28 Funny Memes Any ENFP Will Relate To

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Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ENFP will relate to. ENFPs are enthusiastic, warm spirits who make wonderful friends and amazing partners.

Charismatic, positive, and creative, ENFPs light up any room they walk into. Full of excitement and curiosity, ENFPs are also very independent and private, but be warned, once they open up to you, get ready to know every single detail about their life!

These funny ENFP memes show how at So Syncd ENFPs are known as So Curious – this is because there is no one quite like an ENFP when it comes to their thirst and interest for life. They are also known as The Campaigner, The Enthusiast, and The Creative Idealist.

Their personality characteristics mean they are always assumed to be light-hearted and fun, but in reality, ENFPs are deep, intuitive, and curious beings who are constantly questioning the world around them and thinking outside of the box.

Always chasing deep connections and yearning for freedom, ENFPs are one-of-a-kind as you’ll see from these funny and relatable ENFP memes.

ENFPs are eternally optimistic

1. There’s no chance of feeling like life is hopeless around an ENFP. The glass is always half full for them.

ENFPs love to talk to people

2. Overly enthusiastic and excitable conversations come naturally to an ENFP. So much so, that they might not let you get a word in edgeways. But fear not. This is only because they want to share their interests with you.

Funny ENFP Meme - ENFP excitable
Source: @enfpmemes

3. Speaking of interrupting people, ENFPs tend to do this a lot! But don’t worry, it’s mostly to themselves.

ENFP conversation interrupt
Source: @enfpsychology

4. This meme sums up ENFPs in conversation perfectly… the combination of wanting to tell people things they are excited about, whilst also trying not to upset them and interrupt.

ENFP funny conversation interrupt
Source: @enfpsychology

ENFPs sometimes struggle to fit in

5. People often assume that ENFPs are cute, fun, light-hearted people without a care in the world. The reality is that ENFPs have a deep and sensitive nature.

ENFP contradiction cute dark
Source: @mbtipsychos

6. ENFPS come across as confident and self-assured, but don’t be fooled! They also suffer from a lack of self-esteem and can need reassurance from loved ones.

Funny Meme - ENFP contradiction
Source: @enfpmemes

7. Here’s a meme to sum up ENFPs perfectly. Emotional yet rational, ENFPs can sometimes feel like they don’t belong to other ‘emotional’ personality type groups, yet they also feel like they don’t fit into the ‘rational’ groups either.

8. ENFPs can be bold and aren’t afraid to go for what they want and tell people how they feel, but this is usually followed by lots of overthinking and overanalyzing about whether or not they upset someone in the process!

ENFP standing up for themselves
Source: @enfpsychology

ENFPs love to daydream

9. Occasionally people might assume that when an ENFP is daydreaming they are actually worried or anxious. The reality is that they’re probably just daydreaming about something or the other as this ENFP meme shows.

ENFP daydream meme
Source: @enfpsychology

10. Sometimes, it doesn’t take much for an ENFP to drift off into a daydream. Even in a busy room full of people at a party, they can start to imagine all sorts of things.

ENFP daydream meme
Source: @enfpsychology

11. I’m sure lots of ENFPs will relate to this meme! Feelings, animals, daydreaming, and justice? Yes, please!

ENFP daydream, music, animals, feelings, justice
Source: @enfpsychology

12. All that daydreaming means that ENFPs are quick to overthink literally anything.

Quick to overthink
Source: tumblr

ENFPs are super friendly

13. ENFPs are charming and friendly people, and it’s easy to interpret this as flirting but, be warned, this is not always the case! This is a classic ENFP meme.

Funny ENFP Meme - ENFP flirty
Source: @enfpmemes

14. Huggy ENFPs will relate to this meme. All that friendliness and enthusiasm means ENFPs are definitely huggers. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

When you haven't hugged anyone in 8 minutes
Source: @enfpsychology

15. If an ENFP meets you and likes you, they will be determined to make you their friend and break down your walls come hell or high water!

Trying to make friends with strangers
Source: @enfpsychology

ENFPs will always look out for their Introvert buddies

16. ENFPs will always be the first to take an introvert under their wing and show them the ropes… whether or not they ask for help is a different question.

ENFP help introverts
Source: @enfpsychology

Talking of introverts… ENFPs are usually considered the most introverted of the Extroverts.

17. ENFPs can be selective with whom they open up to and can sometimes be quite private. At the same time, they love to connect with people and enjoy being around loved ones. This makes them a distinctive type of extrovert.

extrovert or introvert - what the hell is this?
Source: @enfp_identity

18. If an ENFP isn’t spending time talking and laughing with loved ones, they’re probably at home, isolating and recharging their batteries. It’s a world of extremes for ENFPs!

extrovert or introvert
Source: @enfp_identity

19. Another accurate ENFP meme. Because of these unique factors, ENFPs are seen as more introverted compared to the other extrovert types, but still too extroverted for the other introvert types.

ENFP introverted extrovert
Source: @enfpmemes

20. Those ENFPs might think they need alone time, but sometimes that’s exactly what they don’t need. There’s a fine line between being alone and feeling lonely for ENFPs.

Jessica Day alone happy then alone sad
Source: @infjmale

ENFPs can sometimes struggle to concentrate on one thing at a time

21. With a brain full of curiosity, it’s no wonder ENFPs struggle to focus on one thing at a time. Who wants to finish one task when you can start three other tasks at the same time?!

ENFPs being curious
Source: @enfpsychology

22. When push comes to shove, sometimes there’s nothing an ENFP needs more to help them get something completed, like a good old-fashioned deadline. They’ve nailed the last-minute scramble!

I'm not a procrastinator i just prefer doing my work in a deadline-induced panic
Source: @enfp_identity

23. It’s hard when your brain is either totally focused or totally distracted. It means it’s definitely trickier to get something completed in one go for those poor ENFPs.

ENFP disciplined
Source: @enfpsychology

24. If an ENFP manages to find a random burst of concentration, no matter what you do, do NOT distract them! One distraction and their curious brains could be off daydreaming about the next task in no time. This ENFP meme could not be any more accurate.

Funny ENFP Meme - ENFP easily distracted
Source: @enfpsychology

25.  Give an ENFP a task to complete, and who knows what they’ll come back with! It’s all part of the fun and mystery.

ENFP distraction
Source: @enfpsychology

26. ENFPs might attempt to order their thoughts and write down a to-do list, but most of the time, this could end up being ignored entirely! It’s way more fun to daydream about other things we could be doing.

ENFP to do list
Source: @enfpsychology

27. Say no more. This ENFP meme speaks for itself!

Funny ENFP Meme - ENFP no focus
Source: @enfp_identity

ENFPs are always first to jump in and protect others, but they aren’t so good when it comes to protecting themselves!

28. Due to their highly empathetic and kind nature, ENFPs are quick to protect and defend those they care for, but this doesn’t always apply to protecting and defending themselves. Practice what you preach ENFPs!

ENFP defending other people not defending themselves
Source: @enfpsychology

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ENFP memes! We love ENFPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ENFPs to find someone who gets them.

ENFPs are best matched with INTJs and INFJs. You can read our complete guide to ENFP compatibility to learn more.

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