28 Funny Memes Any ISFJ Will Relate To

ISFJ Funny Relatable Memes

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ISFJ will relate to. Known for their innate drive to help others, and their willingness to put others’ needs before their own, it’s no wonder ISFJs make the greatest friends. Loyalty, family values, and generosity are all at the top of an ISFJs priority list, and you’ll always find them running to the aid of their friends.

When an ISFJ has an opportunity to care for and protect their loved ones, they will take it. Don’t mistake their Introverted nature for them shying away from people. They are considered the most extroverted of the introverts for a reason: when they connect with people, they connect deeply. Surface-level chit-chat and meaningless connections are of no interest to them. ISFJs are sensitive to others’ needs, and they’re always in tune with others’ feelings.

These funny ISFJ memes show how at So Syncd ISFJs are known as ‘So Nurturing. This is because there is no one quite like an ISFJ when it comes to helping those close to them. ISFJs are also known as The Defender, The Protector, and The Amiable Helper.

If attention to detail, meticulous planning, and deep, genuine care for others sounds like someone you can get on board with, then look no further than ISFJs. You’ll see from these funny and relatable ISFJ memes that there is no one quite like an ISFJ!

ISFJs are selfless

1. Selflessness comes all too easily to an ISFJ. Why spend time focusing on yourself when there are friends in need?!

ISFJ skipping self care and helping others
Source: @isfjgirl

2. What to do when you’re already super busy, pretty overwhelmed, and your to-do list is growing by the day but a friend is in need? “Sure! How can I help you?”

kermit personality type funny helpful

3. This ISFJ meme speaks for itself!

4. Due to their highly sensitive, deeply caring, and naturally selfless manner, ISFJs tend to find it difficult to express their needs and emotions…

expressing emotions instead of holding them in funny relatable

5. Hey ISFJs! We mean it when we say It’s okay to say no sometimes!

learn to say no meme funny ISFJ

6. For ISFJs, there’s nothing greater than when you help someone, and they remember that about you <3

Helping friends ISFJ Meme

ISFJs are the most extroverted introverts

7. Confused because your ISFJ friend totally comes across as an extrovert, and has lots of close friendships? Yeah – us too!

Extroverted Introvert ISFJ meme

8. We know, it’s confusing. One minute, they need to have their alone time and don’t want to come to the party. The next they’re having amazing, deep conversations with everyone and making friends at the party?!

9. ISFJs are, at the end of the day, introverts. Although they love being around people they love, it’s still stressful for them when they’re forced into meeting new people when they aren’t emotionally prepared to do so!

Introvert funny nervous
Source: @isfjpsychology

10. But have no doubt, asking an ISFJ to get out of bed and go and socialize is still a big ask!

Me mentally preparing myself to leave the bed and deal with people
Source: @infjpsychology

11. Because home will always be better than going out for an ISFJ! This ISFJ meme sums it up perfectly!

introvert meme stay home
Source: @isfjmemesrus

12. Despite appearing friendly and nurturing, ISFJs still need alone time to recharge, and they become easily exhausted when they are around friends for long periods of time.

Wanting to stay inside and also wanting to meet people

13. Tradition, commitments, and deep connections mean a lot to ISFJs. They’re not ‘dating for fun’; they’re looking for someone who really gets them on a deeper level and who is also ready to commit.

ISFJ Meme Funny - hate dating
Source: @isfjmemesrus

ISFJs want harmony

14. This strong sense of empathy and higher sensitivity levels means that ISFJs do not do well with conflict. Can’t we all just get along guys?!

when two people are arguing about a subject and they ask you to take a side but you don't want to be the bad guy in either situation
Source: @isfjgirl

15. Would life be easier if ISFJs didn’t care about people’s opinions of them? Yes. Does that mean they will stop caring what people think? Nope.

caring about what other people think of you
Source: @isfjgirl

16. This ISFJ meme says it how it is! Being an ISFJ means smiling politely and holding back that anger when the small, annoying child won’t shut up.

when a kid is annoying you but it isn't socially nice to be mean to kids
Source: @isfjgirl

ISFJs love to reminisce

17. ISFJs love to think about the past. It gives them a chance to reflect on actions they took and if they resulted in good or bad outcomes. Should I do that again? Could I do that differently next time?

One does not simply tell an ISFJ to forget about the pat
Source: @isfjpsychology

18. And sometimes ISFJs just want to think back to that lovely memory that makes them feel all warm and fuzzy… is that a crime?!

ISFJs watching their favorite memory for the 1000th time
Source: @isfjmemesrus

19. Wait! You want me to let go of a past hurtful memory? But how will I use it to make sure I can make the future better, by dwelling on it for hours on end?

ISFJ memories meme funny LOTR
Source: @isfjmemesrus

20. And don’t even bother being shocked when your ISFJ friend recalls a memory you forgot long, long ago!

ISFJ memory meme
Source: @isfjmemesrus

ISFJs love thoughtfulness

21. This is a great ISFJ meme! Being an introvert, and one who loves to give lots of their time and attention to others means the world to ISFJs when someone shows the same care and attention back to them…

22. You remembered my favorite flavor ice cream?! Brb, crying.

spongebob introvert meme
Source: @mbti.society

ISFJs are sensitive

23. ISFJs are highly sensitive individuals who are in tune with people’s feelings around them, and this makes them incredibly thoughtful people, but it also means they can sometimes take things to heart a little bit…

Fry futurama meme oversensitive

24. This means that when the dreaded words ‘constructive criticism’ come up, ISFJs are ready to run a mile!

sensitive person hate criticism

ISFJs are perfectionists

25. ISFJs do everything by the book, and when they do a task, they do it well. This can sometimes be taken to the extreme and can result in them occasionally being perfectionists

ISFJ meme perfectionist leo laughing

ISFJs care about what’s right and wrong

26. Don’t bother entering into an argument with an ISFJ about ethics and morality. This ISFJ meme shows they have a deep sense of what they think is right and wrong, and if they feel someone is being treated unfairly they will make a point to say so!

ISFJ Meme ethics and morals
Source: @isfjmemesrus

ISFJs will protect the people they love

27. What they lack in sticking up for themselves, they sure as hell make up for in defending their loved ones!

personality type defending others but not yourself
Source: @isfjgirl

28. So quick to reassure others, yet so quick to berate themselves – that’s ISFJs for you!

gordon ramsay meme ISFJ kind
Source: @isfjpsychology

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ISFJ memes! We love ISFJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ISFJs to find someone who gets them.

ISFJs are best matched with ESFPs and ESTPs.

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