16 Personality Types of Emily in Paris Characters

16 Personality Types of Emily in Paris Characters

Today we explore the personality types of Emily in Paris characters. The show follows Emily Cooper, a young marketing executive from Chicago, who is sent to Paris for work. Emily is thrust into a new world of fashion, food, and culture, and learns that sometimes the most challenging experiences can lead to the most unexpected and wonderful romances.

The characters in Emily in Paris are a colorful bunch, and their personality types reflect that. You have Emily Cooper, the bubbly and sometimes overly enthusiastic ESFJ. Then you have Emily Cooper’s two love interests. Alfie is a laid-back and calm ISTP who keeps Emily grounded. Gabriel is a creative ISFP chef who gives Emily a taste of the Parisian lifestyle. Who will Emily Cooper choose? We. can’t wait to find out in Season 3.

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Emily Cooper: ESFJ

Emily Cooper is the quintessential ESFJ, which means she is outgoing, caring, and detail-oriented. She loves to be around people and enjoys helping others. Emily is also very organized and can be counted on to keep things running smoothly. Like an ESFJ, she has a strong sense of duty and takes her commitments to her job very seriously. Emily is loyal and supportive, and she values harmony in her relationships. ESFJs are notorious people pleasers and they can need external validation, which is something that Emily definitely struggles with at times. She tried very hard for her boss Sylvie and the rest of her work team to like her, and it was only when she started being more true to herself that she began to find success. Overall, Emily is a kind, compassionate person who just wants to make everyone happy.

Camille: ENFJ

Camille is an ENFJ. She is a natural leader with a strong vision. Camille is outgoing and enthusiastic, and she loves to help others. From the moment she met Emily, she tried to make her feel more at home in Paris and helped her to adjust to the city. Camille is also very intuitive and can pick up on people’s emotions. She is a great listener and gives good advice. ENFJs are known for their empathy and people skills, which makes them excellent friends and allies. Camille is confident and persuasive, and she has a way of getting people to see her point. Camille definitely has a temper, but she is also quick to forgive and forget. She has forgiven Emily for sleeping with her boyfriend, Gabriel, which is more than most people would do! Overall, she is a loyal and supportive friend who always has Emily’s best interests at heart.

Gabriel: ISFP

Gabriel is the ISFP in Emily in Paris. He is a free-spirited chef with high emotional intelligence. Gabriel is introverted and sensitive, and he often keeps to himself. He is a great listener and provides Emily with a much-needed sounding board. ISFPs are known for their creative streak and their strong sense of aesthetics. Gabriel brings his creativity to his work as a chef. He is passionate about his work and takes pride in his creations. They often have a deep connection to their art and can be very intense about it. ISFPs can be impulsive at times and Gabriel always acts on his feelings. When he thought he wouldn’t see Emily again he slept with her even though he had a girlfriend. This led to some drama between him, Emily, and Camille, but in the end, they all forgave each other and moved on.

Mindy Chen: ESFP

Mindy Chen is the ESFP of Emily in Paris. She is a natural performer with a fun and outgoing personality. Mindy is always up for a good time, and she loves to be surrounded by people. She is also very creative and has a great sense of style. Mindy is the life of the party and she instantly puts Emily at ease. ESFPs are known for their ability to make everyone feel comfortable and for their outgoing nature. ESFPs are free-spirited and spontaneous, and they love to live in the moment. Mindy is always ready with a joke or a funny story, and she loves to be the center of attention. Mindy is also an incredibly loyal friend who is always there for Emily, even when she makes mistakes. Mindy is always up for anything, and her positive attitude is contagious.

Sylvie Grateau: ENTJ

Sylvie Grateau is the ENTJ boss of Savoir. She is a smart, successful businesswoman with a no-nonsense attitude. Sylvie is direct and to the point, and she expects her employees to be the same. She is a demanding boss but also fair and honest. ENTJs are known for their strong organizational skills and their ability to think strategically. Sylvie is always one step ahead of her competitors, and she has a clear vision for her company. She can be ruthless at times, but she always gets the job done. As a typical ENTJ, Sylvie enjoys being in control and she can be a bit bossy. However, she is an ideas person and she is always open to new suggestions. She eventually comes to respect Emily for her ability to think outside the box and for her knowledge of social media marketing.

Alfie: ISTP

Alfie is the ISTP. He is a laid-back guy with a great sense of humor. Alfie is introverted and he prefers to keep to himself. When he got paired up with Emily in their language class he wasn’t too pleased because he knew she would be constantly talking and wanting to be friends. However, he soon found that he actually enjoyed spending time with her. Emily brings out a more light-hearted side of him that he usually keeps hidden. He is also very independent and likes to do things his own way. ISTPs are known for being great problem solvers and they are very resourceful. This is definitely true of Alfie, who was able to help Emily out on more than one occasion.

Julien: ESTP

Julien is an ESTP. He is a charming and suave man with a love for luxury. Julien is always immaculately dressed and he knows how to make an entrance. He loves the finer things in life, and he was passionate about fashion from a young age. Julien is also very ambitious and he is always looking for new opportunities. He is a risk-taker and he is always up for a challenge. ESTPs are known for their high energy and their love of adventure. Julien definitely has a lot of energy, and he is always ready for a good gossip. He is a charmer and he knows how to get what he wants. Like a typical ESTP, Julien doesn’t sugarcoat things and he is always honest with Emily, even when she doesn’t want to hear it.


Luc embodies the ENFP personality type. He is a talented writer with a passion for culture and the arts. Like a typical ENFP, Luc is very idealistic and he has a strong sense of morality. He believes in fighting for what’s right, and he is always looking for ways to make the world a better place. When Emily first joined, he let Julien and Sylvie be mean to her, but he felt the hazing and name-calling were wrong. Luc gave Emily some advice on how to handle their colleagues and he encouraged her to stand up for herself. ENFPs are creative and compassionate people who are always looking for ways to help others. Luc is a great listener and he always takes the time to understand Emily’s point of view.

Madeline Wheeler: ESTJ

Madeline Wheeler is an ESTJ. She is outgoing, ambitious, and organized. She cares about Emily and she wants her to succeed. Madeline is always looking for ways to help Emily, and she is always willing to offer her advice. Madeline has a good sense of humor and she loves to make jokes. However, she can also be serious when she needs to be. ESTJs are known for their strong work ethic and dedication to their jobs. Madeline is a hard worker, and she wants to make Savoir into a more efficient business. This doesn’t go down too well with the team as they aren’t keen on Madeline’s American way of doing things. Madeline is also a bit of a control freak, and she can clash with Sylvie, another control freak.

Mathieu Cadault: INTJ

Mathieu Cadault is an INTJ. He is a brilliant strategist with a sharp mind. Mathieu always knows what he wants and he knows exactly how to get it. He is very determined and he doesn’t give up easily. Mathieu is protective of his uncle’s company. INTJs are known for their single-mindedness and determination. Mathieu can be inflexible at times, but he is always willing to listen to new ideas. He is a great leader, and he has a lot of respect for Sylvie. INTJs are known for their logical minds and their ability to see the future. Mathieu is always thinking ahead, and he has a plan for everything. He never makes impulsive decisions as he rationalizes everything first. Mathieu can be a bit cold and calculating, but he is always fair.

So there you have it, the 16 personality types of Emily in Paris characters. If you’re a big fan like we are, check out the zodiac signs of Emily in Paris characters based on their personality characteristics.

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