Jordan Peterson Personality Type, Zodiac Sign & Enneagram

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Jordan Peterson
  • Personality type: INFJ
  • Enneagram: 5w4
  • Birth date: June 12, 1962
  • Job: Clinical Psychologist
  • Zodiac: Gemini


We explore Jordan Peterson’s personality type, best personality matches, zodiac sign and Enneagram type. Jordan Peterson is a Canadian professor of psychology, clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, and author.

He began to receive widespread attention in the late 2010s for his views on cultural and political issues, often described as conservative.

In 1999, he published his first book, ‘Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief’, which became the basis for many of his subsequent lectures.

He controversially critiqued political correctness and identity politics in 2016 by criticising the ‘Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code’ which would introduce “gender identity and expression” as a prohibited ground of discrimination.  

Which personality type is Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson is an INFJ personality type. When making decisions, Jordan places a great emphasis on his emotions and other people’s feelings. Jordan is a high achiever and excels in his field of clinical psychology.

As an INFJ, he can be a perfectionist and he likes to see projects through to completion. Jordan is known for being hard-working, friendly and easy to get along with.

INFJ: Jordan Peterson

Jordan sees helping others as his purpose in life. Typically seeing injustice in the world is distressing for INFJs and this is what drives them to want to make the world a better place.

As an INFJ, it’s likely that Jordan aspires to better understand human nature. He has a unique ability to dream big but he was also able to make things happen.

What are Jordan Peterson’s best personality match?

As an INFJ personality type, Jordan Peterson’s best matches are ENFP and ENTP.

On So Syncd, these personality matches are considered ‘golden pairs’ because they have just the right amount of similarities to understand each other and just the right amount of differences to create that spark.

Read our blog post to learn more about INFJ compatibility.

Which zodiac sign is Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson is a Gemini zodiac sign, which belongs to the Air element of astrology, along with Aquarius and Libra. The symbol of Gemini is the twins, which represents a dual-natured personality.

Jordan Peterson Gemini Zodiac Sign

As a Gemini zodiac sign, Jordan is curious and loves to learn about others. With a certain charm, Jordan is capable of convincing people to take his side and see things from his perspective. Jordan has a warm and friendly nature which is a result of his genuine interest in people.

Which Enneagram type is Jordan Peterson?

Jordan Peterson is an Enneagram Five personality type with a Four wing. Enneagram Fives belong to the head centre, along with Sixes and Sevens, and they naturally make decisions based on analysis. Jordan seeks to understand before he proceeds.

Enneagram Fives value connecting with others on an intellectual level and they like to feel in control.

Jordan Peterson Enneagram Type 5

As an Enneagram Five, Jordan is original, contemplative and curious. He has unique perspectives and gets lost in thought. Enneagram Fives often spend a lot of time mulling things over and they like to understand things on a deep level.

Naturally inquisitive, Jordan has a thirst for knowledge and a desire to constantly be learning.

Jordan Peterson quotes

“Set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world.”

“Can you imagine yourself in 10 years if, instead of avoiding the things you know you should do, you actually did them every single day? That’s powerful.”

“The way that you make people resilient is by voluntarily exposing them to things that they are afraid of and that make them uncomfortable.”

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