28 Funny Memes Any INTP Will Relate To

28 Funny Memes Any INTP Will Relate To

Today we look at 28 funny memes that any INTP will relate to. INTPs are analytical and highly logical people who love nothing more than to feel like they are innovating, creating, and helping to find new and better ways of doing things.

With a complex personality and a need for plenty of alone time to recharge and make decisions, INTPs are introverted, independent people who are commonly misunderstood.

When an INTP has an opportunity to innovate and combine their creativity and their analytics mind, wonderful things will happen! INTPs often think in a totally different way from anyone else and are the perfect people to have around when it comes to finding new ways of doing things.

These funny INTP memes show how at So Syncd INTPs are known as ‘So Logical’ – this is because there’s no one quite like them when it comes to thinking things through, and they bring a calm, cool, rational presence to those around them. They are also known as The Logician, The Architect, and The Rational Philosopher.

Always approaching life in an analytical and objective manner and needing plenty of time on their own to recover from busy social interactions, INTPs are totally distinctive individuals, as you’ll see from these funny and relatable INTP memes.

INTPs are always thinking

1. Life as an INTP tends to look a lot like this…

2. If there’s any truth in this meme then INTPs beware!

Meme thinking too much can cause you to die sooner
Source: @deep.rest.intp

INTPs can sometimes be indecisive

3. All that thinking (and overthinking) means that sometimes making a decision can be no easy feat for an INTP.

analysis paralysis
Source: @intpmemess

4. Just be prepared to practice a lot of patience with an INTP when it comes to seemingly simple questions. They need time to think about it, okay?

completing a single task meme
Source: @intp.cult

INTPs struggle to get tasks done

5. Focus and motivation? Not words often found in conjunction with INTPs! This INTP meme sums it up perfectly.

funny no focus no motivation meme
Source: @the_hot_intp

6. The strength of an INTP is the enthusiasm to come up with new ideas that they are super passionate about and excitedly tell people about said idea, but that’s usually where things tend to stop.

never finish project always starting new projects funny
Source: @intp.cult

7. Seriously though INTPs, if you try to get that one task finished, future you will thank yourself for it!

can't finish task stressful funny
Source: @intpmemess

INTPs are deep thinkers

8. One minute, an INTP is just minding their own business, and then the next, they’re questioning life and what it all really means.

funny existential crisis SpongeBob
Source: @deep.rest.intp

9. But what does it mean to be ‘normal’ anyway?! This INTP meme shows exactly why telling an INTP to ‘be normal’ is a waste of time.

why can't you just be normal meme INTP
Source: @intp.cult

INTPs need their alone time

10. Your INTP friend might come out and join you for a social event but don’t be fooled into thinking this will be a regular thing. They’re going to need plenty of alone time afterward to recharge their social batteries.

introvert not sociable funny
Source: @intpmemess

11. For an INTP, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed by locking yourself away for some good old-fashioned isolation. An introvert’s dream!

solve all of life problems with isolation
Source: @intp.cult

12. This INTP meme completely sums up how an INTP can go from chatting away to people one second to being ready to leave immediately the next second.

when INTPs reach their interaction limit
Source: @intpcomedy

13. It’s hard for INTPs to get a word in when they’re out with their extroverted friends, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to add to the conversation.

INTP Meme - introvert with extroverts
Source: @intpcomedy

14. Every INTP needs an extrovert friend. Or, you know, just lots of dogs.

INTP meme introverts making friends with extroverts and dogs
Source: @intpcomedy

15. INTPs might come across as shy, private, introverted people, but when it comes to a topic they are passionate about, they are happy to lead the conversation, as you’ll see from this meme.

INTP talking when it's about something they are interested in
Source: @intpmemess

INTPs sometimes struggle in social situations

16. An INTP’s brain is unique. They spend a lot of time analyzing the world around them and, as a result, a lot of life can be confusing and make no sense to an INTP. Nevertheless, they will try their hardest to ‘fit in’.

trying to blend into social environment funny meme INTP
Source: @intpcomedy

17. This is how INTPs feel when they’re trying to work out how to ‘fit in’ to society and act like everyone else around them.

how to appear normal meme
Source: @intpmemess

18. Comforting upset friends is difficult for most people. But for INTPs, this is a particularly uncomfortable scenario they find very hard to navigate.

saying awkward words when friend is upset meme
Source: @intp.cult

19. Only come to your INTP friend for support if you’re ready for some cold, hard, logical advice. Maybe stick with your ENFJ and INFJ friends for warm emotional support.

INTPs not good with emotional support brutal funny
Source: @intpmemess

20. INTPs will also be the ones to misjudge which jokes are and aren’t appropriate for a group of people. Do they care? No! The joke was objectively hilarious, guys.

Innapropriate jokes INTP
Source: @intp.cult

INTPs develop new obsessions quickly

21. Why bother learning about taxes and life admin when you can quickly become obsessed with reading about how humpback whales sleep?!

Funny meme INTP deep obscure knowledge
Source: @intp.cult

22. But just as quickly as they are obsessed, their busy mind is moving on to the next thing. A humpback whale’s swimming habits are SO last week!

INTP Meme - quickly obsessed quickly forget
Source: @intp.cult

INTPs can be a little… idle

23. INTPs are often incredibly intelligent and amazingly analytical, with creative imaginations and open minds. But we can’t have it all…

INTP Meme - intelligent analytical but lazy
Source: @intpmemess

24. But when they do get those random bursts of motivation – look out world! There’s nothing an INTP can’t achieve (that is, until they go back to needing some more downtime).

INTP Meme - random burst energy
Source: @intpmemess

25. This INTP meme speaks for itself… but we love you, really!

INTP Meme - lazy
Source: @intp.cult

26. If you’re ever confused about the difference between P personality types and J personality types, this INTP meme demonstrates the distinction perfectly!

Meme - INTP versus INTJ
Source: @intp.cult

INTPs value accuracy and precision

27. Life, for an INTP, is all about being precise and accurate. So when someone is a little more ‘rough and ready,’ it can be a lot for an INTP to comprehend!

INTPs when you say accuracy doesn't matter
Source: @intpcomedy

INTPs aren’t so good at processing their emotions

28. Open up and talk about your feelings with other people? No thanks! INTPs would much rather just ignore them, isolate away from people, and wait for the feelings to pass thank you very much!

INTPs can't talk about feelings ignore feelings
Source: @intp_enfp

We hope you enjoyed these relatable INTP memes! We love INTPs and their unique characteristics. You can see from these memes that it’s super important for INTPs to find someone who gets them.

INTPs are best matched with ENFJs and ENFPs. You can read our complete guide to INTP compatibility to learn more.

Curious to know more about your perfect personality matches? You can take a look at 28 funny memes any ENFJ will relate to or 28 funny memes any ENTJ will relate to.

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