28 Funny Memes Any INFJ Will Relate To

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Today we look at 28 funny memes that any INFJ will relate to. INFJs are the rarest personality type. They are complex, unique individuals who want to make the world a better place.

INFJs are incredibly intuitive and empathetic which is both their strength and their weakness. Needing plenty of alone time to recharge and rest, INFJs can easily get burnout from too much socializing.

When an INFJ finds someone who gets them, they are incredibly loyal and dedicated, as this doesn’t happen all that often! INFJs are usually misunderstood because of their many contrasting personality traits: private yet needing deep connections, quiet and reserved yet wanting to help others… the list goes on!

These funny INFJ memes show how at So Syncd INFJs are known as ‘So Thoughtful’. This is because there is no one quite like an INFJ when it comes to their desire to listen and empathize with people. They are also known as The Advocate, The Mystic, and The Counselor.

An INFJ may come across as people-oriented and this can occasionally mean that people mistake them for extroverts. But don’t be mistaken, INFJs need to be alone in order to recover from all that empathizing they do!

Always chasing deep connections and trying to avoid too much superficial socializing, INFJs are one-of-a-kind, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable INFJ memes.

INFJs are private

1. Although they crave meaningful connections with people, an INFJ’s tendency to avoid social interaction means it can be hard for people to really get to know them! Don’t be put off though. Once you break down their walls INFJs make the best, most loyal friends anyone could ask for!

INFJ Meme - Private
Source: @infj.mbti

2. INFJs are complex and private people. Even when you think they might be starting to open up to you, rest assured, there are plenty more layers to get through before you can really say you get them!

INFJ Meme - Layers
Source: @infjstruggle

3. But don’t worry! Once you do get through to them, an INFJ will tell you every deep and dark detail of their life, every thought they’ve had, and every way in which they want to help the world. You won’t know how to get them to stop!

INFJ Meme - Chatty
Source: @infjstruggle

INFJs are complex

4. Whilst INFJs feel a strong desire to help people, they simultaneously want to avoid people and can find them tiring!

INFJ Meme - hate people
Source: @lonerinfj

5. This INFJ meme only goes to show just how complex INFJs truly are. Prepare to take some time to really get to know the personality of your INFJ friend because, in the end, it’s totally worth it.

INFJ Meme Complicated Complex
Source: @lonerinfj

6. INFJs are people who need to be alone but also crave connections with other people. This is sometimes a difficult balancing act to master.

INFJ Meme want connection want isolation
Source: @lonerinfj

INFJs are loyal

7. Because it takes time and effort for an INFJ to truly connect with someone who gets them, once they have found that special person, they are the most loyal and dedicated person around. An INFJ friend is a friend for life!

INFJ Meme my back after carrying around all loyalty
Source: @lonerinfj

INFJs need alone time

8. It can only be a matter of seconds for an INFJ to go from enjoying time with loved ones to needing alone time.

When you enjoying the night and suddenly your social meter runs out
Source: @infj.mbti

9. Occasionally, an INFJ will agree to come along to social events but be warned, they will be experiencing deep regret when it comes to the day of the event.

Me getting ready for the plans I said yes to introvert
Source: @lonerinfj

10. This meme sums up perfectly how an INFJ feels when their (usually extrovert – *ENFPs I’m looking at you!*) friends take them out to venture into the world.

When your friend takes you hostage and force you to go outside and be social
Source: @infj.mbti

11. INFJs can find socializing stressful, to say the least – look out for your INFJ friend when you’re out and about!

INFJ Meme Social Stress
Source: @infj.mbti

12. But whilst INFJs want to be alone, they also need to have deep connections with the people in their lives. This is why it’s so important for INFJs to find someone who gets them and knows when to leave them alone (but not too alone!).

INFJ Meme Want to be alone with someone else who wants to be alone
Source: @infjproblems

13. So whatever you do, don’t just turn up at an INFJs house unexpectedly and interrupt their precious alone time!

When someone shows up without letting me know they're coming over
Source: @infjstruggle

INFJs want to be understood

14. INFJs need someone who understands that they need alone time, but not to leave them alone. Oh, and they want to have connections, but without all of the socializing that comes with it, okay? Simple! Don’t let them wait around like Kermit in this meme…

INFJ waiting for someone who understands them meme
Source: @infj.mbti

INFJs are overthinkers

15. As is the case with most introverted personality types (and even more so with INFJs), it can be the smallest, most insignificant incident, and they will be overthinking it for days afterward.

INFJ Meme overthinking
Source: @infj.mbti

16. Those memories can haunt an INFJ years later. Just when they think their brain is done overthinking… BOOM!

Replay memory INFJ overthink

17. From the outside, it might look like INFJs are reflecting on what you just said, but the reality is that they’re probably overthinking and overanalyzing something they said three days ago!

INFJ Meme Deep Thoughtful
Source: @infjstruggle

INFJs can be sensitive

18. Due to their intuitive nature, INFJs can be extremely sensitive to any changes in their surroundings, usually questioning and overthinking these minute differences.

INFJ Meme Picking up on change in energy sensitive
Source: @infj.mbti

19. This meme shows another classic INFJ characteristic: when someone’s behavior changes you immediately assume it’s all your fault. I’m sure all INFJs have been there!

Me when I sense the tiniest change in someones energy towards me
Source: @infjstruggle

20. INFJs strength is that they can be highly in tune with other people’s emotions (this is what makes them such great caregivers after all!), but this also means that they feel others’ emotions as if they are their own!

Me when I try to comfort someone Empath Intuitive INFJ
Source: @infjstruggle

21. It doesn’t take much for an INFJ’s brain to jump to conclusions! The smallest change in someone’s tone over a text…? Better start overthinking and reading into that straight away!

INFJ Meme - Jump to conclusions
Source: @infj.mbti

22. Because INFJs pour so much of themselves into other people, it means the world to them when people show care back to them. Even just remembering the little details means the world to an INFJ.

People who remember small things about me
Source: @infj.mbti

INFJs sometimes struggle with social interaction

23. This INFJ meme speaks for itself! Don’t take it personally when your INFJ friend needs to distance themselves from you in order to recharge. They’ll resurface again when they’re ready.

Distant Alone Time funny
Source: @infjproblems

24. INFJs will do anything to avoid small talk chit-chat. So when they launch straight into a deep and meaningful conversation, it can be a little overwhelming for those who are used to simply chatting about the weather.

Deep intense conversation
Source: @infj.mbti

25. INFJs are full of paradoxes: wanting to be alone, but also wanting connections, wanting to help people, but also finding them exhausting. Life isn’t usually simple for an INFJ.

Therapist: Can you think of anyone who is a negative influence in your life?
Source: @infjstruggle

26. I’m sure this meme is relatable to most INFJs. All it takes is to be surrounded by ‘seemingly normal’ people engaging in small talk, and an INFJ is back to feeling misunderstood and like they don’t belong.

INFJ Creep Don't fit in Meme
Source: @lonerinfj

27. Sometimes, the perfect social interaction will take place for an INFJ… but it’s 6 hours later…. In their head…

Me recreating an argument I had 6 hours ago with new and better points
Source: @infjproblems

28. It’s a fine balancing act for INFJs to keep up their friendly and caring exterior, whilst combining this with their inner, more intense side!

INFJ Dark side funny meme
Source: @infjstruggle

We hope you enjoyed these relatable INFJ memes! We love INFJs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for INFJs to find someone who gets them.

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