28 Funny Memes Any ENFJ Will Relate To

28 Funny Memes Any ENFJ Will Relate To

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ENFJ will relate to. ENFJs are warm, charismatic souls who love nothing more than to feel like they are helping others.

With a genuine interest in others and a reputation for being social butterflies, it’s no wonder that ENFJs are people with large groups of friends.

When an ENFJ finds an opportunity to take the lead, they will run with it! Leadership and mentoring come naturally to them, and this is why they make great friends with people who are more introverted. However, this strong desire to help and connect with others means it’s all too easy for an ENFJ to lose themselves!  

These funny ENFJ memes show how at So Syncd ENFJs are known as ‘So Giving’ – this is because there is no one quite like an ENFJ when it comes to their desire to help others and their willingness to go above and beyond for people. They are also known as The Protagonist, The Mentor, and The Empathetic Educator.

An ENFJ person may come across as an extreme Extrovert, but don’t be fooled – they still need their alone time. Being so empathetic means that they take on the worries of the world, and this can mean that they need alone time to recharge their batteries.

As an ENFJ myself, these memes pretty much sum me up! Always trying to be of help to others and coming alive in social environments, we are totally unique as you’ll see from these funny and relatable ENFJ memes.

ENFJs love to help others

1. Putting others’ needs above their own comes naturally to an ENFJ. We can’t help it – we just love to feel like we’re helping other people.

ENFJ Memes - Selfless
Source: @enfj.memes

2.  Ask an ENFJ if they would rather spend time worrying about themselves or worrying about their loved ones. This ENFJ meme gives you your answer…

ENFJ Meme - worrying
Source: @lifeasanenfj

3. What was that? Someone said they were sad? Hold my drink – this ENFJ needs to go and deliver some solid unsolicited advice to this poor person in need!

ENFJ Meme - advice help
Source: @enfj.memes

4. No, but seriously – what can I do for YOU? The question on all ENFJs lips.

ENFJ Meme what can I do for YOU
Source: enfj.memes

5. If an ENFJ cares for you, they might suggest help that they wouldn’t even consider themselves. Maybe ENFJs need to start listening to their own advice more often!

6. Because why wallow in your own problems when you can remind yourself that there are other people who are suffering more than you and probably need your help? That’s a great way to approach things… right guys?

ENFJ Meme - selfless

7. Because there is nothing worse for an ENFJ than to think they might have failed in helping someone who was upset in any way. This ENFJ meme sums it up pretty perfectly!

ENFJ sleep worrying meme brain
Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs tend to put others’ needs above their own

8. Sadly, no matter how much ENFJs love to help others, they go above and beyond for people who wouldn’t necessarily reciprocate. This is why when an ENFJ finds someone who gives just as much back, they will never let that person go!

my toxic trait helping other who won't help me
Source: @lifeasanenfj

9. What’s that? Someone who wants you to help them but probably won’t help you when you need it? Time for ENFJs to step in and pour all of their time and attention into them!

ENFJ Meme toxic people
Source: @enfj.memes

10. This meme pretty much sums up an ENFJs approach when it comes to setting boundaries and saying no to people.

ENFJ can't say no meme
Source: @enfj.memes

11. Guys, you need to stop blaming yourselves! Or, you know, wish for a dragon because that might be more realistic.

stop blaming yourself meme funny
Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs love it when they connect with people

12. Meeting a total stranger and being determined to get them to open up to you and hence make them your friend immediately? As an ENFJ I can definitely relate to this meme!

ENFJ meeting people friends connection
Source: @enfj.memes

13. ENFJs will seek out someone who doesn’t want to open up and make it their lifelong mission to break the walls down and have a deep connection with them – come hell or high water!

ENFJ chasing introverts
Source: @enfj.memes

14. But this means that there’s nothing worse for an ENFJ than when they sense someone doesn’t like them.

people pleaser
Source: @enfj.memes

15. For ENFJs, communicating how you feel and talking through your problems comes naturally. When they meet people who don’t work in the same way, it can definitely be confusing!

communicating feelings funny
Source: @enfj.memes

16. ENFJs are amazing at making a great first impression when it comes to meeting people. They usually know how to adjust to most situations (and are great at hiding any flaws until down the line).

meeting new group of people hiding anxiety meme
Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs are natural leaders

17. When it comes to taking charge, ENFJs are in their element. And nothing tastes sweeter than when people around you want you to take the leadership position you were born to be.

ENFJ memes funny leader
Source: @enfj.memes

18. Being a natural leader definitely has its perks, but sometimes, as an ENFJ, you can’t help but wonder why you don’t just make life easier for yourself and let others take the lead.

Being in charge ENFJ meme
Source: @enfj.memes

19. Why go on easy on yourself when, instead, you can just try to take charge of everything, and also try to be perfect at the same time? Welcome to the world of an ENFJ!

Dilemma ENFJ funny meme
Source: @enfj.memes

20. Am I going to be a natural leader like Obama (also an ENFJ)? Am I going to be taking on everyone else’s worries and looking after people like a mother? Or am I simply going to feel whatever the people around me feel and take on their moods? Who knows! This meme sums up ENFJ life pretty well.

ENFJ moods leader mother friends
Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs can be manipulative

21. The borderline between being manipulative and being a mentor can be very thin for some ENFJs. Tread carefully.

manipulative kind mentor personality
Source: @enfj.memes

22. When you go through life being charismatic, deeply intuitive, and understanding how people function very well – it’s easy to sometimes ‘accidentally’ manipulate someone into agreeing with you.

accidentally manipulatingfunny
Source: @enfj.memes

23. …or is it?!

office meme ENFJ manipulate
Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs overthink too

24. Even though they’re pretty confident in social scenarios, overthinking comes easily to an ENFJ. Did we overstep the line? Did we hurt that person’s feelings? Maybe that person won’t want to see me again.

Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs can be impulsive

25. Hot-headed impulsiveness is a common trait for an ENFJ. They might be quick to react and this means sometimes a few regretful text messages.

Risky text Impulsive
Source: @enfj.memes

26. One minute, an ENFJ is pouring their heart out and telling you their deepest secrets. The next, they’re worrying they’ve gone too far, and they’re taking it all back. They keep you guessing, at least.

Meme impulsive feelings weakness
Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs aren’t great at taking criticism

27. It’s like we WANT to be good at taking criticism… but also, we hate being criticized?! Help!

taking criticism sensitive funny
Source: @enfj.memes

ENFJs love to help their introvert buddies

28. There is no greater feeling for an ENFJ than when their shy, introverted friend suddenly lets their walls down and opens up. This meme shows exactly how ENFJs feel at that moment.

ENFJs when their introvert friend finally starts opening up
Source: @enfj.memes

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ENFJ memes! We love ENFJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ENFJs to find someone who gets them.

ENFJs are best matched with INTPs and INFPs. You can read our complete guide to ENFJ compatibility to learn more.

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We have tried our hardest to ensure all sources have been cited, but if you would like credit for any content, please contact us!

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