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Jay-Z Personality Type, Zodiac Sign & Enneagram

  • Personality type: INTJ
  • Enneagram: 3w4
  • Birth date: December 04, 1969
  • Job: Rapper
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius


We explore Jay-Z’s personality type, best personality matches, zodiac sign and Enneagram type. Jay-Z is an American rapper and businessman.

He is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, having sold more than 50 million albums and 75 million singles worldwide, while receiving 21 Grammy Awards for his music.

Jay-Z first began his musical career after founding the record label Roc-A-Fella Records in 1995, and subsequently released his debut studio album Reasonable Doubt in 1996.

He went on to release twelve additional albums, including The Blueprint, The Black Album and American Gangster. He also released the collaborative albums Watch the Throne with Kanye West and Everything Is Love with his wife Beyoncé.

Which personality type is Jay-Z?

Jay-Z is an INTJ personality type. Uniquely, he is both an idealist and a realist, which is a rare combination. With a driven and focused nature, Jay-Z is dedicated to achieving his goals.

Deliberate and measured, he carefully thinks through plans before taking action. INTJs have a special ability to forsee what might happen in the future. However, he can be cynical about the world. 

Jay-Z has a sharp mind and typically INTJs question everything. He avoids accepting the status quo and long-held traditions, preferring to make his own judgements about what makes logical sense.

Naturally curious and inventive, Jay-Z is full of new ideas and he always considers if they will work in practice. As an INTJ, he is confident in his mental abilities and he approaches problems from a logical perspective.

What is Jay-Z’s best personality match?

As an INTJ personality type, Jay-Z’s best matches are ENFP and ENTP.

On So Syncd, these personality matches are considered ‘golden pairs’ because they have just the right amount of similarities to understand each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark.

Read our blog post to learn more about INTJ compatibility.

Which zodiac sign is Jay-Z?

Jay-Z is a Sagittarius zodiac sign, which belongs to the Fire element of astrology, along with Aries and Leo. The symbol of Sagittarius is an archer pointing his bow to the sky, which represents freedom and liberation.

Sagittarius - Zodiac Sign

As a Sagittarius, Jay-Z is naturally curious. With a strong thirst for knowledge, he wants to explore the deeper meanings behind everything and enjoys dissecting everyday mysteries, both big and small. People of the Sagittarius zodiac sign are often full of interesting facts.

Which Enneagram type is Jay-Z?

Jay-Z is an Enneagram Three personality type with a Four wing. Enneagram Threes belong to the heart centre, along with Twos and Fours, and they naturally make decisions based on their emotions.

He greatly values connections with others and mutual support. In addition, Jay-Z likes to feel appreciated and recognition is key to his happiness.

3 Enneagram

As an Enneagram Three, Jay-Z is ambitious, charming and enthusiastic. He is goal-oriented and he certainly isn’t afraid to take the initiative. Jay-Z has accomplished great things in the world, which is typical of people of the Enneagram Three personality type.

Exceptionally skilled when it comes to reading people, Jay-Z naturally adapts to different social situations.

Jay-Z quotes

“I’m not afraid of dying, I’m afraid of not trying.”

“Some said ‘how’d you fly?’ I said from not being afraid of trying to fly.”

“The responsibility is to keep pushing it forward, and not relying on the same old gimmicks. You have to push it forward.”

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