28 Funny Memes Any INFP Will Relate To

28 Funny Memes Any INFP Will Relate To

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any INFP will relate to. INFPs are distinctive individuals who are usually found daydreaming and often live in their heads.

They are full of contradictions – sensitive yet opinionated, calming yet unorganized. They are unique characters who are a soothing presence to any social situation (that is – if you can get them out of the house!).

These funny INFP memes show how at So Syncd INFPs are known as ‘So Unique’ – there is no one quite like an INFP. They are also known as The Healer, The Idealist, or The Mediator.

Their personality characteristics are unlike others, which means they can sometimes be misunderstood.

Always searching for deeper meaning and avoiding ‘chit-chat’ small talk at all costs, INFPs are one-of-a-kind as you’ll see from these funny and relatable INFP memes.

INFPs are super intuitive

1. INFPs can pick up on the slightest change in people’s behavior. This is what makes them such great friends – they are incredibly in tune with everyone around them.

2. It doesn’t matter if the people around them (looking at you T types!) try to use logic and reason, INFPs are so intuitive that they will just have a ‘gut feeling’ that something isn’t right.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP intuition
Source: @infpsychology

INFPs need their alone time

3. INFPs are introverts and, therefore do not enjoy being the center of attention. Public Happy Birthday renditions are an INFPs idea of hell!

4. This INFP meme is all too relatable! INFPs need time to recharge their social batteries – best to leave them alone until they contact you.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP introvert
Source: @infpsychology

5. Although alone time is important, INFPs still need people. Friendship and love are incredibly important to INFPs so don’t mistake their introvert tendencies as a sign of not wanting to be around you.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP lonely
Source: @infpsychology

6. Although INFPs might wish that they could go and be more extroverted, their introverted nature means they still struggle to put themselves out there.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP nervous
Source: @infpsychology

7. No one loves to sleep as much as INFPs! All that daydreaming is exhausting – INFPs need to recharge their batteries a lot and nothing does the trick like a good nap.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP sleepy
Source: @infpfriends

8. This INFP meme is one I can seriously relate to! INFPs like to choose when they are social and when they aren’t – sometimes that means you have to wait for them to finish sharing memes until they’re ready to chat.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP hiding
Source: @infpsychology

9. INFPs can get exhausted by having to be social – all that chit-chat and smiling is TIRING.

Me every time leave room after being super kind bubbly
Source: @infpsychology

INFPs are contradictory

10. Often misunderstood, INFPs appear to the outside as meek and mild, but they are anything but! They are highly value-driven people and won’t do something for the sake of it. Never underestimate an INFP.

When you're soft but also not one to be fucked with
Source: @introvertedinfp

INFPs are deep thinkers

11. It doesn’t take long before INFPs’ thoughts become very existential and they are questioning the meaning of life.

When that INFP existential crisis hits you out of nowhere
Source: @introvertedinfp

12. It might appear that INFPs don’t want to talk much, but whatever they say is the tip of the iceberg for what is going on in their busy minds.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP inside head
Source: @introvertedinfp

INFPs can be distracted easily

13. This is another of my favorite INFP memes! With all that thinking going on in their heads, it doesn’t take a lot to distract an INFP. A million thoughts are rushing around up there, so don’t be offended if the INFP in your life is suddenly distracted by another thought.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP distracted
Source: @infpsychology

INFPs feel like they don’t belong

14. When your brain feels like it’s different from everyone else’s it’s easy to feel like you don’t fit in. This is the case for most INFPs! It takes someone to really get you for them to be seen, and not misunderstood.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP misunderstood
Source: @infp.memes

INFPs love deep conversation

15. As we all know, INFPs hate meaningless small talk. They crave deep conversation and will relish any opportunity to discuss deeper, philosophical topics – whether their friends or family want to or not!

Me with philosophical quesions My Friends and Family
Source: @introvertedinfp

INFPs are empathetic – but not so good at sticking to their own advice.

16. Empathy is an INFPs biggest skill, due to their highly intuitive and non-judgemental nature. This makes them great at listening to and helping loved ones. However, they should try to pay attention to their advice now and then.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP advice
Source: @infp.friends

17. INFPs are sensitive souls and need to be looked after too! Their empathetic nature means they often take the role of carer – but they need their own support system, too.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP therapist
Source: @infp_relatable

INFPs are in their heads a lot

18. Sometimes, it’s easier for INFPs to just imagine being sociable in their head rather than having to leave the house and be sociable! I’m sure all INFPs can relate to this meme.

19. INFPs are usually daydreaming about something, and occasionally this means they might be missing what you’re saying to them.

Funny INFP Memes - INFP daydream
Source: @infp.friends

20. All that imagining means it doesn’t take much for an INFP to fall in love with someone in their head. One conversation, and suddenly you’re imagining your whole future together!

Funny INFP Memes - INFP love
Source: @infpsychology

21. Overthinking comes naturally to an INFP, to the point where you can overthink about overthinking!

Funny INFP Memes - INFP overthinking
Source: @introvertedinfp

INFPs become obsessed quickly

22. If something takes an INFPs interest, they will likely become obsessed with that thing very quickly! Be warned, INFPs will skip the small talk and head straight into talking about something they’re interested in.

INFP overshare
Source: @infpsychology

23. If an INFP isn’t completely obsessed with something, they’re usually completely disinterested. INFPs aren’t good at being fake and pretending to be interested in something for the sake of it – if they are interested in something, you’ll know about it!

INFPs are quick to react

24. An INFP’s ability to overthink things and to be highly sensitive means that they can react to things very quickly. Luckily, most of the time it’s over nothing, and everything turns out okay in the end.

Crying in a bottle

Source: @infpfriends

INFPs are sometimes impractical

25. It’s easy for INFPs to create imaginary goals in their head, but when it comes to applying these practices, it’s not quite so easy! Sometimes, it’s just easier to keep dreaming for INFPs!

Accomplishing Goals Unrealistic INFP Meme
Source: @introvertedinfp

26. INFPs can sometimes be described as ‘unrealistic’, but maybe that’s because anything is possible in your imagination! This means that sometimes they struggle to keep to their promises.

People actually keeping their promises
Source: @infpsychology

27. This means that now and then INFPs are left with lots of jobs they’ve started but haven’t finished – oops! This INFP meme sums it up pretty well.

Look at all the half finished projects lying around
Source: @infp_relatable

INFPs are value-driven

28. Living their life in alignment with their values is crucial for INFPs – and it’s hard to comprehend people not doing the same!

Confused INFP Meme
Source: @infp.memes

We hope you enjoyed these relatable INFP memes! We love INFPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for INFPs to find someone who gets them.

INFPs are best matched with ENTJs and ENFJs. You can read our complete guide to INFP compatibility to learn more.

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We have tried our hardest to ensure all sources have been cited, but if you would like credit for any content, please contact us!

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