Mia Dolan Personality Type, Zodiac Sign & Enneagram

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Mia Dolan
  • Personality type: ENFJ
  • Enneagram: 3w4
  • Birth date: Unknown
  • Movie: La La Land
  • Zodiac: Leo (Most Likely)


We explore Mia Dolan’s personality type, best personality matches, zodiac sign and Enneagram type. Mia Dolan is a fictional character from the movie La La Land played by Emma Stone. Mia Dolan is an aspiring actress, and to achieve this goal, she is constantly attending auditions. She works at a coffee shop until she eventually gets a role. Mia wrote a one-woman play named So Long Boulder City. She falls for Sebastian Wilder, an aspiring jazz music player who helps her achieve her acting dream. Mia is a dreamer and she truly believes in the power of art. She knows that sometimes her dreams might be a bit foolish, but she perseveres in order to do what she loves.

Which personality type is Mia Dolan?

Mia Dolan is an ENFJ personality type. When she cares about someone, she wants to help solve that person’s problems. Fortunately, as an ENFJ, she gives insightful advice and goes to great lengths to ensure that people close to her are happy. ENFJs are typically caring individuals but they must make sure that they tend to their own needs too.

Mia Dolan

Mia has an ability to sense what others feel and to influence others. Mia is good at bringing consensus among people with different opinions. As a result of this and her exceptional communication skills, she is an outstanding leader who is capable of great inspiration. Mia is clearly empathetic and cares deeply about humanity and the world in general.

What are Mia Dolan’s best personality matches?

As an ENFJ personality type, Mia Dolan’s best matches are INTP and INFP. On So Syncd, these personality matches are considered ‘golden pairs’ because they have just the right amount of similarities to understand each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark. Read our blog post to learn more about ENFJ compatibility.

Which zodiac sign is Mia Dolan?

Mia Dolan is probably a Leo zodiac sign, which belongs to the Fire element of astrology, along with Aries and Sagittarius. The symbol of Leo is a lion, which represents leadership.

Mia Dolan Leo Zodiac Sign

As a Leo zodiac sign, Mia is incredibly generous. She has a kind, caring nature and a magnetic charm. People of the Leo zodiac sign are typically very giving in terms of their advice, time and money. Mia values friendships and spending time with family. 

Which Enneagram type is Mia Dolan?

Mia Dolan is an Enneagram Three personality type with a Four wing. Enneagram Threes belong to the heart centre, along with Twos and Fours, and they naturally make decisions based on their emotions. She greatly values connections with others and mutual support. In addition, Mia likes to feel appreciated and recognition is key to her happiness.

Mia Dolan Enneagram Three personality type

As an Enneagram Three, Mia is ambitious, charming and enthusiastic. She is goal-oriented and she certainly isn’t afraid to take the initiative. Mia has accomplished great things in the world, which is typical of people of the Enneagram Three personality type. Exceptionally skilled when it comes to reading people, Mia naturally adapts to different social situations.

Mia Dolan quotes

“She told me a bit of madness is key to give us new colors to see.Who knows where it will lead us?”

“People love what other people are passionate about.”

“I think you should call it “Seb’s” because no one will come to a place called “Chicken on a Stick”.”

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