28 Funny Memes Any INTJ Will Relate To

28 Funny Memes Any INTJ Will Relate To

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any INTJ will relate to. INTJs are highly logical, strategic, and analytical characters who love nothing more than to approach life like a game of chess. A life lived through carefully considered decisions, and analytical choices is a life well lived for an INTJ.

When an INTJ has an opportunity to find a solution and come up with new innovative ways of working, they will seize it.  Don’t mistake their logical nature as cold-heartedness, INTJs make excellent companions (once you look past that infamous ‘INTJ resting bitch face’ that is!).

Underneath that tough exterior lies someone who wants to find deep, meaningful connections, and who needs people around them who truly understand them.

These funny INTJ memes show how at So Syncd INTJ are known as ‘So Strategic’ – this is because there is no one quite like an INTJ when it comes to approaching all aspects of life in a strategic, logical sense. INTJs are also known as The Architect, The Mastermind, and The Conceptual Planner.

Although they don’t connect with everyone they meet and are usually found trying to avoid social interaction at all costs, once they connect with you they are one of the most devoted personality types. You’ll see how unique INTJs are from these funny and relatable INTJ memes.

INTJs are highly logical

1. When it comes to emotional support and kind words of comfort, you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. Your INTJ friend is probably going to just hit you with some logical solutions to your problems.

2. Wait, so giving people feedback on how I think they could go about their own lives in a better, more logical, and efficient manner DOESN’T count as affection?! But that’s an INTJ’s favorite love language!

constructive criticism INTJ meme
Source: @intjmemes

3. And don’t even try to argue with an INTJ unless you’d like to be outsmarted with logic and facts immediately, that is.

4. But don’t mistake this as meaning INTJs don’t have any feelings at all. They are just a unique mixture of highly logical, whilst also feeling the same feelings we all do.

INTJ feelings and logic
Source: @intjmemes

5. But this logical part of their brain does mean that sometimes INTJs can lack the ability to be sensitive towards others…

INTJ Meme - insensitive
Source: @intjmemes

6. A compassionate and gentle INTJ? Keep dreaming buddy!

wish for INTJs to be more gentle and compassionate
Source: @intjmemes

INTJs aren’t great in social situations

7. When you ask your INTJ friend if they’re around to come to your next party, don’t be offended if you get the same excuse they gave you to get out of your last party.

8. And if by some miracle they do agree to come to the party, you can be sure as hell that they will be leaving quietly and unannounced, so they don’t have to say goodbye to the whole room.

9. This INTJ meme sums it up pretty well! How many INTJs reading this have tried the old ‘generic excuse’?

introvert excuse to not go out funny meme
Source: @the.intj.leader

10. INTJs will definitely relate to this meme on a personal level. A house away from everyone else is a happy house for an INTJ.

When an INTJ owns a house - personality type meme
Source: @dailydoseof_intj.

11. However, once an INTJ finds those select few they connect with, they make incredibly loyal and devoted friends.

INTJ meme only like few people
Source: @the.intj.leader

12. When it comes to nature, animals, and those 5 people they care about, make no mistake – INTJs care deeply.

INTJs love animals hate people funny meme
Source: @intj.qualitymemes

INTJs are complex

13. When people hear ‘INTJ’ they always have a pre-conceived idea of a cold-hearted person, but underneath that exterior, INTJs are people just like you and me!

INTJ Funny meme - love nature
Source: @dailydoseof_intj.

14. INTJs are a funny combination of needing to be left alone, but when they find someone who truly gets them, they also need that person to give them attention. Simple, right?

People who give them space and attention at the same time
Source: @dailydoseof_intj.

15. They aren’t afraid to give a hug to a friend in need, but if someone tries to hug them when they’re struggling? Hell no!

INTJs when giving hugs versus INTjs when someone tries to hug them
Source: @intj.qualitymemes

16. It’s hard being an INTJ, you want to be able to bat away all those emotions with your logic and reason, yet you still feel every irrational emotion deeply… How can you win?!

INTJ complex feeling everything and feeling nothing meme
Source: @intjmemes

17. Being an INTJ means you’re confident and self-assured in your own ability, yet that highly-analytical nature means you’re also full of self-doubt. Just another day in the life of an INTJ!

INTJ Meme - confident also nervous
Source: @intjmemes

INTJs aren’t good with emotions

18. How can you expect someone as logical as an INTJ to try and get their head around something as illogical as emotions?!

When someone starts crying but you don't know what to do meme
Source: @intjmemes

19. If you’re an INTJ you’ll relate to this meme…

when your friend tells an emotional story and you have to play along to not appear heartless
Source: @intjmemes

20. A lot of the time spent ‘supporting’ upset friends, is really just time spent staring at their ugly crying face. And INTJs aren’t afraid to admit it!

when your friend is crying and you don't know how to help and you just keep staring at their ugly crying face
Source: @intjmemes

21. This means that when it comes to picking up on people’s feelings and emotions without any help, INTJs can struggle. A much more direct and honest approach is better.

INTJs figuring out why someone is mad at them
Source: @intjmemes

22. But again, don’t mistake this for INTJs being heartless people. As you’ll see from this INTJ meme, they just save up their feelings for a select few, that’s all.

INTJs heartless funny meme
Source: @intjmemes

23. One minute you’re feeling nothing, the next you’re in a glass case of all the emotion. That’s just life as an INTJ.

INTJs feeling nothing feeling everything
Source: @dailydoseon_intj.

24. Much like this INTJ meme, an INTJ person just likes to keep their soft, warm, fuzzy interior self hidden under the exterior of a cold-hearted, highly logical, and introverted self.

soft on the inside hard on the outside
Source: @intjmemes

INTJs are notorious for their ‘resting bitch face’

25. Don’t take it personally. It’s just their face.

resting bitch face funny
Source: @dailydoseof_intj.

26. And whatever you do, do NOT tell them to smile!

INTJ when someone tells them to smile to the 1000th time
Source: @the.intj.leader

INTJs aren’t afraid of a little argument

27. Agree to disagree? When my entire argument is based on highly analytical reason and logic? I don’t think so!

stubborn argumentative funny
Source: @the.intj.leader

INTJs can be in their heads a lot

28. This INTJ meme speaks for itself! Don’t worry if your INTJ friend drifts off midway through a conversation. It’s just in their nature.

I wonder if they can tell i already lost focus and stopped listening funny
Source: @dailydoseof_intj.

We hope you enjoyed these relatable INTJ memes! We love INTJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for INTJs to find someone who gets them.

INTJs are best matched with ENFPs and ENTPs.

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