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ENFP: So Curious

ENFP personality type in a nutshell

ENFPs are passionate free spirits who love jumping head-first into new projects. They thrive in the world of ideas and possibilities, which plays a role in their talent for seeing connections between seemingly unrelated concepts.

ENFPs are warm, expressive and welcoming. People are often drawn to ENFPs, partly due to their exceptional people skills and charisma. However, they aren’t ones for small talk. ENFPs crave deep connections and they prefer to discuss topics such as your future aspirations or biggest fears than what you’ve got planned for the weekend.

“If at first an idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

Albert Einstein

ENFPs have a glass-half-full approach to life and will openly discuss their dreams with contagious enthusiasm. They crave a life of varied experiences, excitement and emotional intensity. This often leads them on a series of adventures, each that comes with their own story. ENFPs are always looking for deeper meanings instead of just noticing what’s on the surface.

Famous ENFPs

  1. Ricky Gervais: Ricky Gervais is an ENFP. He loves throwing himself into new experiences, even if they are out of his comfort zone.
  2. Phoebe Buffay: Phoebe Buffay is an ENFP. She is individualistic, creative and likes to do things differently. She is unconventional and has her own quirky sense of style.
  3. Kanye West: Kanye West is an ENFP. He is honest and open with his emotions. He thinks deeply about things and comes up with creative ideas.

Best matches

ENFP personality type relationships

When it comes to relationships, ENFPs are happy leaving their options open until they find someone they connect with on a deep level. When they do find that person, they’ll have no qualms about committing. True love is one of the most exhilarating concepts for an ENFP. Sometimes their friendly nature is mistaken for flirting…but that’s just ENFPs for you.

ENFPs are most compatible with partners who are loyal and dependable to balance out their free-spirited nature. So which types are the best matches for an ENFP? INTJs and INFJs are the best personality matches for an ENFP. You can read our complete guide to ENFP compatibility to learn more.

Ideal date

Go with the flow and sit in the sandy dunes watching the sun set with a bottle of rosé.


ENFPs are easily excited by new concepts and their joy of life is infectious.
ENFPs constantly question the world around them and love to learn about new topics.
ENFPs are accepting, approachable and fun and people enjoy being around them.
ENFPs are one of the most imaginative and original personality types.


ENFPs sometimes find life admin and everyday practical matters challenging.
ENFPs are spontaneous which can make them difficult to pin down and understand.
ENFPs have a tendency to overanalyze situations because they think so deeply.
Easily distracted
ENFPs enthusiastically start projects but can run out of steam.

The meaning of ENFP

So what is the meaning of ENFP? ENFP is one of the 16 personality types. ENFP stands for Extroversion, iNtuition, Feeling and Perceiving. Each letter represents certain personality characteristics:

  1. Extroversion means that ENFPs direct their energy to the outer world.
  2. iNtuition means that ENFPs focus on concepts and abstract theories.
  3. Feeling means that ENFPs primarily make decisions primarily based on people and values.
  4. Perceiving means that ENFPs prefer to keep their options open and explore different possibilities.

At So Syncd, we call ENFPs ‘So Curious’ because they view the world as a big puzzle to be explored and embraced. They are also known as The Campaigner, The Enthusiast and The Creative Idealist.

If you want to delve deeper into what it means to be an ENFP, check out our post about ENFP cognitive functions.

ENFP personality type characteristics

ENFPs are complex individuals who are often misunderstood. They come across as light-hearted and fun at first, but there is much more to ENFPs than meets the eye. With a rich emotional world and a love for people, meaningful connections are everything to this personality type and they’ll instantly know when they’ve met someone on the same wavelength.

ENFPs are one of the most curious and creative personality types. Never short of ideas, they have a knack for thinking outside the box. ENFPs see the world as an ocean of endless possibilities and they focus on the big picture. Conversely, they tend to be less adept at everyday admin and can be impractical.

ENFP values

ENFPs have a strong desire to learn and explore. They value freedom and there’s nothing they dislike more than being forced to do detail-orientated admin tasks over and over again. They’ll often put off boring tasks until the last minute or avoid them entirely. ENFPs are a unique mix of being people-oriented yet independent.

ENFPs have strong morals. They have a deep desire to have a clear purpose in life and they’re one of the personality types who are most in tune with their personal values. As a result, ENFPs need to know that whatever they are doing is aligned with what they believe in.

The paradox of the ENFP

ENFPs are warm but private. They have many different layers. When you first meet an ENFP, they’ll usually seem like an open book with their friendly nature and enthusiasm. It can be easy to miss their depth and emotional intensity.

ENFPs only share what they want you to know though and they are actually rather private. They are highly selective about who they share their thoughts and feelings with, and it takes time for this personality type to feel like they can truly trust someone. Despite being extroverts, ENFPs need quite a lot of alone time to think and process their emotions.

Are ENFPs rare?

ENFPs are the 10th rarest personality type. ENFPs make up:
1. 8% of the general population.
2. 10% of the female population.
3. 6% of the male population.

Female ENFPs

Female ENFPs are people-oriented and in touch with their emotions. Their natural curiosity combined with their genuine interest in other people means that they have a friendly and bubbly aura. Female ENFPs have a playful side but they are also highly intelligent, which is one of the reasons that they’re never short of admirers.

Male ENFPs

Male ENFPs are often seen as being more in touch with their feeling compared to other men, but they aren’t seen as gentle as such, like their INFP cousins. They’re bold and they’re not afraid to go after what they want in life. Male ENFPs are charming and they know how to work a room. Despite being emotional, they aren’t fragile and they’re comfortable taking control of situations.

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