15 famous ESTP personality types

15 famous ESTPS: Madonna, Mila Kunis, Idris Elba, 50 Cent, Donald Trump

ESTPs are charismatic, have a strong presence and they aren’t afraid to walk their own path. So no wonder a lot of famous celebrities are ESTPs. They are bold and quick to react in the moment, which makes them well-suited to live performances. ESTPs love the spotlight and know how to entertain, like their ESFP cousins. ESTPs make up 5.6% of the male population and 3.0% of the female population.

ESTPs love getting out there a doing things. Abstract concepts won’t hold their attention for long. ESTPs are quick learners and they bounce back quickly from failures. They are ambitious personality types and there’s nothing they love more than a challenge, so it’s perhaps not surprising that a lot of famous males and female celebrities are ESTPs. And if becoming a household name isn’t a challenge, then what is?

ESTPs love taking risks and you’ll notice that a lot of the famous people on this list have fearless and daring personalities. From Madonna who revolutionized pop culture to Dwayne Johnson who is the highest paid actor in the world, this personality type lives life in the fast lane.

Idris Elba (Actor)

Idris Elba has the confidence and dynamic energy of an ESTP.

Madonna (Singer)

Madonna, an ESTP, is direct and daring. She’s not afraid to take a risk.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (Actor)

Dwayne Johnson has a bold sense of humor and the shining charm of an ESTP.

Megan Thee Stallion (Singer)

Megan Thee Stallion is fiercely independent and logical, much like an ESTP.

Donald Trump (President)

Donald Trump, an ESTP, is ambitious, fearless and highly self-assured.

Angelina Jolie (Actress)

Angelina Jolie, an ESTP, is adventurous and strongly values freedom.

50 Cent (Rapper)

50 Cent is direct and has the charismatic energy of an ESTP.

Amber Heard (Actress)

Amber Heard, an ESTP, is confident and not afraid to take risks.

Ben Affleck (Actror)

Ben Affleck, an ESTP, is self-assured and highly observant of his surroundings.

Mila Kunis (Actress)

Mila Kunis is logical and has the direct energy of an ESTP.

Samuel L. Jackson (Actor)

Samuel L. Jackson lives in the moment and has no regrets, much like an ESTP.

Anna Wintour (Magazine Editor)

Anna Wintour, an ESTP, is direct, ambitious and she loves new challenges.

George W. Bush (President)

George W. Bush, an ESTP, is highly aware of his surroundings and dodges shoes like a pro.

Michelle Rodriguez (Actress)

Michelle Rodriguez is fearless and quick on her feet, much like an ESTP.

Eddie Murphy (Actor)

Eddie Murphy is confident and charming, much like an ESTP.

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Source: Personality Database

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