ENFJ Compatibility & Relationships

ENFJ compatibility, relationships and love

ENFJ relationships

In relationships, ENFJs are understanding and highly skilled at reading their partner. ENFJs are one of the most attentive and supportive personality types.

It’s important for ENFJs to feel like they are part of a team when in a relationship and that both people have each other’s backs. Connections of all kinds are important to ENFJs as social interaction is key to their wellbeing.

ENFJs need a connection based on more than just looks to feel truly fulfilled.

ENFJ compatibility chart

ENFJ compatibility chart

Our ENFJ compatibility chart lets you know which personality types are the most and least compatible matches for ENFJs. Ultimately, ENFJs are most compatible with partners who are open-minded and loyal.

People of this type take their commitments seriously and make a big effort to support their partner in every way possible.

ENFJs are highly affectionate and are natural givers in a relationship. However, sometimes they can be overly focused on others and ignore their own needs. ENFJs are happiest when their partner is happy. 

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ENFJ dating

ENFJs strongly value loyalty and intelligence when it comes to dating. Seeing as they can easily read most people, they are drawn to personality types who have an element of unpredictability and a mysterious air.

ENFJs take relationships seriously and they don’t get a lot of fulfillment out of casual dating. They go above and beyond to make their partners happy.

ENFJs strongly value loyalty and intelligence when it comes to dating. Seeing as they can easily read most people, they are drawn to personality types who have an element of unpredictability and a mysterious air.

ENFJs take relationships seriously and they don’t get a lot of fulfillment out of casual dating. They go above and beyond to make their partners happy.

ENFJs are openly affectionate personality types and they enjoy showing their love.

ENFJ strengths in relationships

The following strengths are typical of ENFJs:

1. Supportive. ENFJs are one of the most supportive personality types. They take relationships seriously and if they commit to someone, they’ll be their biggest cheerleader. ENFJs are encouraging of their partners’ decisions and there’s nothing they love more than seeing their loved ones succeed.   

2. Affectionate. ENFJs tend to be touchy-feely people. From cuddling on the sofa to wrapping their arms around you when you’re out walking, ENFJs aren’t afraid to show their affection. As well as being physically affectionate, ENFJs also show their love verbally.

3. Empathetic. ENFJs are highly empathetic and they often instinctively understand their partners’ feelings. They are sociable personality types who care deeply about their loved ones. This is one of the reasons why they are able to form bonds with people so quickly.

4. Understanding. ENFJs are naturally skilled at reading people. Knowing people’s true motives and thoughts comes naturally to people of this personality type. ENFJs can even pick up on other people’s needs before they realize themselves.

ENFJ weaknesses in relationships

The following weaknesses can be typical of ENFJs:

1. Conflict avoidant. ENFJs strongly value harmony and this means that they can end up going out of their way to avoid conflict. Instead of communicating openly and resolving a problem, they can end up brushing issues under the rug rather than confronting them.

2. Seek approval. ENFJs direct their focus towards others, which comes with a number of positives, but they can be overly concerned about people’s opinions. Due to their unique ability to read people, they can instinctively sense how someone feels towards them.

3. Overthinkers. ENFJs are prone to overthinking in all areas of their lives and especially when it comes to dating because relationships are so important to people of this personality type. ENFJs might worry that they’ve upset someone when in reality it wasn’t actually a big deal.

4. Overprotective. ENFJs can sometimes be overprotective of people that they deeply care about. Caring for their loved ones is a key priority for ENFJs, but they can take this to the extreme and come across as smothering which can be challenging if their loved one is particularly independent.

ENFJ love

ENFJs usually fall in love quickly. They are people-oriented and love is a key focus for them. ENFJs can sense almost immediately whether someone is special and they’ll want to figure out their love interest.

ENFJs are naturally curious and will want to know everything about their partner. Like in most areas of their lives, ENFJs are decisive when it comes to love and dating.

ENFJ flirting

ENFJs are flirty people. Their charismatic and caring nature is the perfect recipe for being a natural flirt.

They focus their attention on others and this can come across as flirting, even when they don’t mean for it to appear that way. If an ENFJ likes you, they’ll be highly attentive and they will check that you have everything you need to be happy.

You won’t be left guessing whether an ENFJ is into you…they’ll make it known!

ENFJ sexual energy

ENFJs enjoy physical affection and their tendency to be givers translates to their sex lives. They will make sure that they are satisfying their partner’s needs and desires as a priority.

ENFJs are passionate people and sex is important to them. They prefer sex with long-term partners that they care about because having a meaningful connection makes a difference to people of this personality type.

ENFJs are dominant personality types and they aren’t afraid to take the initiative in the bedroom.

ENFJ communication

ENFJs are gifted at adapting their communication style. Their charisma makes them natural leaders and they feel at ease communicating with different kinds of audiences, be it individuals or large groups.

ENFJs have an open, confident, and energetic manner. They love talking about big picture topics and are highly skilled at explaining complex ideas.

ENFJs are usually warm and affirming when having a conversation.

ENFJ best matches

Not sure if you or your partner are an ENFJ? You can take our ENFJ personality test for free today. ENFJs are charismatic and supportive individuals who value relationships of all kinds. They feel a strong sense of compatibility with partners who balance them out and bring an element of spontaneity to the table.

So who is an ENFJ most compatible with? INTPs and INFPs are the best matches for an ENFJ.

1. ENFJ – INTP relationships (soulmate compatibility): ENFJs are attracted to the grounded, rational and easy-going nature of INTPs. INTPs can help ENFJs see things from different points of view. INTPs are attracted to the friendly, empathetic, and open nature of ENFJs. ENFJs can help INTPs understand emotions (both their own and other people’s).

2. ENFJ – INFP relationships (soulmate compatibility): ENFJs are attracted to the calm, genuine, playful, and easy-going nature of INFPs. INFPs can help ENFJs relax and slow down once in a while. INFPs are attracted to the charisma, openness, thoughtfulness, and supportiveness of ENFJs. INFPs are at risk of getting lost in their own little bubble, but ENFJs are good at pulling them out of it and encouraging them to take action.

ENFJ compatibility with all personality types

We have comprehensive guides to the compatibility of ENFJs with each type. Click the links below to read each one:

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