28 Funny Memes Any ENTJ Will Relate To

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ENTJ will relate to. ENTJs are highly intelligent highly driven, and highly ambitious individuals who embody the phrase ‘the sky is the limit’.

The world of an ENTJ is a world filled with productivity, innovation, routine, and structure. If you’re not adding value to their life then you had better hit the road! Known for their sharp minds and solution-driven attitude, ENTJs are natural-born leaders.

When an ENTJ has an opportunity to set goals, they will take it. Nothing brings them more satisfaction than dreaming big, implementing a strategy to achieve their goals, and smashing that objective! Where there’s a challenge to be faced, a problem to be solved, or a team to be led, you can be sure that there’s an ENTJ leading the charge.

These funny ENTJ memes show how at So Syncd ENTJs are known as ‘So Ambitious. This is because there is no one quite like an ENTJ when it comes to being the first person to step up to lead the pack. ENTJs are also known as The Commander, The Strategist, and The Field Marshal.

If efficiency, brutally direct advice, and a sometimes ruthless approach to life are your kind of thing, then get ready for the ride of your life with an ENTJ. There’s no one quite like them, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable ENTJ memes.

ENTJs are driven

1. We were serious when we described ENTJs as ‘So Ambitious’ – just don’t be surprised when they’re gunning for the head position of the company after a few hours!

2. ENTJs don’t beat around the bush. They’re in it to win it, and they’re not afraid to admit it.

3. “You can sleep when you’re dead”? I don’t think so!

4. There’s nothing sweeter than the taste of efficiency for an ENTJ. Found a better, more effective, more efficient means of working? *chefs kiss*

ENTJ efficient funny meme
Source: @entj_everyday

5. Oh you’re giving me a promotion? A bonus? A pay rise? I’m not surprised, to be honest.

ENTJ work funny meme arrogant
Source: @entj.qualitymemes

6. It’s no use whingeing to your ENTJ friend. They aren’t exactly known for their sympathetic, gentle-mannered nature.

Driven motivated the simpsons funny life is hard
Source: Reddit

7. This ENTJ meme speaks for itself! With a brain bursting to the brim with innovation, motivation, curiosity, and ambition, why SHOULDN’T they be CEO?!

I deserve to be CEO funny change my mind

8. Find me someone more hard-working, more driven, more intelligent, and more innovative than an ENTJ? I’ll wait.

Personality type funny arrogant confidence

9. ENTJs won’t stand for people wasting their time. If someone is not doing it right, they’ll very happily step in and take over.

Micro managing funny personality type

10. Some people call it intensity, others call it extreme motivation. Either way, an ENTJ will get the job DONE.

getting things done in the most intense way possible personality type
Source: @entjpsychology

11. Rest assured, the thing on an ENTJs mind will be to do with their dreams, goals, ambition, and drive.

I wonder who he's thinking of meme personality types

12. ENTJs are never ones to shy away from a challenge, no matter how big.

love a challenge meme leonardo dicaprio

ENTJs are all about efficiency

13. Is ‘suggesting better ways to live your life because watching you live it in an inefficient manner kills me on the inside’ a love language…? Asking for an ENTJ friend.

ENTJ funny meme - blunt direct

14. Perceiver personality types, we’re looking at you with this one! ENTJs embody everything there is when it comes to being a Judger personality type: planning, scheduling, structure, and organization.

Planning personality type meme funny J

15. Just be aware that if you ask your ENTJ friend for advice, and they catch you not heeding that advice, they won’t be happy!

Me watching my friend do the exact opposite of the advice i gave him
Source: @entj_everyday

16. It’s a daily battle for ENTJs to not outburst and start telling people that the way they’re doing things is wrong and inefficient and that they should be doing it THEIR way. The struggle is real.

Trying not to tell others they are wrong ENTJ
Source: @mighty_entj

17. ENTJs are the perfect combination of intensity, a serious, ambitious drive, no time for emotions, and an inability to see people doing things in the ‘wrong way’.

intense personality type
Source: @might_entj

18. This drive for efficiency can sometimes come across as a teensy bit intense. Why chill when you could strive to find better ways of working? This ENTJ meme explains this, perfectly.

zero chill ENTJ meme funny

19. And don’t even try to tell your ENTJ friend that life isn’t about just working hard and achieving goals. Just don’t.

ENTJ truth - productivity funny

20. Occasionally, the confident, controlled, and self-assured nature of an ENTJ can be misinterpreted as arrogance. In that case…

Hard to swallow pills for ENTJ funny meme

ENTJs come across as set in their ways

21. When your brain is wired to be efficient and to strive toward greatness, it’s hard to see how other people’s ways could be better than yours?

Stubborn meme funny ENTJ

22. I love this ENTJ meme. Some call it stubbornness, ENTJs like to call it ‘but my way is objectively better than your way’.

Not sure if stubborn or ENTJ

23. However, remember that all an ENTJ wants is a better way of doing things, and if they are presented with good new information, they are always willing to adapt and change. Just good luck actually presenting them with something they don’t know already…

Not always stubborn ENTJ meme funny

ENTJs aren’t keen on showing emotions

24. Them: “Just open up! Show us how you really feel! It’s okay to show us your emotions!”
ENTJ: “How about no.”

emotionless meme personality types

25. This ENTJ meme speaks for itself!

this is fine meme - no emotions ENTJ

26. So you’re saying that in order to be friendly and warm I need to look past peoples’ inefficiencies, their flaws, and I need to stop being so blunt? *gulp*

ENTJs trying to make friends meme

ENTJs also want to help others

27. It’s not all doom and gloom for the ENTJs! Once they connect with someone, it becomes equally as important for them to help that person with chasing their dreams, as it does with their own.

achieved my goals meme

28. Yes ENTJs can be domineering, demanding, and overbearing, BUT that’s only because they want what’s best for you <3

Funny ENTJ Memes - cocky but helpful

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ENTJ memes! We love ENTJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ENTJs to find someone who gets them.

ENTJs are best matched with INFPs and INTPs. You can read our complete guide to ENTJ compatibility to learn more.

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