33 Relatable Memes About Anxiety

Anxiety memes about anxiety

Anxiety can be a tough experience, and it’s something that many of us have had to face at some point in our lives. But sometimes laughter helps ease the tension, which is why we’ve gathered these 33 relatable memes about anxiety.

Whether you’re seeking comfort for yourself or looking for an amusing way to show support for someone else who’s struggling with anxiety, these funny and relatable anxiety memes offer up a bit of comic relief from an otherwise overwhelming situation. So sit down, relax (or try to!), and get ready to enjoy a good chuckle. We’ve rounded up some of the best anxiety memes out there…

33 Relatable Memes About Anxiety

1. When it comes to helping out your friend who is suffering from anxiety, the one tip we would recommend is avoiding the whole “Have you tried just not thinking about your worries?”. Never seems to go down well.

2. When it comes to memes about anxiety, there is no meme that represents the logic behind my brain as accurately as this one does…

3. My brain’s logic: Why overthink when you can overthink about overthinking?!.

Source: @anxiety.memes

4. What’s that? Your brain is feeling nice and relaxed? Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone were to… ruin it.

Memes about anxiety
Source: @anxietymemes

5. This anxiety meme is painfully accurate. Anyone who has been kept awake at night by their brain recalling past embarrassing moments will know how this one feels.

6. Me filling out my anxiety mental health questionnaire: “Is there an option for ‘all of the above'”?

are you 'I can't do anything' anxious or 'i have to do everything anxious'
Source: @anxietymemes

7. I’ll take 12, please.

8. There’s nothing like a bit of public speaking to really get the heart palpitations going!

9. Look, I know you have had to fight off bears and survived famine, war, and the plague. But have you ever had to introduce yourself on a Zoom call with the camera on!? No? Didn’t think so.

10. So what you are saying is when I trip up in public on my own, the entire world is not, in fact, laughing and pointing at me? Weird.

My anxiety in public: everyone is watching and judging you
Source: @socialanxietymeme

11. School? Fine. Work? Fine. Family? Fine. My brain? PANIC!

Lord of the rings Gladriel things that were things that are
Source: @socialanxietymeme

12. When your depression makes you sad that no one invited you to the party, but then your anxiety kicks in the second you are invited.

Being invited to things versus being not invited to things introvert
Source: @socialanxietymeme

13. How did I sleep last night? Well, I got a good five hours in…of stress.

The Office US anxiety funny meme
Source: @socialanxietymeme

14. Choose your fighter…

Spiderman anxiety meme
Source: @socialanxietymemes

15. Please stop trying to call me whilst I’m enjoying scrolling through my memes about anxiety.

me looking at my phone waiting for it to stop ringing spongebob
Source: @socialanxietymemes

16. Don’t mind me. I’m just pretending to shuffle these napkins and questioning every move I make whilst I wait for you to stop looking at me.

when someone is looking at you so you pretend to do something
Source: @socialanxietymeme

17. Me? Socially awkward and riddled with anxiety at any social event? Noo…

Me at any party
Source: @all.about_anxiety

18. Not me reading about the aggravating effects of caffeine on an anxious brain whilst I simultaneously sip on my extra-shot-iced-venti-latte.

whenever i feel my anxiety getting worse I drink a big coffee and go on social media so i can try for a new high score
Source: @anxietymemes

19. Hey brain, could you just chill for literally, like, two minutes so I can relax? That would be really great. Sincerely, me.

20. I’m just a girl, standing in front of my loved ones, asking them to be patient with me whilst I battle my past traumas, navigate the chaos of my inner mind, and overcome my crippling social anxiety.

will smith chris rock live laugh love trauma
Source: @anxietymemes

21. Okay, hear me out. Maybe I am not overthinking. Maybe you are just not thinking about it enough!?

The office USA meme about anxiety underthinking ovverthinking
Source: @anxietymemes

22. We all know that taking a rest, practicing self-care, and going easy on yourself are all ways to help manage your anxiety. But sometimes the brain has other ideas…

Brain relaxation guilt funny
Source: @anxietymemetherapy

23. This anxiety meme says it all. Take this as the universe’s way of saying, TEXT YOUR THERAPIST, HUN xx

me to me: you need to see a therapist
Source: @anxietymemetherapy

24. What do you mean you “slept well”? Don’t you mean you stared into the abyss, replayed fake arguments in your head, and worried about everything you need to do tomorrow?

Me watching my husband sleep soundly at 2am instead of being wide awake with anxiety like me
Source: @anxietymemes

25. Nothing says anxiety attack like knowing you’ve got to ring up the doctor’s surgery and book an appointment.

introverts wanting someone to book a doctors appointment for them
Source: @socialanxiety

26. Them: So you really like him? Me: Yeah! Them: Have you spoken to him? Me: Oh god, no. I’ve been ignoring him out of fear of rejection and staying inside, away from any possibility of ever bumping into him. Them: …

anxiety memes for anxiety funny relatable
Source: @socialanxietymemes

27. The anxious struggle is real! This meme about anxiety is the perfect representation of how I feel every time I agree to go out to a party.

The constant feeling that everyone is making fun of me in secret
Source: @socialanxietymemes

28. However big you think the problem is, the one guarantee in this life is that it is never as bad as you think it is.

Source: @socialanxietymemes

29. Make small talk with my neighbors, or burn alive in my apartment? I know which one I’ll take.

Source: @socialanxietymemes

30. Boundaries? I don’t know her.

Source: @all.about_anxiety

31. “Can someone take a group pic?”

Source: @anxiety_memes.

32. “Things have been a little bit too quiet around here recently,” I say to myself suspiciously.

Source: @anxiety.memes

33. There are a few certain truths in life: Change is inevitable. The sun will rise and fall. The grass is always greener. And if I make one mistake in front of a group of people, I will be thinking about that mistake for the rest of my life.

Source: @anxietymemes

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As you can see from these 33 relatable memes about anxiety, we all go through similar struggles. At the end of the day, no matter where we come from or what we do, we’re all the same awkward, nervous, flawed people at our core, just trying our best to navigate life. Whether it’s plucking up the courage to book a doctor’s appointment, ordering food at a restaurant, or lying awake at night imagining all the fake arguments you’ll never have, we can all relate on a human level.

Life is full of ups and downs, and one thing you can count on is that memes about life will always make us remember that we all experience similar struggles. These memes depict the relatable parts of life that many of us get anxious about. No matter how difficult life may get, we can rest assured that we aren’t alone and that there are a number of ways to help quieten a busy, anxious mind.

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