28 Funny Memes Any ENTP Will Relate To

28 Funny Memes Any ENTP Will Relate To

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any ENTP will relate to. ENTPs are innovative, passionate characters who bring new ways of thinking to every aspect of life.

They’re dynamic, inquisitive, and genuinely interested in other people. This makes them great people to have around, as they’re always making life exciting.

When an ENTP has an opportunity to question people and open up debate, they will absolutely take it. What is life if you just accept everything around you for what it is?

ENTPs are constantly pushing, questioning, challenging, and exploring things around them. This makes for high-energy and dynamic experiences – so make sure you’re ready to go at 100mph when you’re with an ENTP!

These funny ENTP memes show how at So Syncd ENTPs are known as ‘So Visionary’ – this is because there is no one like an ENTP when it comes to reinventing the wheel and passionately pushing for better ways of working. ENTPs are also known as The Debater, The Innovator, and The Enterprising Explorer.

Always approaching life with a bold, charming, and direct manner, ENTPs are totally distinctive individuals, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable ENTP memes.

ENTPs say it how it is

1. When it comes to brutal honesty, there is no one like an ENTP. They will tell you how it really is, whether you like that approach or not.

sugar coat your words funny meme

2. Time spent carefully considering advice is time wasted for an ENTP. Give it to them straight, and then clean up the mess later. This ENTP meme sums it up perfectly!

brutal honesty funny meme

3. ENTPs will try their hardest to comfort their Feeler friends, but, unfortunately, it’s not going to be the soft, gentle, warm approach they are looking for.

ENTPs don’t do well with being told what to do

4. Someone told you to do something you were just about to do? Right – that’s it! Not doing it anymore. Classic ENTP logic.

ENTP Meme- stubborn funny

5. Seriously though, just assume that whatever you tell your ENTP friend to do, they will try to do the opposite!

don't like being told what to do meme

ENTPs develop new interests very quickly

6. All it takes is one evening of frantic, obsessive googling and researching for an ENTP to become an expert in the new niche topic they’ve discovered.

ENTP Meme - new obsessions
Source: @entp_female

7. This ENTP meme is spot on. Who needs a good night’s sleep when there are random facts and trivia to be discovered?!

8. Because a true ENTP is made up of a healthy mixture of weird random facts, late-night Google topics, and, of course, memes.

ENTPs love a good debate

9. Agree to disagree? Nah, where’s the fun in that?

ENTP Meme - argumentative

10. Sometimes, it doesn’t even have to be a real fight – ENTPs take their imaginary fights just as seriously!

ENTPS when they lose the fake argument in their head
Source: @entpissoff

11. And lord help the people who are in the same class as an ENTP who is bored and looking for some form of entertainment!

12. It’s not that ENTPs are always ready for an argument; it’s more that they love to debate, discuss, and question people’s views. They’re too curious for their own good!

personality type waiting for somebody to say something stupid
Source: @entp.qualitymemes

13. ENTPs are just looking for some friendly, well-meaning, engaging discussion… is that too much to ask?

i just want someone to debate with me intellectual discussion
Source: @entpissoff

14. But then again, sometimes ENTPs just need you to know they are absolutely 100% most definitely right.

debate with me bernie sanders prove i am right

15. This is why it’s extra important to find someone who gets you and loves you for who you are.

ENTP Meme - waiting for the right person

16. It’s worth mentioning that not all ENTPs love to debate! And definitely don’t challenge them on that… you know… just in case….

arguing stereotype batman slap funny

ENTPs can get easily bored

17. What’s more appealing to an ENTP, finishing off that super urgent task that has taken you ages to try and complete, or starting a new exciting project? You can probably guess!

ENTP meme - starting new projects

18. Just imagine the potential for an ENTP who comes up with all these new exciting ideas and actually manages to make them all happen before getting bored and moving on to the next one.

if they put the effort into making all of their ideas happen

ENTPs like to question the norm

19. This ENTP meme speaks for itself. Asking your ENTP friend to do something ‘just because’ is like asking them to breathe without air. They simply can’t. ENTPs are all about the ‘why’ and challenging tradition.

ENTP Meme - don't follow tradition

ENTPs can be a little stubborn

20. Having to admit you’re wrong is not something anyone enjoys, but most of all, an ENTP! They’d much rather try to get you to understand why they are most definitely right, and how you are most definitely wrong.

ENTPs having to admit they were wrong funny meme

21. If all else fails, your ENTP friend will usually just debate something long enough so that you’ll be forced to admit they’re right. Don’t take offense, just remind yourself of this ENTP meme.

Stubborn funny ENTP Meme
Source: @mbti_core

22. Someone: You can’t do that. ENTP: Why? Someone: You just can’t. ENTP: Why? Someone: Okay, fine, just do it.

ENTPS when someone tells them they can't do something

ENTPs are complex

23. Make no mistake, behind every confident, dynamic, extroverted ENTP you see, there’s a quiet, overthinking little kid wondering if they’ve upset their friends.

ENTP Meme - two sides mental health
Source: @mbtimooney

24. ENTPs can sometimes come across as quite introverted (for an extrovert), but don’t be fooled. Once they open up to you there’s no stopping them!

befrending an ENTP friend thinking they'll be nice and then they never shut up funny
Source: @entpissoff

25. ENTPs are a mixture of strong and opinionated, yet also people-oriented. They love to question and push people, but they also need connections, as you’ll see in this ENTP meme!

ENTP Meme - tough but also sensitive

26. ENTPs will keep you guessing. One minute, they’re quiet and reserved, coming across as introverted. The next, they’re talking to the whole table about the most recent interest they’ve picked up.

Not sure if introvert or ENTP funny meme

We hope you enjoyed these relatable ENTP memes! We love ENTPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for ENTPs to find someone who gets them.

ENTPs are best matched with INFJs and INTJs.

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