. However, Ash is completely loyal to Fez and he would die for him. All in all, Ashtray is a complicated Aries who is loyal to the people he cares about.

Elliot: Sagittarius (Most likely)

Elliot from Euphoria is a Sagittarius. Just like a Sagittarius, Elliot is optimistic, independent, and adventurous. He always sees the best in people, like Rue and Jules. And he’s always up for doing fun things with them. But Elliot also has a wild side. This is something that we see when he does drugs. However, Elliot is always willing to help the people he loves. For example, he helps Rue get clean after she takes it too far. Curious and enthusiastic about life in general, Sagittarius people are known to be truth-seekers. This is definitely something we see with Elliot, as he’s always asking questions and trying to figure things out. All in all, Elliot is a typical Sagittarius who embodies both the light and dark sides of this zodiac sign.

Ethan Lewis: Pisces (Most likely)

Ethan Lewis is a Pisces. Pisces people are known for being compassionate, kindhearted, and sensitive. Ethan told Kat one of them will end up hurt by their relationship in the end but he would make sure it was him and not her. Pisces are often to said to be interested in the arts too. We saw this we Ethan when he led the acting in Lexi’s play and nailed each of his different parts. Ethan doesn’t conform to societal norms and he follows his own path without feeling any pressure from other people in the school. This is something that Pisces people are known for. They are often non-conformists who march to the beat of their own drums.

Ali: Cancer (Most likely)

Ali is a Cancer zodiac sign. He’s thoughtful, compassionate, and intuitive. These qualities are often seen in the Cancer zodiac sign. Ali is thoughtful in the sense that he takes Rue’s feelings and experiences into consideration. He’s also very intuitive and can see Rue for who she truly is. And he can also tell when Rue is using drugs again immediately. Cancers are also known for being fiercely loyal and protective and this is definitely something that we see with Ali. He’s always there for Rue when she needs him and he’s always looking out for her. His empathetic nature and his past experience with drugs, make him the perfect person to help Rue and other people in Narcotics Anonymous through their addiction.

Faye: Gemini (Most likely)

Faye is the Gemini in Euphoria. Like a Gemini, Faye is very outgoing, social, and chatty. She loves to be around people, and she ultimately just wants to have a good time. This is why she suddenly ends up living with Fezco and Ash after they saved her from a drug den. However, Geminis can also be two-faced. We saw this with Faye when her boyfriend was setting up Fez and Ash for Mouse’s murder. She knew what he was doing and she didn’t tell Fez even though they’d let them live in their house. However, Faye came through in the end and she told Fezco to be quiet. So, overall, Faye is a typical Gemini who is social and outgoing but can also be two-faced.

So, there you have it, the zodiac signs of Euphoria characters. If you enjoyed this post, why don’t you take a look and see which Euphoria character shares your personality type? If you don’t know your personality type, you can take our free 5-minute personality test.

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